Sherea Monet Lloyd


Sherea Lloyd
Zhan Hu Tribe

  • Name:  Sherea Lloyd
  • Age:  26
  • Location:  Atlanta, Georgia
  • Occupation: 4th Grade Teacher 
  • Florida State University Graduate - 2005; Major:  Elementary Education



Sherea Lloyd was born in Pontiac, Michigan. Her family moved around a lot, as she spent her early years living in Maryland, middle school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and high school in Dallas, Texas. She received her undergraduate degree from Florida A & M University and her master's degree from Florida State University.

Lloyd has a twin sister, Maria, who currently attends Howard University Law School. She is currently a fourth grade elementary teacher. She describes herself as sassy, outspoken and caring. She enjoys dancing, working with children and watching football and basketball. She believes she will do well on SURVIVOR because she considers herself competitive, outgoing and a leader. She believes in her ability to overcome her fears; when her mother had breast cancer (she is now fine) it proved to be a true test of her own abilities to overcome adversity.

Lloyd is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Lloyd currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Her birth date is July 31, 1981.
Colors:  Black
Scents:  Any Bath and Body Works scent, pineapple cilantro candle
Flowers:  Tulips
Board Games:  RACKO, Checkers, Taboo
Video/Computer Games:  Solitaire
Sports to Play:  Soccer, softball, flag football
Sports Teams:  Dallas Mavericks
Outdoor Activities:  Walking, swimming
TV Shows:  BIG BROTHER, Real World vs. Road Rules
Movies:  The Sound of Music, Set It Off
Music:  R&B, Beyonce
Magazines:  Vibe, Cosmo, Jet, Ebony
Books/Authors:  Zane
Cereal:  Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms
Fruit:  Pineapple
Chips/Snacks:  Popcorn, Cheetos Puffs
Cookies:  Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip
Candy Bars:  Kit Kat
Alcoholic Drinks:  Georgia Peach, Riesling
Non-Alcoholic Drinks:  Gatorade

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