Survivor:  Cook Islands Contestant Info

(l to r) rear - Cecilia Mansilla, Oscar Lusth, Cristina Coria, J.P. Calderon,
Billy Garcia, Sundra Oakley, Nathan Gonzales
Rebecca Borman, Sekou Bunch, Stephannie Favor
front - Adam Gentry, Jessica Smith, Parvati Shallow, Candice Woodcock
Jonathan Penner, Brad Virata, Becky Lee, Anh-Tuan "Cowboy" Bui,
 Jenny Guzon-Bae, Yul Kwon

Manihiki Tribe  -  African-Americans  -  Yellow Buffs

Rebecca Borman
Make-up artist
34, from Laurelton, N.Y.
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Sekou Bunch
Jazz musician and recording artist
45, of Los Angeles
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Stephannie Favor
Nursing student
35, of Columbia, S.C.
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Nathan Gonzalez
Retail salesman
26, of Los Angeles
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Sundra Oakley
31, from Los Angeles
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Puka Puka Tribe  -  Asian-Americans  -  Green Buffs

Anh-Tuan "Cao Boi" Bui (Cowboy)
Nail salon manager
42, from Christianburg, Va.
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Becky Lee
28, of Washington, D.C.
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Yul Kwon
Management consultant
31, of San Mateo, Calif.
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Jenny Guzon-Bae
Real estate agent
36, of Lake Forest, Ill.
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Brad Virata
Fashion Director 
29, of Los Angeles
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Raratonga Tribe  -  Caucasian-Americans  -  Blue Buffs

Adam Gentry
Copier salesman
28, of San Diego, Calif.
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Jonathan Penner
44, of Los Angeles
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Parvati Shallow
23, of Los Angeles
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Jessica Smith
Performer-roller girl
27, of Chico, Calif.
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Candice Woodcock
Pre-med student 
23, of Fayetteville, N.C.
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Aitutaki Tribe  -  Hispanic-Americans  -  Red Buffs

Billy Garcia
Heavy metal guitarist
36, of New York
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J.P. Calderon
Professional volleyball player
30, of Marina Del Rey, Calif.
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Cristina Coria
Police officer
35, of Los Angeles
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Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth
25, of Venice, Calif.
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Cecilia Mansilla
Technology risk consultant  
29, of Oakland, Calif.
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Adam Gentry, Anh-Tuan "Cowboy" Bui, Becky Lee, Billy Garcia, Brad Virata, Cecilia Mansilla, Candice WoodcockCristina Coria, Jenny Guzon-BaeJessica Smith, Jonathan Penner, J.P. Calderon, Nathan Gonzales, Oscar Lusth, Parvati Shallow, Rebecca Borman, Sekou Bunch, Stephannie Favor, Sundra Oakley, Yul Kwon

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