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Survivor: Marquesas 
The Fourth Season
Airdate:  Spring/2002

The Cast of Survivor: Marquesas

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The Winner of Survivor: Marquesas
Vecepia Towery

Show Details

Season:  4th
  Marquesas, French Polynesia
Tribes:  Maraamu (Lime Buffs),  Rotu (Blue Buffs), Soliantu - Merged (Magenta Buffs) 
Players:  16
Notable Event:  Controversial Purple Rock tiebreaker was used in this season  and resulted in the ousting of Paschal English with no votes against him

The Location

In French Polynesia,  The Marquesan Archipelago is situated in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean. The Marquesas Islands lie between 400 and 600 miles south of the equator and approximately 1,000 miles northeast of Tahiti.  Survivor: Marquesas was filmed on and around the island of Nuku Hiva.  The Marquesas are among the largest island groups of French Polynesia and were formerly a major center of east Polynesian civilization

Terrain:  The islands are of volcanic origin with thick jungles and waterfalls.   Breathtaking vistas of the Pacific, rugged mountainscapes and lush tropical terrain.  No-nos (mosquito-like bugs) were a common insect nuisance for the Survivor contestants.

Culture:  Marquesas is the primordial home of the tiki statues (stone statues that are believed to represent deified ancestors).  Tikis are placed on the cobbled stone platforms (paepaes) whose purpose is to raise their praised spirits high above the ground. Sacred dances and religious rites often took place around their bases.  The tattoos on the island's locals are tiki designs, applied using traditional instruments.  Tapa Paintings are primitive fabrics made in tropical and subtropical countries from the soft inner bark of certain trees.

The two original tribes of Survivor: Marquesas were Rotu and Maraamu. Eventually the two were merged into the Soliantu tribe.


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