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Rafe Judkins

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  • Age:  22

  • Home:  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Born in Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Occupation:  Brown University Student

  • Marital Status:  Boyfriend

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Rafe Judkins

Rafe Judkins
Tribe: Yaxha - Blue Buffs


Rafe Judkins' CBS Bio

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Rafe Judkins was raised in a huge Mormon family that includes more than 60 first cousins.  Rafe's mother, Lani, is an artist and his father, Ren, an inventor.  Judkins' unique childhood had him spending time painting rocks and taking apart machines.  At age five, Judkins moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he attended Sewickley Academy for 14 years.  During this time, Judkins spent his summers teaching English and science to inner city middle school students.  He graduated cum laude in 2001 and was selected as the member of the senior class most likely to be on Survivor.

After graduation, Judkins moved to Providence, Rhode Island, to attend Brown University, where he concentrated in biology and anthropology.  While in college, he managed Brown Outdoor Leadership Training (BOLT), a program designed to give students exposure to intense wilderness situations with small groups of people.  He also expressed his love of food by founding a cooking class for students run by Brown's head catering chef.

Judkins' love for travel and adventure began early, driving around the country in a seventeen-passenger van with his family.  Now 22 years old, he has been to all 50 states and 14 different countries, and he lived for seven months in Sydney, Australia.  He believes you haven't really experienced a place unless you've slept on the ground and woken up to the sunrise there (cities excluded).  He also enjoys tennis, swimming, water skiing and screenwriting.  He is proudest of his ability to play Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" on the piano with his toes.  Rafe's hero is his mother, Lani, who is brilliant, beautiful and charming enough to do anything with her life, but she chose to be his mother.  He believes she made him every bit the man he is today.

Judkins currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his mother, father and brother, Landon.  His birth date is January 8, 1983.

Rafe's Favorites

Colors  -  Blue-green
Scents  -  Acqua Di Gio cologne
Flowers  -  Honeysuckle
Board Games  -  Cranium
Video Games  -  Mario Kart
Sports to Play  -  Tennis, swimming
Sports Teams  -  Utah Jazz, Runnin' Utes, Sydney Swans
Outdoor Activities  -   Water skiing, hiking, backpacking
TV Shows  -  Survivor, Alias
Movies  -  Braveheart, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Best in Show
Actors  -  Michael Vartan
Actresses  -  Jennifer Garner
Music  -  The Corrs, Natalie Imbruglia, Live
Magazines  -  Entertainment Weekly
Books/Authors  -  Ken Follet, David Baldacci, Kenzaburo Oe
Cereals  -  Rice Krispie Treats, Trix, Mini-Wheats with fruit
Fruits  - Watermelon, honeydew, strawberries
Snack Foods  - Doritos
Cookies  -  Peanut butter with a Hershey Kiss on top
Candy Bars  -  Reese's, NutRageous
Alcoholic Drinks  -  No favorite
Non-Alcoholic  -  Berry smoothie

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