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See Coach from 'Survivor' rock out in his new movie '180' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO
( 1.17.12)
Coach will be making his feature film debut playing a hedonistic rock star trying to rekindle past glory in the new independent movie 180, which will be released for digital download Feb. 21 via iTunes, YouTube Movies, and CinemaNow

SFP Interview: Sophie Clarke from Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 12.22.11)
Listen to this audio interview to hear what annoyed her most at the final tribal, her thoughts on the art of playing the subtle game and why she tagged Coach as her best ally.

"I Always Felt in Control of the Game" -  RNO's Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Pacific's Pacific's Sophie
(RNO 12.19.11)
Why does she believe she won? What could Coach have done to get himself the win? 

'Survivor: South Pacific' winner Sophie Clarke: 'I had a pretty good feeling coming out of Tribal'
(Zap2It 12.19.11)
Sophie tells Zap2it that she wasn't surprised she won and who would've gotten her vote if she had not been sitting in the final three.

'Survivor' Millionaire Sophie Clarke: 'I Am the 1% Now'
(Reuters 12.19.11)
"I'm 22 years old, a millionaire. I am the 1 percent now," the Upstate New York reality cast member told TheWrap.

'Survivor: South Pacific': a chat with winner Sophie Clarke
(CarterMatt 12.19.11)

Survivor: South Pacific
Winner Sophie Clarke: "I'm Trying to Be a Little Sunnier"
(TVGuide 12.19.11)
TVG caught up with Clarke right after she beat out Benjamin "Coach" Wade and baseball coach Albert Destrade for the grand prize of $1 million to find out what she was thought her chances of winning were after the final tribal council, how the show changed her life and why she would return to Survivor in a heartbeat

SFP Interview: Coach from Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 12.22.11)
Listen to this audio interview to hear his analysis of his final tribal council experience, assessment of the jury and his plans for the future.

"Everybody Makes Mistakes" – Reality News Online's Interview with Survivor: South Pacific's Coach
(RNO 12.20.11)

Final Survivor interviews with Coach, Sophie and Albert
( 12.20.11)

'Survivor': Coach says he would have won 9-0 had jurors been separated prior to final Tribal Council; calls Ozzy a 'whiny little bitch'
( 12.19.11)
The third time was not the charm for Benjamin "Coach Wade on Survivor: South Pacific. An outcast at the start of the game, he socially and strategically worked his way into an alliance of five that took him all the way to the end. But once he got there, the jurors resented all the "honor and integrity" talk from a man that ended up deceiving them.

'Survivor: South Pacific's' Coach Wade is 'retiring' from the game of 'Survivor'
(Zap2It 12.19.11)

SFP Interview: Albert Destrade from Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 12.22.11)
Listen to this audio interview to hear about how he was cast, how he turned Brandon and ended up with the Immunity necklace and his assessment of the jury.

I Played a Strong Game Reality News Online's Interview with Survivor: South Pacific's Albert

(RNO 12.20.11)

'Survivor: South Pacific's' Albert Destrade: 'Ozzy played one of the worst games ever in the history of 'Survivor''
(Zap2It 12.19.11)
Albert Destrade got to the final three on "Survivor: South Pacific," but then didn't get any jury votes for the million dollars. He tells Zap2it who would've had his vote if he hadn't been in the finals and that he kind of thinks Sophie won by default.

SFP Interview: Ozzy from Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 12.22.11)
Listen to this audio interview to hear his thoughts on winning fan favorite, what influenced his final vote the most, more details on those scenes from the top of the coconut trees and his plans for the future.

"I Wanted Coach to Be Honest" – An Interview with Survivor: South Pacific's Ozzy
(RNO 12.22.11)

I Almost Won By Playing to My Strengths Reality News Online's Exclusive Follow-Up Interview with Survivor: South Pacific's Ozzy

(RNO 12.22.11)

Final Survivor interviews with Brandon, Rick, and Ozzy
( 12.19.11)
Ozzy, Rick and Brandon talk  about their experiences on the show, and what's next.

