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Denise StapelySFP Interview: Denise Stapley from Survivor Philippines
(SurvivorFansPodcast 12.19.12)
Listen to this interview to hear how she leveraged her therapist skills in the game, what cover story she used to explain her absence, details on her medical scare and lots more!

Survivor Winner Denise Stapley: 'I'm in a Daze'
( 12.18.12)
Moments after exiting the stage at the Survivor reunion, the 41-year-old sex therapist from Iowa told PEOPLE what she'll do with her money – and how she got her incredible arms

Interviews with the Survivor Philippines Final Four
(RobHasAWebsite 12.17.12)
After last night’s jam packed Survivor Philippines Finale, the Final Four spoke with Rob Cesternino for their official Rob Has a Podcast Exit Interview

Exclusive: Denise Stapley talks about her 'Survivor: Philippines' victory 

(RTVW 12.17.12)
In an exclusive interview on Monday, Denise talked to Reality TV World about her Survivor: Philippines victory and experience overall.

Survivor: Philippines Winner Denise Stapley on Her Favorite Moments and Her One Big Regret
(E! 12.17.12)
Denise Stapley talks about her plans for her winnings, the final tribal council and her one regret about this past season.

'Survivor: Philippines' winner Denise Stapley reveals the person still mad at her, and that she is the one that told Penner about Lisa's past
(EW 12.17.12)
She went to every single Tribal Council, including the final one that landed her a million dollars. Now, Denise Stapley talks all about her victorious run on Survivor: Philippines, revealing who is still mad at whom, and how she became the 25th Sole Survivor

'Survivor: Philippines' winner Denise Stapley on Abi's 'shocking' vote, Malcolm's betrayal and outing Lisa
(Zap2It 12.17.12)
Zap2it caught up with one of the toughest women in the history of the show, who is still dazed about her "surreal" win

Mike Skupin‘Survivor’ Finalist Michael Skupin: Jury Member Tried to ‘Blackmail’ Him
(xfinity 12.19.12)
Mike speaks about the moves he made, the attitude toward returning players, and the odd feud he has with Artis

SFP Interview: Michael Skupin from Survivor Philippines
(SurvivorFansPodcast 12.19.12)
Listen to this interview to hear details on the strategy that got him to the end, the special souvenir he kept, the story behind that rhino shirt, and lots more!

‘Survivor: Philippines’ interview: Mike Skupin talks RC, Carter, aggressive strategy
(CarterMatt 12.18.12)
Skupin talks about the feeling of coming back to the game

'Survivor: Philippines': Mike Skupin blames Ponderosa for his loss; says he was blackmailed by one juror
( 12.17.12)
In this post-finale Q&A, Skupin confirms that he thought he had won the game all the way until Jeff Probst read the final votes, and he blames peer pressure at Ponderosa (where the jury members all stay and mingle together) for his loss, even saying that one tribe member threatened blackmail by negatively impacting the jury if Skupin voted him out.

Interview with Mike Skupin: 'I'd love to play one more time'
(FilmSurvivor 12.17.12)
Skupin is used to taking heat. The iconic old-school Survivor contestant from Season 2 famously and tragically fell into his campfire and was medically evacuated from the game. The images of flesh melting off of his hands is one that still induces cringes for those that saw it unfold on TV.

Lisa WhelchelSFP Interview: Lisa Whelchel from Survivor Philippines
(SurvivorFansPodcast 12.19.12)
Listen to this interview to hear how she used social media to help get cast, how she prepared, what's next for her and lots more!

Exclusive: Lisa Whelchel talks 'Survivor: Philippines'
(RTVW 12.18.12)
In an exclusive interview on Monday, Lisa talked to Reality TV World about her Survivor: Philippines experience

Interview with Lisa Welchel: Winning Fan Favorite was 'the higher prize for me'
(FilmSurvivor 12.17.12)
Lisa Welchel lost Survivor: Philippines, but she was one of this season's most memorable contestants. Others clearly shared my love, as she was voted the "Sprint Player of the Season" at last night's Live Reunion Show, in the closest finishes in the history of the award. 

Survivor: Philippines: Lisa Whelchel on Penner, "He was playing the game until the end"

(DeadBolt 12.17.12)
Although many Survivor fans knew Lisa Whelchel as wealthy private schoolgirl Blair Warner from the popular ’80s series The Facts of Life, most of her fellow tribe mates on Survivor: Philippines had no clue about her days as a young teen television star.

