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Morgan  McDevitt

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  • AKA:  Morgan Malloy

  • Age:  21

  • Home:  Sullivan and Chicago Illinois, NYC, St. Louis

  • Occupation:  Model/Entertainer

  • Marital Status:  Single

Morgan McDevitt

Morgan McDevitt
Tribe: Yaxha - Blue Buffs


Morgan McDevitt -  CBS Bio

Morgan McDevitt grew up the eldest of four children on a farm in Sullivan, Illinois. During high school, she became a prominent dancer and stage performer. She also played on the volleyball team and was a member of the National Honor Society.  At age 18, she moved to Decatur, Illinois to attend Millikin University.  She cheered for the Big Blue football team and joined the sorority Alpha Chi Omega. While in school, she also performed regularly at Six Flags Great America, including a summer with "James Bradon's World of Magic."

Morgan McDevitt sees herself as a performer with an entertaining personality.  She is proudest of getting paid gigs as a dancer despite having no technical training.  She believes she'll be a useful member of her tribe because of her sense of adventure, optimism, competitive nature and ability to be a team player.  Morgan feels she will make it to the end because is resourceful and can be conniving while still making everyone think she is a sweet team player.

Very close to her parents, McDevitt feels her greatest achievement is allowing them to live vicariously through her as she performs, competes and travels to new and exciting places.  Having the adventure of a lifetime is her main reason for being on the show, but she does admit that winning the million dollars is also very enticing.

McDevitt currently resides in Decatur, Illinois with her boyfriend and two cats, Kibby and Murphy.  Her birth date is November 24, 1983.

Morgan McDevitt -  Favorites

Colors  - Baby blue, purple, pink
Scents  -  Fresh baked Cookies, vanilla
Flowers  -  Orchid
Board Games  -  Chess
Video Games  -  Bespelled on MSN games
Sports to Play  -  Volleyball, softball
Sports Teams  -  Illini basketball, Cubs, Bears
Outdoor Activities  -   Swimming, biking, long walks
TV Shows  -  Sex and the City, Survivor
Movies  -  When Harry Met Sally
Actors  -  Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp
Actresses  -  Julia Roberts, Keira Knightley
Music  - Pop, Tori Amos, Coldplay, Jason Mraz
Magazines  - Jane, Cosmopolitan, People
Books/Authors  -  Malcolm Gladwell, Celestine Prophecy, The Tenth Insight
Cereals  -  Smart Start, Basic 4
Fruits  -  Pineapple, berries, apple
Snack Foods  -  Wheat Thins, Pringles
Cookies  -  Double Stuffed Oreo
Candy Bars  -  Dove Chocolate Bars
Alcoholic Drinks  -  Mai Tai, wine
Non-Alcoholic  -  Dr Pepper, black coffee 


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