Survivor: Guatemala Final Boot Sheet

Final Two

Danni BoatwrightDanni Boatwright

Winner:  Survivor: Guatemala

Stephenie LaGrossaStephenie LaGrossa

Finish:  2nd Place




Rafe Judkins

Xhakum Tribe

Booted:  Episode 14
Finish: 3rd Place

Lydia Morales

Xhakum Tribe

Booted:  Episode 14
Finish: 4th Place

Cindy Hall

Xhakum Tribe

Booted:  Episode 13
Finish: 5th Place

Judd Sergeant

Xhakum Tribe

Booted:  Episode 12
Finish: 6th Place

Gary Hogeboom

Xhakum Tribe

Booted: Episode 11
Finish: 7th Place

Jamie Newton

Xhakum Tribe

Booted: Episode 10
Finish: 8th Place

Bobby Jon Drinkard

Xhakum Tribe

Booted:  Episode 9
Finish: 9th Place

Voted Out

Brandon Bellinger

Xhakum Tribe

Booted: Episode 8
Finish: 10th Place

Amy O'Hara

Yaxha Tribe

Booted:  Episode 7
Finish: 11th Place

Brian CorridanBrian Corridan

Yaxha Tribe

Booted:  Episode 6
Finish: 12th Place

Margaret BobonichMargaret Bobonich

Nakum Tribe

Booted:  Episode 6
Finish: 12th Place

Blake TowsleyBlake Towsley

Nakum Tribe - Swapped to Yaxha Tribe

Booted: Episode 5
Finish: 13th Place

Brooke StruckBrooke Struck

Nakum Tribe

Booted:  Episode 4
Finish: 14th Place

Brianna VarelaBrianna Varela

Yaxha Tribe

Booted:  Episode 3
Finish: 15th Place

Morgan McDevittMorgan McDevitt

Yaxha Tribe

Booted:  Episode 2
Finish: 16th Place

Jim LynchJim Lynch

Nakum Tribe

Booted:  Episode 1
Finish: 17th Place




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