Lisa Whelchel talks about being shocked by Penner on 'Survivor: Philippines' and says she will be co-hosting on 'The Jeff Probst Show'

(EW 12.17.12)
The former Facts of Life star discusses her time on the island, including her shock over Jonathan Penner outing her past, what we didn’t see at the final Tribal Council, as well as her plans to cohost some episodes of The Jeff Probst Show.

Malcolm FrebergSFP Interview: Malcolm Freberg from Survivor Philippines
Listen to this interview to hear why he was glad not to be chosen the first time he applied, how he prepared for this season, his Abi impression and lots more!

Exclusive: Malcolm Freberg talks about his time on 'Survivor: Philippines' 
(RTVW 12.18.12)
In an exclusive interview on Monday, Malcolm talked to Reality TV World about his Survivor: Philippines experience.

Interview: Malcolm Freberg talks 'Survivor: Philippines'
(hitfix 12.18.12)
The popular fourth place finisher discusses his relationship with Denise andmore

'Survivor: Philippines': Malcolm Freberg is not a good guy ... and more secrets from the fourth-place finisher
(Zap2It 12.17.12)
Malcolm Freberg didn't win "Survivor: Philippines" or even Player of the Season (although it was close), but he earned a spot as one of the game's most popular players.

Interview with Malcolm Freberg: 'Lisa and Skupin never had a shot'

( 12.17.12)
Malcolm Freberg could almost taste the Final 3, but was cut just short and became the eighth and final member of the Survivor: Philippines jury

Red Carpet Interviews


Abi GomesInterview with Abi-Maria: 'I'm not goint to blame it on the edit'
( 12.13.12)
Abi speaks about her time on and off of the island, her status this season as a "villain" and much, much more

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 13 of Survivor Philippines
(SurvivorFansPodcast 12.13.12)
Listen to this interview to hear about the injury that required surgery to repair, how she felt watching herself in the game, her criteria for a sole survivor, and lots more!

Exclusive: Abi-Maria Gomes talks about 'Survivor: Philippines'
(RTVW 12.13.12)
In an exclusive interview on Thursday, Abi talked to Reality TV World about her Survivor: Philippines experience.

'Survivor' Villain Abi: Anyone Can Win
(ET 12.13.12)
ET catches up with the business school student to find out if what we saw at home was the true Abi, what she thought of everyone's negative comments about her, and what lessons she learned in the Philippines

'Survivor': Was Abi's secret injury to blame for her bad temper?
(Zap2It 12.13.12)
Abi-Maria Gomes was the breakout villain of "Survivor: Philippines" because of her irascible temper, petulance and bullying, but it turns out she had a secret reason to be cranky: She badly injured her knee early in the game

Abi from 'Survivor' admits she was 'a royal bitch', but says 'I would kill her' if she faced RC in a cage match

( 12.13.12)
Villainess Abi-Maria Gomes finally had her torch extinguished last night on Survivor: Philippines, and now she is ready to talk all about her bitchy ways on the island, as well as her epic reunion with bestie-turned-mortal-enemy RC at the Ponderosa jury house

Carter WilliamsSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 12 of Survivor Philippines
(SurvivorFansPodcast 12.7.12)
Listen to this interview to hear how he felt about his edit, what he knew about the Malcolm blindside plan, what Miles said that worried Malcolm and lots more!

Interview with Carter: 'Pete was right, we should have gotten Malcolm out'
( 12.6.12)
Carter discusses  his time in the game, his lack of face time on the show and why he wasn't able to develop a strong loyalty with Penner

‘Survivor: Philippines’ Castaway Carter: ‘I Wanted to Do What (Ozzy) Did’
(xfinity 12.6.12)
Carter speaks about his off-camera moves he was making, his relationship with a potential MLB Hall of Famer, and some negative accusations that were made by former members of Kalabaw

'Survivor: Philippines': Carter Williams compares villain Abi to 'a puppy dog with sharp teeth'
(Zap2It 12.6.12)
"I can't imagine what Abi's going through," he says about Season 25's breakout villain. "That little monster. She's kind of like a puppy dog with sharp teeth: She looks cute, and you think you want to be friends with her -- but she doesn't realize that she's got sharp teeth and she can hurt you."