'Survivor: South Pacific's' Ozzy Lusth: Sophie beat me
(Zap2It 12.19.11)
Ozzy Lusth came so close to winning "Survivor: South Pacific." He tells Zap2it why Sophie got his vote and whether or not he'd come back again if he was asked.

'Survivor: South Pacific': Is Ozzy arrogant? Let's ask him!
( 12.19.11)
The fourth place finisher called in to chat about his final challenge blues, bizarre sprints, living-on-the-edge strategy, and why he voted for "spoiled brat" Sophie to win.

SFP Interview: Rick Nelson from Survivor South Pacific
Listen to this audio interview to hear more details his casting experience and to find out who actually put together the solid five Upolu alliance at the beginning of the game.

Final Survivor interviews with Brandon, Rick, and Ozzy
(RNO 12.20.11)

Utahn Rick Nelson has gotten over "Survivor" rage
(StLTribune 12.19.11)
If you got the idea that Utahn Rick Nelson wanted to punch out Coach on "Survivor: South Pacific" in Sunday's episode - you were absolutely right.

SFP Interview: Brandon Hantz from Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 12.22.11)
Listen to this audio interview to find out how he was cast, how the game affected his faith, his response to the Immunity idol deception and much more!

I Was Trying to Fill Some Big Shoes An Interview with Survivor: South Pacific's Brandon

(RNO 12.20.11)

'Survivor: South Pacific's' Brandon Hantz: 'It was a bitter vote'
(Zap2It 12.19.11)
"I gave my vote to Sophie.  Strategically, she did what she had to do. All around she was a great player. On top of that, it was a bitter vote, to be completely honest with you. I was upset about what Coach did to me and I just didn't want to vote for him."

SFP Interview: Castoffs from Episode 14 of Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 12.15.11)
Listen to this interview to hear how she experimented on her tribe early in the game, her read on how Rick and Sophie have played, how she felt about Brandon giving up the Immunity necklace and lots more!


Exclusive: Edna Ma talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
(RTVW 12.15.11)

A chat with Edna regarding Coach: I didn't realize we would keep him post-merge
( 12.15.11)
Edna has become the 6th member of the jury, and at the moment the only original Upolu member

I Was Trying to Hold a Mirror Up to Their Hypocrisy Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: South Pacific's Edna

(RNO 12.15.11)
Edna was the sixth member of a five-person alliance. Why couldn’t she make it into the top five? Where was she when that alliance was formed? What did she think of all the praying, appeals to religion, and the tribe’s supposed emphasis on honor, loyalty, and integrity?


‘Survivor: South Pacific’: a chat with Edna Ma
( 12.15.11)

John Cochran‘Survivor: South Pacific' Castaway Interview: John Cochran
(xfinityTV 12.9.11)
Cochran discussed the flip that doomed Savaii, Coach’s winning ways, and how Jeff Probst might’ve gotten him in trouble with his tribe.

Survivor's Cochran: People Come Up To Me and Tell Me I’m Annoying
( 12.8.11)
The 24-year-old chatted with about his "bromance" with Coach, who he wants to win, and an experience he describes as the most "surreal moment of my life."

SFP Interview: Castoffs from Episode 13 of Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 12.8.11)
Listen to this interview to hear which previous Survivor he had planned to emulate going into the game, what he was promised to flip, how he will decide his vote at final tribal and lots more!

Exclusive: John Cochran talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
(RTVW 12.8.11)

Interview with Cochran: The Man, The Myth, The Legend...The Nerd
( 12.8.11)
After losing his first Duel to "The Dominator" Ozzy in a close contest, Cochran became the 5th member of the jury, and ended one of the more memorable personal games of this season.

I Dont Think Flipping Was Fatal to My Game RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: South Pacific's John Cochran

(RNO 12.8.11)

John Cochran came into Survivor as a super-fan. He wanted to play, he wanted to earn Jeff Probst calling him by his last name. But did that urge mean he made bad moves just to get TV time, as some of his fellow contestants have suggested? Why did he flip to Upolu at the merge? Where did he go wrong? And what was life like on Savaii for him?


