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Charlie Herschel has been a fan of SURVIVOR since the first season and has been training for it ever since. A lawyer for one of the top 10 most prestigious law firms in the world, Herschel is ready to try his persuasion skills on a different type of jury.

This 29-year-old, marathon-running attorney and University of Pennsylvania graduate says he is above nothing when he gets to the island. Charlie's strategy is to be authentic but with a twist. "With high risks, come high rewards, but the risks must be calculated." The middle son of three boys and a native New Yorker, the Ivy Leaguer is not afraid to claw his way to the top.

In his free time, Herschel trains to race in marathons around the country. He credits this passion for helping him stay in shape. Through his training, Charlie dropped 60 pounds and continues to be at fighting weight.

Charlie is a gay, single man and currently resides in New York City. His birth date is May 12, 1979.

Charlie:  "I am a 29 year old corporate attorney, born and raised in NYC and I am a huge Survivor fan.  I've watched all episodes through my 20s. It is a dream come true to be here, I cannot believe it.  I am fun, outgoing and also very driven, very A-type. I switch from being easy going and relaxed to very focused and serious at the same time. I have enough to get me through in every category - to get through Survivor, but not too much. If people think you are a power house, you stand out, but if you are a lame duck, then you're out of there. Physically, I run marathons. Mentally, I went to an Ivy League school, I'm a smart guy. I'm not a rocket scientist but being almost the best in all the criteria will take me very far. I think you have to be a very well rounded player to win. People have to go in very flexible.  If you adapt to the environment, people and to the situations, you will make it far. People say they don't want to make a best friend out there, this is just a game.  But in the last couple of seasons, the best friends have been sitting side by side. If you can't be a physical, or a mental threat, you have to make alliances and friendships in order to get to the end. The people that make the biggest moves catapult themselves to the end.  That's how you get the biggest rewards, you just can't play under the radar the whole way cause even if you make it all the way, the jury won't vote for you."

Jeff Probst: ''Charlie prides himself on being very bright and educated. And the question I'd say for Charlie is, 'Can he stand up for himself? Does he really have a voice?' Or is he just going to look for somebody to hang on to and see how far they'll pull him along.''

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