InsideTV Podcast: Carter from 'Survivor' talks about being invisible, and his big move that was never shown
( 12.6.12)
Carter was not too psyched about his skimpy air-time. Carter gives his take on Hurricane Abi, as well as some insight into what we didn’t see, including what he calls his biggest move of the game

Jonathan PennerSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 11 of Survivor Philippines
(SurvivorFansPodcast 11.29.12)
Listen to this interview to hear how his experience in movies and TV affected his approach to the game, more details on the auction, how he felt about Abi's "new" immunity idol and lots more!

Exclusive: Jonathan Penner talks 'Survivor: Philippines' (Part 1)
(RTVW 11.29.12)
Exclusive: Jonathan Penner talks 'Survivor: Philippines' (Part 1)

Interview with Jonathan Penner: 'Clearly I made a mistake in not lying to Lisa'
( 11.29.12)
Jonathan speaks about his most recent experience on Survivor, his future and for some insight on his puzzling strategic mistakes.

'Survivor' star Jonathan Penner mouths off about annoying Abi, his fatal mistake and 'fantastically exciting' game
(Zap2It 11.29.12)
Jonathan Penner entertained up until his very last moment on "Survivor: Philippines" -- one of the most memorable exits in the show's history -- and the latest castoff didn't disappoint in this exit interview today. 

Survivor Castaway Jonathan Penner: ‘I Made a Game-Changing Mistake’
(xfinity 11.29.12)
Jonathan speaks about what he was thinking when he turned down what seemed like a sure trip to the final four, why nobody tried to outbid Abi at the auction, and how his time in the Philippines will affect his “Survivor” legacy.

InsideTV Podcast: Jonathan Penner explains why he turned down the final four offer on 'Survivor: Philippines'
( 11.29.30)
Penner  shares some secrets of what we did not see in the episode, and gives his take on why Jeff Kent was so obsessed with getting him out of the game. It’s Penner unfiltered! — is there any other kind of Penner?

Pete YurkowskiSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 10 of Survivor Philippines
(SurvivorFansPodcast 11.26.12)
Listen to this interview to hear about when Abi gave him the idol, his thoughts on Carter and Denise, who surprised him the most while watching the show and lots more!

Interview with Pete: 'I could have worked a little harder'
( 11.26.12)
Peter Yurkowski seemed to be a smart and cunning contestant from the very beginning. But it didn't take him too long to identify himself as a villain, by Survivor standards.

Talking with the Latest Person Voted Off Survivor
(RobHasAWebsite 11.26.12)
Rob Cesternino talks with Pete in his Rob has a Podcast exit interview to see what role Pete played in the downfall of the Tandang Tribe.

‘Survivor: Philippines’ Castaway Pete: Abi Is a ‘Brazilian Time Bomb’
( 11.26.12)
Pete speaks after his elimination about his real alliance, if he trusted Malcolm or not, and exactly what happened to Michael Skupin’s shoulder...

Exclusive: "Pete" Peter Yurkowski talks about 'Survivor: Philippines' (Part 1)
(RTVW 11.26.12)
In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Monday, Pete talked about his Survivor: Philippines experience.

'Survivor' castoff Pete Yurkowski on 'extremely volatile' Abi: 'We should've just voted her off'
(Zap2It 11.26.12)
Pete Yurkowski, the latest Castaway voted out of Survivor: Philippines, found himself in a losing alliance, in more ways than one

What are 'Survivor' stars most thankful for? Breakfast burritos, Jell-O shots and more
(Zap2It 11.21.12)
This Thanksgiving, the cast of "Survivor: Philippines" reveal what they appreciate most now that they are back at home.

Interview with Artis, the third member of the 'Survivor: Philippines' jury
( 11.15.12)
Artis speaks about his time in the game and how he was portrayed on the show.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 9 of Survivor Philippines
(SurvivorFansPodcast 11.15.12)
Listen to this interview to hear about how he almost did not make it on to the show, his thoughts on his tribemates, what he thought about his edit and lots more!

'Survivor' Artis: 'Abi Was Abusive'
(ET 11.15.12)
In another edge-of-your-seat episode of this roller coaster season of Survivor, a critical member of the Tandang tribe flipped, causing Louisiana native Artis Silvester to be sent packing. ETonline gets the scoop from the 53-year-old computer engineer on what he really thought of his alliance-mate Abi, his take on Lisa's big move, and how having survived cancer affected his approach to the game

'Survivor: Philippines' castoff Artis Silvester slams Skupin: 'Mike was just a waste of time'
(Zap2It 11.15.12)
"The one thing he has going for him is everybody seems to love him," Artis offers. "Why, I have no idea. Let's just say from a personal standpoint he and I will never see eye to eye."