‘Survivor: South Pacific’: the John Cochran interview
(CarterMatt 12.8.11)

'Survivor: South Pacific's' John Cochran: 'I felt on the outs. I didn't feel bullied'
(Zap2It 12.8.11)
John Cochran was voted off "Survivor: South Pacific," which for him, even after not winning, was a literal dream he come true

Survivor: South Pacific — Exit Interview With Dawn Meehan
(RealityTVMagazine 12.2.11)
After her loss in
the latest Redemption Island duel, Dawn is now the third member of the jury. In a conference call with reporters, Dawn explained her thoughts on Cochran’s decision to flip sides, revealed who her final three alliance was with and discussed how she was initially selected to compete on Survivor: Nicaragua.

Exclusive: Dawn Meehan Talks About Survivor South Pacific
(RTVW 12.1.11)

Whitney & Dawn on Survivor South Pacific & Cochran
(RobHasaWebsite 12.2.11)
On Survivor South Pacific, Whitney Duncan and Dawn Meehan were both members of the Savaii tribe and both looked to be in a good position heading into the merge. Based on the sheer fact that they are on the phone today with Rob Cesternino and Nicole, you can assume something didn’t go according to plan.

‘Survivor’ Castaway Interview: Whitney Duncan and Dawn Meehan
( 12.2.11)

'Survivor' Q&A: Dawn Meehan talks emotional exit, Coach, game strategy
(DigitalSpy 12.2.11)

SFP Interview: Castoffs from Episode 12 of Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 12.2.11)
Listen to this interview to hear their perspective on how John was treated by Savaii, how they responded to Coach's demand that they ration food, who they think is practicing psychological warfare and lots more!

Exclusive: Whitney Duncan: I had an unhappy marriage and fell in love on 'Survivor'
(RTVW 12.1.11)

Dawn & Whitney chat, Whitney admits she has 'fallen in love' on Survivor
( 12.2.11)
Dawn and Whitney discuss whether they consider themselves  to be "bitter jury members"? What they based their vote on when you they awarded the Sole Survivor?

It Can Be a Cruel Game RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: South Pacific's Dawn and Whitney

(RNO 12.1.11)
Dawn and Whitney were voted off of Survivor together and then left the duel at the same time. So it’s only fitting that we interviewed them together as well! What do they think about how Cochran was treated and how he was feeling? What strategies did they have going? What mistakes were made? And what does Whitney have to say about herself and Keith, and her previous marriage? Read on to find out all of this and more!


Survivor: South Pacific’: a chat with Dawn Meehan, Whitney Duncan
( 12.1.11)
While Dawn Meehan and Whitney Duncan both had their moments on “Survivor: South Pacific,” they were each edited at times to be pieces of a larger puzzle — and typically, that puzzle involved John Cochran.

Keith TollefsonSFP Interview: Castoffs from Episode 10 of Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 11.18.11)
Listen to this interview to hear who in Savaii had a final 3 alliance with Cochran, what really happened to Jim's plan to give Ozzy immunity, details on the biggest shark catch in Survivor history that we never got to see and lots more!

Exit interviews with Keith and Jim, the first members of the South Pacific jury
( 11.17.11)
This past episode saw a three-way Duel, but unlike last season, there would be only one winner. On the short side of this arrangement was Keith and Jim, both who had been in pretty decent spots on the Savaii tribe, but who fell victim to Cochran's decision to flip sides a few weeks back.

'Survivor: South Pacific's' Keith Tollefson: 'There wasn't bullying'
(Zap2It 11.17.11 )
Keith Tollefson was the first casualty of Cochran switching alliances on "Survivor: South Pacific." But he tells Zap2it he has nothing but good feelings about his time on the show.

