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Judd Sergeant

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  • Age: 35

  • Home: Ridgefield, New Jersey

  • Occupation:  Hotel Doorman in NYC

  • Married with one daughter

  • Has identical twin brother and two sisters

  • Enjoys baseball, rollerblading, bike riding and coaching his daughter's softball team and a neighborhood little league.

Judd Sergeant

Judd Sergeant
Tribe: Nakum - Yellow Buffs



Judd Sergeant's CBS Bio

Judd Sergeant IV hails from Ridgefield, New Jersey.  He has an identical twin brother, Timmy, and two sisters, who all live in the same town and remain extremely close.  He is currently employed as a doorman for a prominent New York City hotel.

Sergeant describes himself as personable, competitive and determined.  His proudest accomplishment is his daughter, Lara.  His hero is his dad, who started a successful cheese company out of his basement, served in Vietnam and had five children.  When his dad passed away at the age of 33, Sergeant's mom had to take on the role of both parents.

Sergeant describes himself as a strong leader who will have everyone laughing.  He believes he can be the Sole Survivor because he can read and "see through" most people, and he is very determined and won't give up.  Sergeant enjoys baseball, rollerblading, bike riding and coaching Lara's softball team and a neighborhood little league.

Sergeant resides in Ridgefield, New Jersey, with Lara and wife Kristen.  His birth date is September 13, 1970.

Judd's Favorites

Colors  -  Blue
Scents  -  Sea
Flowers  -  Rose
Board Games  -  Sorry, Candy Land
Video Games  -  Donkey Kong
Sports to Play  -  Baseball, football, wrestling
Sports Teams  -  Tennessee Titans, New York Yankees
Outdoor Activities  -   Rollerblading, baseball, swimming, football
TV Shows  -  Survivor, All in the Family, The Honeymooners, Growing Up Gotti, Cops, America's Most Wanted
Movies  -  The Jerk, Less Than Zero
Actors  -  Robert Downey Jr., Sean Penn, James Gandolfini
Actresses  -  Elizabeth Hurley, Meg Ryan, Charlize Theron
Music  -  Rock, R&B, Rap
Magazines  -  Sports Illustrated
Books/Authors  -  Old Yellar
Cereals  -  Frankenberry, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Crunchberry
Fruits  -  Watermelon, apple, pear, coconut, cantaloupe
Snack Foods  -  Funyuns, BBQ chips, popcorn, pudding
Cookies  -  Chocolate chip
Candy Bars  -  Snickers, Reese's
Alcoholic Drinks  -  Michelob Ultra
Non-Alcoholic  -  Crystal Light, Gatorade



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