InsideTV Podcast: Artis from 'Survivor: Philippines' blasts Mike Skupin

He may have aligned with the wrong people in Abi and Pete, but Artis Silvester was all class in his final words after being voted off of Survivor: Philippines. However, as we found on on the InsideTV Podcast, that does not mean he doesn’t hold a grudge. And that grudge is aimed squarely at Michael Skupin.

Lisa Whelchel Battling West Nile Virus
(yahoo! News 11.14.12)
Former "The Facts of Life" star Lisa Whelchel - who played Blair Warner on the '80s sitcom - and is currently competing on "Survivor: Philippines," has revealed that she has West Nile virus

Jeff ProbstRob Has a Probst-cast: Jeff Probst Talks Survivor
(RobHasaWebsite 11.13.12)
Rob Cesternino welcomes the four-time Emmy award winning host of “Survivor” and the “Jeff Probst show”, Jeff Probst to Rob Has a Podcast.

Which Former ‘Survivor’ Players Would Jeff Probst Like to See Again?
(xfinity 11.12.12)
Jeff Probst answers the question

Jeff KentInterview with Jeff Kent, weighing in on 'Survivor' and Miguel Cabrera
( 11.8.12)
Jeff speaks about his hidden identity and the decisions he made in the game

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 8 of Survivor Philippines
(SurvivorFansPodcast 11.8.12)
Listen to this interview to hear how Jeff really felt about Penner, his thoughts on Carter, find out who refused to work with him and lots more!

Jeff Kent talks about his 'Survivor: Philippines' experience (Part 1)
(RTVW 11.8.12)
Jeff talked to Reality TV World about his Survivor: Philippines experience.

'Survivor: Philippines’ Castaway Jeff Kent: ‘I’m So Bitter and ****ed Off’
(xfinity 11.8.12)
Jeff Probst said that last night’s Tribal Council was the most entertaining Tribal ever. Jeff Kent speaks about what happened during that mind-blowing Tribal Counci

'Survivor: Philippines': Jeff Kent 'still reeling' and 'bitter'

(Zap2it 11.8.12)
"Survivor: Philippines" saw one of the reality show's most shocking and spirited Tribal Councils Wednesday (Nov. 7), concluding with an angry (and sort of hilarious) rant by eliminee Jeff Kent.  And the retired pro baseball star is still fuming

Talking with the Latest Person Voted Out on Survivor
( 11.8.12)
After an episode that was one of the most memorable and unpredictable in the history of the show, Jeff Kent was voted out of the tribe. After 17 seasons in the major leagues, the former All-Star second baseman joined the cast of Survivor Philippines. Rob Cesternino speaks with Jeff Kent about his Survivor journey through last night.

InsideTV Podcast: A 'pissed' Jeff Kent explains why he’s 'still a little dumbfounded' after being voted off 'Survivor: Philippines'
( 11.8.12)
After his worst nightmare of being voted off before Jonathan Penner came true, Jeff called into the InsideTV Podcast to discuss and dissect his time on the island.

Jeff Kent talks on being voted off 'Survivor'
(ESPN 11.8.12)
Kent, who played 16 years in pro baseball, was the ninth player voted off the show, and it still stings.

Roberta Saint-AmourExclusive: "RC" Roberta Saint-Amour talks 'Survivor: Philippines' (Part 1)
(RTVW 11.6.12)
In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Monday, RC -- who was unable to do post-show interviews last week because she is still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy -- talked about her Survivor: Philippines experience

Talking with the Latest Player Voted off Survivor
(RobHasAWebsite 11.6.12)
Survivor veteran Rob Cesternino has a conversation with the latest Survivor: Philippines castoff, RC Saint-Amour

Survivor: Philippines - Exclusive Interview with Roberta "RC" Saint-Amour
( 11.6.12)
RC talks about her experience playing the game, her thoughts on Abi-Maria, and why the merged tribe went after her first.

'Survivor: Philippines': RC on Her Feud With Abi, Skupin's Vote Against Her, and What Pete Said After the Show
(Hollywood Reporter 11.6.12)
The first member of the jury also reveals why being on the show was "bittersweet" due to something that happened in her real life while she was on the island.