Keith Tollefson Talks About Survivor: South Pacific
(RTVW 11.17.11)
The 26 year old water treatment technician from Edina, MN talks about his experience on Survivor: South Pacific

Savaii Spurned: Jim & Keith on Survivor with Cochran
(RobHasAWebsite 11.17.11)
Rob Cesternino and Nicole have a chance to talk with Jim and Keith following their loss in the Redemption Island duel to Ozzy

Just cut from 'Survivor,' Edina native talks about the show
Edina, MN native Keith Tollefson, 27, turned out to be the rare contestant who fit both bills. From the start of "Survivor: South Pacific" he made crucial alliances with returning vet Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth and aspiring country star Whitney Duncan and used his strength to excel in challenges

Survivor's Keith Addresses Rumors About Dating Whitney; Jim on Lying About His Profession
(TV Guide 11.17.11) got the chance to chat with the former Savaii tribe members about how it feels to be on the jury, what they missed most on the island, and who they plan to give the $1 million prize to. 

"I Considered Him to Be a Friend" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: South Pacific’s Keith
(RNO 11.17.11)
Keith was voted out through Cochran’s help at the merge – but does Keith think what Cochran did was at all deserved? Or does he have quite a different view on things? What does he tell us about his relationship with Whitney?

Jim Rice'Survivor: South Pacific's' Jim Rice: Cochran's bullying 'a bit sensationalized'
(Zap2It 11.17.11)
Jim Rice was one of the casualties of John Cochran turning on his Savaii tribemates on "Survivor: South Pacific." He tells Zap2it he does not regret what he said to Cochran, nor does he think Cochran was bullied.

Jim Rice Talks About Survivor: South Pacific
(RTVW 11.17.11)
The 35 year old medical marijuana dispenser from Denver, CO talks about his experience on the show

It Was My Mistake to Assume Everybody Was There to Win RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: South Pacific's Jim

(RNO 11.17.11)
Jim was a good Survivor strategist and big fan of the game – but he was caught by surprise when Cochran flipped and allowed the Upolu to vote out the Savaii one by one. What does he think about the move and Cochran in general? Does he regret anything he said?

Survivor: South Pacific’: a chat with Keith Tollefson, Jim Rice
( 11.17.11)

'Survivor': Ousted Jim talks about Cochran and the 'spectacular move' that could have saved Savaii
( 11.17.11)
The medical marijuana dispensary owner’s game went to pot when John Cochran flipped sides rather that risk pulling a colored rock. That sent Jim to Redemption Island, where he (and Keith) lost a duel to Ozzy and was out of the game. Has Jim forgiven John? What’s his biggest regret in the game?

Christine Shields MakoskiSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 8 of Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 11.3.11)
Listen to this interview to hear why Coach really targeted her, who she thinks is not being portrayed accurately, what tribe she would have joined after the merge and lots more!

Chat with the Latest 'Survivor: South Pacific' Castaway
( 11.3.11)
Transcript of a live chat with Christine, sixth person to leave the game

Survivor Christine Shields Talks Survivor South Pacific
(RTVW 11.3.11)

's Christine: Two Weeks Alone on Redemption Island Was Natural To Me
(TV Guide 11.3.11)
After 14 straight days of near-solitude on Redemption Island, you'd expect Survivor's Christine Shields Markoski to be relieved she was sent home. But the 39-year-old teacher says she was unfazed by an experience that would drive most people to the brink.

'Survivor: South Pacific' interview: Christine Shields Markoski speaks out
( 11.3.11)
Christine's run was over Wednesday night when Ozzy — at Redemption as a part of a plot with his Savaii tribe — ended up taking her out. Since she spent most of her time at a unique place, we had some rather interesting things to talk about Thursday.

Ozzy...Why Did It Have to Be Ozzy? Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: South Pacific Christine

(RNO 11.3.11)
Christine was voted out of Survivor: South Pacific quite a while ago, but stayed with us for a long time due to her Redemption Island winning streak. Going back to her time within the game, what does she say about her strategy and the way her attitude came across? Why did she speak out against Coach? What was her plan if she had made it back into the game? And what was her Redemption Island experience like?

Mikayla WingleSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 7 of Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 10.27.11)
Listen to this interview to hear how she felt about Brandon's obsession with her, what challenge she was not allowed to do, why Rick voted for her and lots more!

