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  • Name:  Jessica Smith 
    (aka Flica Flame)

  • Age:  27

  • Home:   Chico, California; 

  • Occupation:  Former Roller Derby Player; Previously Managed Glass Shop called "Lotus Designs"

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Jessica Smith


Jessica Smith  - CBS Bio

Born and raised on a small ranch in Palo Cedro, California, Jessica Smith graduated from Foothill High School in Redding, California. She moved to Chico, California when she was 18 years old to move to a town that supports the arts.

Smith is a performance artist and designer. As a performance artist, she does various fire-related performances using fire hula hoops, poi, staff and batons…often times on stilts. She has participated in California's Burning Man Festival for the last eight years, as well as continually performing all over the state of California.

Most recently, Smith was a Nor Cal Roller girl who went by the name "Flicka Flame." She was also the team captain of the undefeated Roller Derby Team titled "VooDoo Dolls," where she also designed the uniforms and was the artistic coordinator of the theme (she named the team and created the theatrics). She is also an all-star member of "Hustlers."

Smith was previously employed as a costume shop manager and designer, event promoter and fabric store employee. She describes herself as adventurous, creative, hard-working, self-disciplined and sociable.

Jessica Smith currently resides in Chico, California, with her cat, Alita. Her birth date is January 22, 1979.


Jessica Smith - Favorites

Colors - Purple, red
Scents - Cotton candy, vanilla
Flowers - Gardenia, rose
Board Games - Scrabble
Video Games - No favorite
Sports to Play - Roller Derby
Sports Teams - No favorite
Outdoor Activities - Camping, skating, biking
TV Shows - Late Night, Rollergirls
Movies - Legend, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal
Actors - Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise
Actresses - Drew Barrymore, Renée Zellweger
Music - Drum & bass, dance hall
Magazines - Harper's Bazaar, Vogue
Books/Authors - The Unicorn by Nancy Hathaway
Cereals - Honey Bunches of Oats
Fruits - Strawberries, orange
Snack Foods - Rice chips, barbecue chips
Cookies - Girl Scout Cookies
Candy Bars - Snickers
Alcoholic Drinks - No favorite
Non-Alcoholic - No favorite


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