‘Survivor: Philippines’ Castaway RC: Abi-Maria Is ‘Bat-!@#$ Crazy’
( 11.6.12)
The hoop-rolling, leopard-print-rocking, dolphin-esque former Tandanger gives her thoughts on Lisa’s secret identity, the disintegration of her alliance with Abi-Maria, and what really happened between her and Michael Skupin

: RC Saint-Amour Describes 'Helpless Feeling' of Being Backstabbed
( 11.5.12)
RC Saint-Amour, 27, was one of the frontrunners to win Survivor: Philippines. Strategic and athletic, she formed a strong alliance on day one – only to watch her tribemates turn on her and vote her out on day 19. She tells PEOPLE about what went wrong and what she really thinks of the tribe that booted her.

Survivor: Philippines: Katie Hanson on Jeff Kent, "I was shocked!"
(Deadbolt 10.25.12)
Katie talks about her blindside, her thoughts on Penner's deal during the reward challenge, and whether she was surprised that tribe mate Jeff Kent was really a former Major League Baseball MVP.

Exclusive: Katie Hanson talks about her 'Survivor: Philippines' experience (Part 1)
(RTVW 10.25.12)
Katie talked to Reality TV World about her Survivor: Philippines experience 

Survivor: Philippines Castaway Katie: Jeff Kent Is a ‘Dominant Male Force’
( 10.25.12)
The former Miss Delaware chats about the weirdest reward challenge ever, the ladies’ lack of love for Carter, and Dawson’s indecent proposal

Interview with Katie: Dana leaving, 'Pretty much ended my chances to win'
( 10.25.12)
Katie speaks about her time in the game and what she would have done had she made it a bit further.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 6 of Survivor Philippines
(SurvivorFansPodcast 10.25.12)
Listen to this interview to hear how she got on the show, her assessment of her tribe mates, what her mom had to say about Jeff Probst and lots more!

Survivor Katie: My Tribe Will Regret Voting Me Out
(ET 10.25.12)
Katie Hanson became the second beauty queen to be voted off Survivor: The Philippines and ETonline catches up with the 22-year-old former Miss Delaware to get her take on being voted out.

Rob MarianoBoston Rob Has a Podcast: Rob Mariano on Four Seasons of Survivor
(RobHasAWebsite 10.19.12)
Boston Rob Mariano from Survivor Marquesas, Survivor All-Stars, Survivor Heroes vs. Villains and the season that made him a winner, Survivor Redemption Island joins Rob Cesternino is the most extensive interview of Boston Rob’s Survivor career as well as his take on the current season, Survivor: Philippines

Sarah DawsonExclusive: Sarah Dawson talks about 'Survivor: Philippines' (Part 1)
(RTVW 10.18.12)
Dawson, a 28-year-old insurance saleswoman from Silver Spring, MD, was voted out of her tribe at the season's fifth Tribal Council, which was also the first elimination vote for Kalabaw. She was ousted via a 5-1 vote after her male tribemates deemed her a weaker link than fellow female tribe members Katie Hanson and Denise Stapley.    Part 2 >>

SFP Interview: Castoffs from Episode 5 of Survivor Philippines
(SurvivorFansPodcast 10.18.12)
Listen to this interview to hear why Dawson did not reveal Jeff Kent's secret, more details on Dana's illness, which arrogant guy was their number one target and lots more!

Interviews with Dana and Dawson: What we didn't see on the air
( 10.18.12)
In a double-eviction episode of sorts and neither person was a Matsing member for a change.  Instead, it was Dana Lambert and Sarah Dawson who left Survivor - both members of Jonathan Penner's tribe

'Survivor's' Sarah Dawson: 'Trying to plant a kiss on [Jeff Probst] for years'
(Zap2It 10.18.12)
"Survivor's" Sarah Dawson was the first voted-off castaway once the show merged the Matsing members into Kalabaw and Tandang. She talks to Zap2it about how strong a competitor Denise is -- and that smooch she planted on Jeff Probst.

Survivor: Philippines - Exclusive Interview with Dana Lambert
(realitywanted 10.19.12)
After battling illness since the beginning of the game, Dana couldn't take the pain and discomfort any more. Medical was called in and cleared her to stay a little longer, but she pulled herself from the game. We talked today to Dana talks about  whether or not it was the right decision and what she wants people to know about her.