'Survivor' Castaway Interview: Mikayla Wingle
( 10.27.11)
Unfortunately for Mikayla, she played Survivor in a post-Phillip Sheppard world. A world where "Keep the Crazy Guy Who's Prone to Tribal Council Meltdowns" is a valid strategy. This season's crazy guy, Brandon Hantz, shunned her due to imaginary breaches of etiquette. If he hadn't, she'd probably be nestled safely in Coach's alliance.

Exclusive: Mikayla Wingle talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
(RTVW 10.27.11)
Mikayla Wingle seemed set to survive Survivor: South Pacific's sixth Tribal Council vote when fellow Upolu tribemate Edna Ma had an apparent target on her back for being their tribe's weakest challenge competitor and biggest potential threat to flip at the upcoming tribal merge.

Interview with Mikayla: Everything out of Coach's mouth ' was just so fake'
( 10.27.11)
Mikayla was touted in the very beginning as having potential to be a female version of Boston Rob...she's from New Jersey, but had the accent, the charm, and the physical ability to be that complete Survivor package.  But Mikayla really never got going.

Survivor: South Pacific’ interview: Mikayla Wingle talks Brandon, Ozzy
( 10.27.11)

"The Kid's Got a Couple Screws Loose" - RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: South Pacific's Mikayla
(RNO 10.27.11)
Mikayla suffered through bizarre situations with Brandon, was outside of the main alliance, got criticized by Coach in the slingshot challenge, and then was voted off before somebody she felt was clearly weaker. What does she have to say about all of these situations? 

'Survivor: South Pacific's' Mikayla Wingle: Ozzy is 'absolutely nuts'
(Zap2It 10.27.11)

Inside TV Podcast: Mikayla says she is 'praying for' Brandon
(EW 10.27.11)
Lingerie football player turned Playboy cover girl turned island temptress Mikayla Wingle is not opposed to flaunting her assets. Unfortunately for her, Brandon was. And his creepy, borderline stalkerish behavior ultimately led to her exit from Survivor: South Pacific.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 6 of Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 10.21.11)
Listen to this interview to hear how she was chosen for the show, what she thought about her experience, a secret confessional and lots more!

Interview with Survivor's Elyse: Relationship with Ozzy was not romantic
( 10.20.11)
Elyse was blindsided, and last night she fell victim to Christine during the Redemption Island Survivor Shuffleboard challenge, sending her out of the game all too early. So what went wrong with Elyse?

Exclusive: Elyse Umemoto talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
(RTVW 10.20.11)
The 27-year-old dance team manager and former Miss Washington from Las Vegas, NV talked to Reality TV World about her Survivor: South Pacific experience.

'Survivor' Elyse Umemoto on Ozzy, struggles and Redemption Island
(DigitalSpy 10.20.11)
While initially part of the Savaii tribe's strongest alliances, Elyse Umemoto's prospects on Survivor: South Pacific dwindled when she started to become too close with group leader and returning player Ozzy Lusth.

Survivor's Elyse on Being Blindsided: I Had Absolutely No Idea
(TV Guide 10.20.11)
Elyse Umemoto's ability to read her teammates failed her: her elimination was the season's first blindsiding. Viewers thought Umemoto had been taken under the veteran wing of Ozzy, guaranteeing her safety for weeks to come. But when her tribe, Savaii, turned on the power couple, the 27-year-old Umemoto was floored.

Fake It Til You Make It Or Til You're Voted Out RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: South Pacific's Elyse

(RNO 10.20.11)
What we saw on TV was Elyse partnering with Ozzy – and not much else. So this interview sheds some light on what all was really going on. What, if anything, did Elyse do strategically and socially? What was the relationship between Elyse and Ozzy? Did he tell her about the immunity idol?

Stacey PowellSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 5 of Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 10.15.11)
Listen to this interview to hear what she said to "Benjamin" when he tried to hug her, her thoughts on each of her tribemates, who was in her alliance and lots more!

