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Going Once! 'Survivor' Contestant Puts Diaries on eBay
Nicole Delma didn’t last long on Survivor. A contestant on the Pearl Islands edition of the CBS reality show back in 2003, Delma left her mark thanks to a little blue halter dress and a tell-it-like-it-is personality that got her voted off in the very first episode.  Now, five years later—and just as the series returns for its 17th cycle on Sept. 25—she’s offering to dish up “the whole story behind the show” by auctioning off her “Survivor Diaries” on eBay: two handwritten journals she kept during the audition process and in the weeks after she was voted off the show.

Fairplay Sues Bonaduce for Alleged Foul Play
(E! 10.10.07)

Danny Bonaduce said he'd be sued. And he was right. Jonny Fairplay has slapped Bonaduce and Fox Reality Channel with a lawsuit over the award-show back flip that the Survivor castoff alleges left him with more than just wounded pride.

Danny Bonaduce Won't Be Charged with Battery 
(People Magazine 10.5.07)
In response to a formal complaint by Fairplay filed Wednesday, the Los Angeles district attorney investigated the incident – which was caught on tape – and determined there was not enough evidence to charge Bonaduce with battery.

Jostled Jonny Fairplay -- I'm Havin' a Girl!
( 10.3.07)
His teeth are busted and he claims Danny Bonaduce tossed him, but Jonny Fairplay has some good news ... his baby mama's expecting a girl!

Bonaduce -- Fairplay Attacked Me! 
( 10.3.07)
Bonaduce told TMZ his side of the story outside "The Adam Carolla Show

Bonaduce Bloodies "Survivor" Star 
( 10.3.07)
at the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards, Bonaduce jumped on stage, picked up "Survivor" star Jonny Fairplay and slammed him on his face, causing him to lose a few teeth and break a toe.  Fairplay was taken to a nearby hospital, where police were called.

Big bear Rupert touches down in South Africa
 (iol 6.21.05)
Burly good guy Rupert Boneham, all-time favourite on top American reality show Survivor, touches down in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The gentle giant of Pearl Island will discuss working on a new South African TV series.

"I Was In Shock" - An Interview with Survivor Winner Sandra  (RNO 12.23.04)

"I Showed My True Passion for the Game" - An Interview with Survivor’s Rupert  (RNO 12.23.03)

Rupert & Jon Enjoying Stardom (The Early Show 12.16.03)
Like any great story, this past season of "Survivor" provided viewers with a hero and a villain. There was Rupert the lovable pirate and Jon the loathsome liar. Both men made the show a thrill to watch, for very different reasons.

Survivor: Pearl Islands Panama
The Seventh Season
Airdate:  Fall/2003

The Cast of Survivor: 
Pearl Islands

More Cast Info >>

The Winner of  Survivor: Panama
Sandra Diaz-Twine

Show Details

Season:  7th
  Pearl Islands, Panama 
Tribes:  Drake (Blue Buffs), Morgan (Orange Buffs), Outcasts (Black Buffs),  Balboa - Merged (Purple Buffs) 
Players:  16
Notable Event:  Outcast twist: first six  voted-off players were returned to the game as an "outcast tribe". In a subsequent challenge, the outcasts' tribe beat out Morgan and Drake; both would be required to vote off a player at separate tribal councils, while the outcasts' tribe would vote in two players to return to the game in their places

The Location

The show takes place on the Pearl Islands.  Pearl Islands is a group of islands on the Pacific side of Panama, situated in the Gulf of Panama about 50 miles southeast of Panama City.

History:  The Pearl archipelago has an historical connection with the pirates who raided, looted, pillaged and sacked the Caribbean and coastal South America when Spain ruled the waters and transported untold fortunes in gold, silver and precious gems from her colonies back to Spain. Among the pirates, Francis Drake, later knighted, and Henry Morgan.  

The two original tribes of Survivor: Pearl Islands were Drake and Morgan. Eventually the two were merged into the Balboa tribe.

Catching Up With Sandra  
(Early Show 12.19.03)

Her life since winning Sunday has been busy with TV engagements, which she says has been nerve- wracking. Next on the list, "I'm going to go with the final four to the People's Choice Award on the 11th," she says.

Sandra's Early Show Interview (12.15.03)
$1 Million Dollar Check Presentation to Sandra by Mark Burnett & Interview with Sandra, Lillian, Jon and Darrah  
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