"Survivor" Fans Visit the Survivor: China Filming Location

A young Chinese "Survivor" fan and his friends traveled to visit the Survivor: China filming location.  This small group of teenagers would travel great distances because they love Survivor and they're VERY excited that China is the latest location!  


Photos, Captions and Story by Vern

I found this map of Zhelin Lake

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Production Camp

Helicopter (It's a fire helicopter)

More photos about this helicopter:

It's not Tribal Council

All native co-workers' T-shirt with this logo

This photo on the backside and windshield of a van. It represents 
this man (Guan Yu) who can save all people

The crew has dinner in Clearwater Mountain Villa

We are fortunate! We are in their van about 2-3 minutes, 
all the seats are covered by plastic bag

We can easily see that is the van took Dream Team from Nanchang 
to Yangzhou Hotel.

The laundry (The people are having a dinner, so we dived in 
the camp!!!!!!!) 20 washing machines are all working.

When we got close to the production camp, the securer saw us and 
used his walky-talky said: "Five people is close to entrance, it is 
emergency." Then we got on our motorcycle and ran away. They 
follow us for about 20 sec.

That securer on the entrance is not a native. Maybe a head of 
entrance. But we have already catch their eye.

About the native people. They hire 860 people to do the securer, 
chef, beautician, transport, extra, etc. About 200-300 Yuan a day.
Every co-workers have their own ID card. If they don't bring their 
card it will don't allow to do the job.


We visited three of five hotel which they stay on. It's really fun!

Mengsheng Business Hotel

This hotel is on No.19 (ZheLing Hu Proper/Official Entrance)

We went to Mengsheng Business Hotel . the entrance is in the front of 
the hotel. Another marina named Mengsheng Marina is open for Survivor 
co-workers. The speed boat will transport them to Production Camp.

The security saw me. Said it's not allowed to take a photo. However, I had 
taken so many photo before he saw me! 
Then I ask who live here, he said translator and American is stay in here. 
It may be the CREW.

Near the marina, we can see a yacht. I'm not sure whom it belongs to

I'm sure we know this well

In July 28th, We went to find more hotel which they stay in.

17. Clear Water Mountain Villa

It's No.17 on the map.

We got in the hotel, and saw workers are getting in the van.

So, we followed the van quickly..... That is why that securer called 

At noon, we went to this hotel again...
We pretend we don't know why lots of foreigners are here and rent 
almost all the hotels nearby Peachblossom Marina.

They felt sorry about this. And told us they are filming.
When we asked what they film, they said that they cannot allow to say.
The translator saw us ask and gave notice to securer ask us to leave.

Zhelin Hotel is between Peachblossom Marina and Production Camp

It's too hard to go there. We gave up, because we don't want to 
make another trouble.

After we left to Peachblossom Marina.We went to the laundry and 
we can see another hotel named Zhelin Hotel.

Then we went back to Zhelin town by ferry.

Dishuidong Hotel
No.2 on the map

Having a good rest in our hotel, we continued to go to find the hotel 
which they live.

Because the way to DiShuiDong Hotel is very dangerous, we need to 
go there on foot.

About 15 minutes walk we saw this. The securer said it's not allow 
to let anyone go into the hotel. And he said contestants stay here. 
It seems he don't want to told us anything.

About 45 minutes, we went back to our hotel.

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