Dave Cruser


Dave Cruser
Zhan Hu Tribe


  • Age: 37 Years
  • Location:  Simi Valley, CA
  • Occupation: Bartender, Former Model
  • Graduated Simi Valley HS 1987



Dave Cruser is currently a bartender. He has previously worked in construction, advertising and as a model/actor, having lived in South Africa for an extended period of time. He has also spent time in Paris, Milan, Munich, Zurich and Hamburg. He attended one year of college at Moorpark Community College and one quarter at ITT studying computer drafting.

Cruser's hobbies include studying industrial design, snowboarding, hiking, bodysurfing, riding his motorcycle and frisbee golf. Cruser describes himself as creative, funny and hard-working. He believes he'll do well because he loves to camp and considers himself to be a motivator and team player.

Cruser currently resides in Simi Valley, California. His birth date is October 26, 1969.

Colors:  Deep hues of blue, green, brown, grey
Scents:  Frangipani, mimosa, gardenia
Flowers:  Frangipani, mimosa, gardenia
Board Games:  Balderdash
Video/Computer Games:  No favorite
Sports to Play:  Touch rugby, volleyball
Sports Teams:  No favorite
Outdoor Activities:  Camping, hiking, skin diving, snowboarding, sailing
TV Shows:  Dexter, Biker Build-Off, Adult Swim's Home Movies
Movies:  Hollywood Shuffle, Lost in Translation, Roxanne
Music:  Psy trance, progressive house, electronica, classic rock
Magazines:  The Horse, Street Chopper, Dwell, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics
Books/Authors:  Tom Robbins, William Gibson, Kurt Vonnegut
Cereal:  Kashi Granola
Fruit:  Dragon fruit, watermelon, pineapple, berries
Chips/Snacks:  Kettle Chips
Cookies:  Mrs. Fields
Candy Bars:  70%+ dark chocolate
Alcoholic Drinks:  Bass, Fosters, Microbrew Ales and IPA, Woodford Reserve Bourbon
Non-Alcoholic Drinks:  Sparkling water, fresh-squeezed juice, Squirt



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