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Amy O'Hara

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  • Age: 39

  • Home: Revere, Massachusetts

  • Occupation: Police Sergeant

  • Revere's first female sergeant and works in the detective unit

  • Previously worked two and a half years as a corrections officer in a prison

  • Graduated from Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts 

  • Previously played professional football

Amy O'Hara 
Tribe: Yaxha - Blue Buffs

Amy O'Hara - CBS Bio

Born and raised in Revere, Massachusetts, Amy O'Hara graduated from Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts.  She is currently a Sergeant Detective in the Major Crimes Unit of the Revere Police Department, and she loves her job.

Having once played professional football, O'Hara remains physically active and likes to participate in anything competitive, including golf, softball and basketball. Additionally, she regularly trains with weights. In her spare time, she enjoys reading magazines, listening to music and dancing.

O'Hara's primary motivation for being on Survivor is to have the experience of a lifetime.  She believes her greatest asset to the tribe will be motivating people to do things that they wouldn't normally do.  Though she knows she has leadership abilities, she is sure she can work well as a member of a team, if that is what it will take to get along with others and get ahead in the game.  She believes she has a good chance of becoming Sole Survivor because she knows how to persuade people and has great instincts.

Her perfect day would be playing in a game of the Women's Softball National Championships, winning, then having drinks with her husband and her teammates.  As a die-hard Red Sox fan, her dream is to throw the first pitch at a game.

O'Hara has been married to Frank Shea for 10 years and has two cats, Fatima and Scrappy.  Her birth date is November 2, 1965.

Amy O'Hara - Favorites

Colors  -  Black, blue, pink
Scents  -  Cool Water for men, Estee Lauder perfumes
Flowers  -  Red rose, yellow rose
Board Games  -  Scattergories
Video Games  -  No favorite
Sports to Play  -  Softball, basketball
Sports Teams  -  Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Texas Tech golf
Outdoor Activities  -   Walking, bike riding, watching Red Sox at Fenway
TV Shows  -  The Amazing Race, The Contender, American Idol
Movies  -  The Shawshank Redemption, As Good As It Gets, Prince of Tides
Actors  -  Tom Cruise
Actresses  -  Hilary Swank
Music  -  Alicia Keys, Celine Dion, Amber, Beyonce
Magazines  -  Glamour, InStyle, Women's Own
Books/Authors  -  Mind Hunter by John Douglas
Cereals  -  Shredded Wheat
Fruits  -  Apples, bananas, cantaloupe
Snack Foods  -  Pretzels, popcorn
Cookies  -  Chocolate chip
Candy Bars  -  Almond Joy, Hersheys with almond
Alcoholic Drinks  -  Michelob Ultra, Grey Goose martini, grape crush
Non-Alcoholic  -  Diet Pepsi, Diet Dr. Pepper, seltzer water 


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