'Survivor: Philippines': Dana Lambert on Her 'Seriously Heartbreaking' Decision to Leave Game
(Hollywood Reporter 10.18.12)
Dana Lambert was seen doubled over in pain with a fever when Jeff Probst and medical personnel were called in to check on her condition. Although she was told she could stick it out for 12 more hours to see how she was feeling, Dana opted to leave the game, telling Probst her pain was "like a knife."

Exclusive: Dana Lambert talks about 'Survivor: Philippines' and her decision to leave (Part 1)
(RTVW 10.18.12)
Dana, a 32-year-old cosmetologist from Winston-Salem, NC, got evacuated from the island -- although she had been medically cleared to stay in the game by the show's medical staff -- after she determined she was too sick to continue competing.   Part 2 >>

'Survivor' Castaway Dana: Jeff Kent ‘Fights Directly Against What I Fight For’
( 10.18.12)
Dana discusses her medical concerns, her relationship with Jeff Kent, and which member of Kalabaw is a "chauvinist"

'Survivor: Philippines' Dana Lambert 'spent four days in the hospital'

(Zap2It 10.18.12)
Dana Lambert was the first of two "Survivor" castaways who left the island Wednesday night (Oct. 17). She tells Zap2it she was actually a lot sicker than anybody really knew.

Russell SwanRussell Swan on Coping with the Losses of Survivor Philippines
(RobHasAWebsite 10.12.12)
In a very emotional interview about his Survivor experience, Russell talks with Rob Cesternino about what he’s going through. Rob shares some of his own experiences with dealing with a tough second stint on Survivor and tells Russell to remember, it’s not Real Life… it’s Just Survivor.

'Survivor: Philippines' Contestant Russell Swan: 'I Have Very Little Positive to Say' About Experience
( 10.12.12)
The 45-year-old from Glenside, Penn. -- one of three returning competitors this season -- became the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Philippines after his tribe lost its fourth challenge in a row.

Exclusive: Russell Swan talks about 'Survivor: Philippines' 
(Part 1
(RTVW 10.11.12)
Russell talks about his short-lived Survivor: Philippines experience -- including whether he was surprised to be eliminated or saw it coming beforehand, why he decided to attempt to vote off Malcolm instead of Denise, whether he was banking on or hoping for some type of tribal swap or shuffle, and why he's unfortunately still experiencing some pain and hurt.

InsideTV Podcast: A despondent Russell Swan talks about his 'Survivor' experience -- 'I'm in a tough psychological situation'
( 10.11.12)
Russell is taking a deep, long look inside himself in the wake of what could only be described as a disastrous run on Survivor: Philippines, and he explains the pain of having to explain to his 9-year-old daughter what exactly went wrong out there — meaning, basically everything.

'Survivor: Philippines' Russell Swan has 'this profound sense of disappointment'

(Zap2It 10.11.12)
Russell Swan was the fourth Matsing member voted out of "Survivor: Philippines," and his frustration was very apparent at the Immunity Challenge. He tells Zap2it it's been hard to get over that frustration and disappointment

Angie LaytonSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 3 of Survivor Philippines
(SurvivorFansPodcast 10.4.12)
Listen to this interview to hear her explanation for her famous tribal council answer, thoughts on of each of her tribemates, what her favorite cookie is and lots more!

Interview with Survivor Angie: 'I would have loved to be on Skupin's tribe'
( 10.4.12)
Angie clears up her relationship with Malcolm, talks about her time in the game and also suggests a bit of clever editing on the part of CBS, during last night's challenge in which she appeared to quit during

Exclusive: Angie Layton talks about 'Survivor: Philippines'
(Part 1)

(RTVW 10.4.12)
Angie talks about her short-lived Survivor: Philippines experience -- including whether she felt she was stereotyped in the game or in the show's editing, what the story was behind her choice to stop competing in the Immunity Challenge, and what her thoughts were on the vocal "Roxy" Roxanne Morris.

