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Jamie Newton

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  • Age:  24

  • Home:  Douglas, GA/L.A.

  • Occupation:  Actor/Model

  • Other Occupations: Wakeboard Instructor; Summer Camp Counselor

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Jamie Newton

Jamie Newton
Tribe: Yaxha - Blue Buffs


Jamie Newton's CBS Bio

Born and raised in Douglas, Georgia, with his identical twin brother, Ramie, Jamie Newton has also lived in Atlanta and Jacksonville, Florida. He attended Central Missouri State University, where he was a member of the wrestling team and won the title Regional Champ in 1999.  He received his bachelor degree in finance.

Jamie Newton is currently a water ski instructor at a children's summer camp.  He is also considering a career in acting.  He appeared in "All My Children" in 2003 and has worked as an extra in various productions.

Newton's favorite activities are scuba diving, snowboarding and wakeboarding.  He describes himself as loving, compassionate and adventurous.  He believes that his uncanny ability to read and connect with people will help him succeed on Survivor.  If he wins the $1 million, he would use it to pay off his college loans and give his mom a nice place to live.

Newton currently resides in North Hollywood, California.  His birth date is January 26, 1981.

Jamie's Favorites

Colors  - Green, blue
Scents  -  Hay
Flowers  -  Tulip
Board Games  - Monopoly 
Video Games  -  Tiger Woods 2005
Sports to Play  - Golf, diving
Sports Teams  -  Georgia Bulldogs
Outdoor Activities  -   Scuba diving, paintball
TV Shows  -  Monk
Movies  -  Old School
Actors  -  Edward Norton, Sean Penn, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Jamie Foxx
Actresses  -  Natalie Portman
Music  -  Country, Switchfoot, Gavin DeGraw
Magazines  -  Playboy
Books/Authors  -  J.K. Rowling
Cereals  -  Fruity Pebbles
Fruits  -  Kiwi
Snack Foods  -  Doritos Cool Ranch Baked  
Cookies  -  Chocolate chip
Candy Bars  -  Fast Break
Alcoholic Drinks  -  Vodka and Diet Coke
Non-Alcoholic  -  Water, Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper 


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