Survivor: Panama  Boot Sheet

Name:  Aras Baskauskas
Age:  25
Hometown:   Santa Monica, California
Occupation:  Yoga Instructor


Name:  Danielle DiLorenzo
Age:  24
Hometown:  Pompano Beach, Florida
Occupation:  Medical Sales Rep

2nd Place

Name: Terry Deitz
Age:  46
Hometown:  Simsbury, Connecticut
Occupation:  Commercial Airline Pilot/ Lt. Commander in Naval Reserves

3rd Place


Name:  Cirie Tiffany Fields
Age:  35
Hometown:  Walterboro, SC
Occupation:  Nurse

4th Place

Name:  Shane Powers
Age:   Late 35
Hometown:  Los Angeles
Occupation:  Marketing Exec

5th Place

Name:  Courtney Marit
Age:  31
Hometown:  Los Angeles
Occupation:  Fire Dancer

6th Place


Name:  Bruce Kanegai
Age:   58
Hometown:  Simi Valley, California
Occupation:  Karate Instructor

7th Place

Name:  Sally Schumann
Age:  27
Hometown:  Chicago
Occupation:  Social Worker

8th Place

Name:  Austin Carty 
Age:   22
Hometown:  High Point, NC
Occupation:  Model/Actor/Author

9th Place


Name:  Nick Stanbury
Age:  25
Hometown:  Tempe, Arizona
Occupation:  Financial Salesman

10th Place


Name:  Daniel T. Barry
Age:   52
Hometown:  South Hadley, MA
Occupation:  Retired NASA Astronaut

11th Place


Name:  Bobby  Mason
Age:   32
Hometown:  Los Angeles
Occupation:  Attorney

12th Place

Name:  Ruth Marie Milliman
Age:  48
Hometown:  Greenville, South Carolina
Occupation:  Shopping Center Developer

13th Place


Name:  Misty Giles
Age:   24
Hometown:  Dallas/Fort Worth
Occupation:  Engineering
Other Details:  Former Beauty Contestant - Miss Texas Teen,  Former Modeling School Instructor

14th Place

Name:  Melinda Hyder
Age:   31
Hometown:  Sevierville, TN
Occupation:  Realtor/Singer/Dancer

15th Place

Name:  Tina Scheer
Age:  45
Hometown:   Hayward, Wisconsin
Occupation:  Professional
Lumber Jill/ Logging Sports Entertainment

16th Place




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