Survivor: Philippines Castaway Angie: ‘Roxy Was Just Obnoxious’
( 10.4.12)
Angie speaks about the Tribal Council vote and Jeff Probst's scolding

How the Cookie Crumbled: Survivor Angie Tells All
(RobHasAWebsite 10.4.12)
Angie Layton was the third person voted out of the Matsing Drive and a third person voted out of Survivor Philippines. Angie calls in today to speak with Rob Cesternino about her survivor adventure

InsideTV Podcast: Angie from 'Survivor' talks about being clapped at by Jeff Probst
( 10.4.12)
Angie talks about  how she felt about Jeff Probst's treatment of her and  about Russell Swan condescendingly referring to her as "little girl"

'Survivor: Philippines' Angie Layton: 'I don't remember saying' I couldn't go again

(Zap2It 10.4.12)
Angie Layton is the latest castaway, and the third Matsing member in a row, to be voted off "Survivor: Philippines." She tells Zap2it she doesn't remember saying she couldn't do the challenge

Jeff Probst'Survivor': Jeff Probst names the top 5 Tribal Councils of all time
( 10.3.12)
With this being the show’s landmark 25th season, EW went to the host with the most to get his picks for the five best Tribal Councils ever. And where better to get his selections than at Tribal Council itself?

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 2 of Survivor Philippines
(SurvivorFansPodcast 9.28.12)
Listen to this interview to hear details on the Matsing shelter, her strategy for appearing unprepared at the challenge, her thoughts on of each of her tribemates, and lots more!

Exclusive: "Roxy" Roxanne Morris talks 'Survivor: Philippines' 
(Part 1)

(RTVW 9.27.12 )
Roxy talks about her short-lived Survivor: Philippines experience -- including whether she was really surprised to be voted out of Matsing

‘Survivor: Philippines’ Castaway Roxanne: Angie Is ‘Bubble-Minded’
(xfinity 9.27.12)
Roxanne Morris got that part of the strategy right when she called out Malcolm Freberg and Angie Layton for their late-night canoodling. However, she missed the part where you shouldn’t go after the guy who has a secret alliance with the swing vote.

Survivor: Philippines: Roxy Morris says Russell “was bullied” on vote
(Deadbolt 9.27.12)
This week on Survivor: Philippines, seminary student Roxy Morris of the Matsing tribe became the latest casualty after spotting a budding Survivor romance.

Speaking in Tongues: An Interview with Roxy Morris from Survivor Philippines
(RobHasAWebsite 9.27.12)
Rob Cesternino interviews episode 2 boot Roxy Morris

'Survivor: Philippines' Roxy Morris: Matsing may not 'have a whole of fire there to burn'
(Zap2It 9.27.12)
Roxy Morris was the second castaway, and second member of the Matsing tribe, to be voted out of "Survivor: Philippines." She tells Zap2it she isn't sure her tribe can get it together.

Zane KnightExclusive: Zane Knight talks about 'Survivor: Philippines' (Part 2)
(RTVW 9.21.12)
Zane talks  about his short-lived Survivor: Philippines experience -- including what role he believed the hidden Immunity Idol played in Russell Swan's safety and his own vote-off, which returning member he would've preferred to have on his tribe out of all three and what his thoughts were on the three women in his tribe.

Interview with Survivor Zane, the first person voted off 'Survivor: Philippines'
( 9.20.12)
zyhe tattooed tire repairman managed to get himself voted out ahead of Russell by aligning with everybody and then asking them to vote him out of the game.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 1 of Survivor Philippines
(SurvivorFansPodcast 9.21.12)
Listen to this interview to hear his assessment of each of his tribemates, details on the resources available at their camp, his entertaining explanation of how his strategy went bad and lots more!

Zane Knight on Being the First Boot of Survivor Philippines (RobHasaWebsite 9.20.19)
On the premiere of Survivor Philippines, Zane Knight became the first person voted out of the Matsing tribe. Zane called in to speak with Rob Cesternino about his very brief Survivor adventure.

'Survivor' Castaway Zane Knight: ‘I Thought I Had it Locked’
(xfinity 9.20.12)
Zane talks  about the crazy weather, the secret alliances, and how close he came to getting Russell Swan out of the game…

Exclusive: Zane Knight talks about 'Survivor: Philippines'
(Part 1)

(RTVW 9.20.12)
Zane was voted out of his tribe at the season's first Tribal Council, the first elimination vote for Matsing, after he came up with a risky plan to position hinself as the tribe's weakest link and act as if he'd be fine with votes coming his way

'Survivor' castaway from Danville calls experience a 'blessing'
(Winston-Salem Journal 9.20.12)
Zane Knight made a big impression on Wednesday's episode of "Survivor: Philippines," but he didn't last long. The Danville, Va., native was the first castaway voted off on the new season of "Survivor," which airs on CBS.

