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Jim Lynch

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  • Age: 63

  • Home: Northglenn, Colorado

  • Occupation: Retired Fire Captain

  • Born and raised in Scottsbluff, Nebraska

  • Served in U.S. Marines

  • Earned an Associates of Arts degree from Red Rocks College in Lakewood, Colorado

  • After retirement has traveled extensively around the world with his wife

  • Enjoys flying lessons and building a jet engine sports helicopter

Jim Lynch

Jim Lynch
Tribe: Nakum - Yellow Buffs


Jim Lynch's CBS Bio

Jim Lynch was born and raised the youngest of eight children in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  At age 18, he graduated high school and joined the US Marine Corp, where he served four years traveling extensively, including time at the  Cuban Blockade in 1962.  In 1963, Lynch married his junior high school sweetheart, Carol.

After serving with the U.S. Marines, Lynch and Carol moved back to Nebraska and then to Denver, Colorado.  He sold real estate for awhile and eventually joined the Aurora Fire Department in 1972. While continuing his work at the fire department, Lynch received his Associate of Arts degree from Red Rocks College in Lakewood, Colorado.

Having received many promotions and accolades while with the fire department, Lynch eventually attained the rank of captain. In 2002, with 30 years service, Lynch chose to retire and travel.  He and Carol have been traveling extensively throughout the world, including visits to India, Tibet, the Himalayas and Annapurna regions of Nepal.  In April 2004, Lynch climbed Mt. Huena in Peru.

When not traveling, Lynch volunteers with the Northglenn Urban Renewal Authority and the Northglenn Citizens Affairs Board.  He is currently writing a Model Noise Bill for the State of Colorado.  Additionally, he is building a jet turbine sport helicopter while also taking flight lessons.  In his spare time, Lynch enjoys golf and building and repairing things.

Lynch currently resides in Northglenn, Colorado, with Carol, their children, Jeff and Cynthia, and their dog, Alex.  His birth date is January 7, 1942.

Jim's Favorites

Colors  -  Dark blue, Marine Corps Green
Scents  -  Vanilla
Flowers  -  Bird of paradise, Cattleya orchid
Board Games  -  Scrabble, Chess
Video Games  -  Oddworld Abe's Oddysee, Flight Simulator 2004
Sports to Play  -  Golf, trekking, tennis, paintball
Sports Teams  -  Football, hockey
Outdoor Activities  -   Hiking, landscaping, snowshoeing
TV Shows  -  Survivor, Boston Legal
Movies  -  The Shawshank Redemption, Titanic
Actors  - Robert Duvall, Val Kilmer, Christopher Walken
Actresses  -  Kathy Bates, Kate Winslet, Katherine Hepburn
Music  -  Light jazz, oldies
Magazines  -  New Scientists, National Geographic, Flying, Experimental Helo
Books/Authors  -  The Source by James Michener
Cereals  -  Cold rolled Irish oatmeal, Grape-Nuts
Fruits  -  Granny Smith apple, Jonathan apple
Snack Foods  -  Pringles, Pizza-licious, pizza
Cookies  -  My wife's knock-off recipe of Doubletree Cookies
Candy Bars  -  Snickers, Cherry Mash
Alcoholic Drinks  -  Red wine
Non-Alcoholic  -  Iced tea



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