'Survivor: Philippines' Zane Knight: 'This is my season,' curious to see how it plays out
(Zap2It 9.20.12)
Zane Knight received the dubious honor of being the first castaway sent home from "Survivor: Philippines." He tells Zap2it that his strategy of coming in and playing so hard was the only way he thought he should play.

Mike SkupinMichael Skupin goes for 2nd chance on 'Survivor: Philippines'
(Detroit Free Press 9.19.12)
Skupin, 50, is one of three former "Survivor" contestants who are getting a second chance on the CBS show this season, its 25th. Some fans may recall Skupin's inspired and gritty performance on 2001's "Survivor: The Australian Outback." That adventure ended prematurely for him after he stumbled into a fire and damaged the skin on his hands.

Katie HansonUD student a 'Survivor' contestant
( 9.19.12)
When University of Delaware senior Katie Hanson makes her network television debut as a contestant on the season premiere of “Survivor: Philippines” tonight, students will be gathered at the Trabant University Center to see it for themselves.

Survivor:  Philippines
Season 25
Aired:  Fall 2012

Denise Stapely - Winner
Survivor: Philippines

Finale News


Lisa Whelchel, Mike Skupin, Denise Stapely 
at Survivor: Philippines Live Reunion Show

Survivor Philippines - Final Three
Lisa Whelchel - Mike Skupin - Denise Stapely

Malcolm Freberg - Voted Out of 
Survivor: Philippines
8th and Final Member of the Jury

Malcolm Freberg - Voted Out of Survivor Philippines - Episode 14

Episode 14 Press Images >>

Survivor: Philippines Final Four

Lisa Whelchel    Mike Skupin    Malcolm Freberg    Denise Stapely


"Million Dollar Question" — The final four survivors scramble to secure their place at the final Tribal Council. Meanwhile, a crucial reward challenge allows castaways to compete for a highly coveted advantage, on the special two-hour season finale of SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES, Sunday, Dec. 16 (8:30-10:30 PM, ET/7:30-9:30 PM, CT /8:00-10:00 PM, PT), followed by the live one-hour reunion show (10:30-11:30 PM, ET/9:30-10:30 PM, CT/10:00-11:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Abi-Maria Gomes: 14th Player 
Voted Out of Survivor: Philippines

Abi-Maria Gomes - Voted Out of Dangrayne Tribe - Episode 13

Episode 13 News

Jonathan Penner: 12th Player 
Voted Out of Survivor: Philippines

Jonathan Penner - Voted Out of Dangrayne Tribe - Episode 11

Episode 11 News

Pete Yurkowski: 11th Player 
Voted Out of Survivor: Philippines

Pete Yurkowski - Voted Out of Dangrayne Tribe - Episode 10

Episode 10 News

Roberta Saint-Amour
Blindsided by Dangrayne Tribe
8th Player Voted Out of 
Survivor: Philippines

RC Saint-Amour - Voted Out of Dangrayne Tribe - Episode 7

Episode 7 News

DangRayne - Merged Tribe

Dangrayne Tribal Flag

Katie Hanson
7th Player Voted Out of 
Survivor: Philippines

Katie Hanson - Voted Out of Matsing Tribe - Episode 6

Episode 6 News

Dawson Shown the Door
6th Player Voted Out of 
Survivor: Philippines

Sarah Dawson  - Voted Out of Matsing Tribe - Episode 5

Episode 5 News

Dana Lambert  - Under the Weather 
 5th Player Departs the Game


Russell's Swan Song
4th Player Voted Out of 
Survivor: Philippines

Russell Swan - Voted Out of Matsing Tribe - Episode 4

Episode 4 News

Survivor Philippines Cast
3 Tribes - 15 New Players
With a Returning Player On Each Tribe

Cast of Survivor Philippines

New Players on Survivor Philippines

Location Info:  Philippines
Survivor: Season 25
Filming Location Info 



Caramoan Peninsula is a hilly peninsula in the 
Camarines Sur province of the Philippines


The landscape features limestone karsts formations, caves, deep gorges, snaking rivers, white sandy beaches and clandestine coves 


The climate of the Caramoan is tropical which is divided into wet and dry seasons. The climatic control over the two air stream systems produces the two distinctive variations in the climate, the monsoon and the Pacific tradewinds. From October to January, the northeast monsoon prevails, while the north Pacific tradewinds occur from February to September coinciding with the south tradewinds.

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