'Survivor: South Pacific's' Stacey Powell: 'If [Coach] wants to start over, I will'
(Zap2It 10.15.11)
Stacey Powell was booted off of Upolu on "Survivor: South Pacific" and once at Redemption Island, she had no problem telling anyone who would listen what was going on with their tribe. She tells Zap2it that she's ready to let bygones be bygones with Coach

Exclusive: Stacey Powell talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
(RTVW 10.13.11)
Reality TV World talks to Stacey about her Survivor: South Pacific experience -- including  why she was convinced the vote came down to her and Edna before Tribal, whether she had planned to spill the inner-workings of the Upolu tribe long before her duel, and what her general thoughts were about some of the most talked about castaways yet. 

Survivor: South Pacific’: Stacey Powell interview — with a Jeff Probst cameo!
( 10.13.11)
Jeff Probst also dropped by for a few minutes to say “hello” and get a bit of feedback about the experiment he has going on over at TOUT

Exit Interview with Stacey, questions Coach's loyalty and work ethic
( 10.13.11)
Stacey was tough, and didn't pull any punches in her time on Survivor: South Pacific.  But she really never made any social connections other than with Christine who ironically beat Stacey in last night's Duel to send her home.  She had a lot of frustration towards Coach, who she decided to refer to as Benjamin on her way out.

"They All Think the Black Women Are Crazy" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: South Pacific's Stacey
(RNO 10.13.11)
Stacey came into Survivor knowing that “they all think the black women are crazy and deranged on this game,” so what was her plan to overcome that? Did she realize she was outside of the main alliance? How was she playing the game and what was Stacey talking about when she kept saying her tribe was a bunch of liars? Also, what does Stacey think now in looking back at a few key moments, like missing the hidden immunity idol clue and not timing the ball placement well in her duel?

Mark "Papa Bear"  CarusoSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 4 of Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 10.7.11)
Listen to this interview to find out who betrayed his initial alliance, what he really found during the idol search, why he voted for Jim and lots more!

Interview with 'Papa Bear' Mark Caruso, doesn't think Ozzy is 'a good leader'
( 10.6.11)
Papa Bear's age kept him on the outside of the "pretty people" alliance at Savaii, and ultimately led him to an intense Duel at Redemption Island, where he was beaten ever so slightly in a close contest by Upolu's Christine.

'Survivor' Castaway Interview: Mark 'Papa Bear' Caruso
( 10.6.11)
Papa Bear discusses the origin of his colorful nickname, his alliance (and blow-up) with Jim, and the poorly-designed shelter that nearly wiped out his entire tribe.

Exclusive: Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'

(RTVW 10.6.11)
Papa Bear talked to Reality TV World about whether his duel against Christine was really as close as the show's editing suggested; why he and Cochran were certain either one of them would be eliminated before Dawn, whether he labeled his tribe Ken and Barbie dolls because of their looks, personalities or both, and whether he felt his tribe was making a mistake by not voting out returning castaway Ozzy Lusth right away

'Survivor' Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso on age, editing and gameplay
(DigitalSpy 10.6.11)
Making his mark on Survivor: South Pacific's Savaii tribe early on, Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso was known for his friendly, approachable attitude.

Survivor's Papa Bear Aims to Appear in Commercials
( 10.6.11)
The former NYPD detective was ousted and sent to Redemption Island, where he ultimately lost to Christine and was sent packing

Survivor: South Pacific’: interview with Mark ‘Papa Bear’ Caruso
( 10.6.11)
Papa Bear  had a real passion for the game while it was on. Unfortunately, he was targeted early by the Savaii tribe — and after losing to Christine in a close duel Wednesday night, he became the second person eliminated from the game.

I Tried to Get Them to Crack! Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: South Pacifics Papa Bear

(RNO 10.6.11)
Mark (aka Papa Bear) found himself an outsider within his own tribe, who voted him out the second time they went to Tribal Council. What did he do – that we didn’t see – to try to secure his position within the tribe and crack the main alliance? What was he later told was the real reason he was voted out?

'Survivor: South Pacific's' Mark 'Papa Bear' Caruso: 'My tribe is scattered'
(Zap2It 10.6.11)
Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso was the second person sent home from "Survivor: South Pacific," but he tells Zap2it he couldn't be happier with the experience of "Survivor."

Semhar TadesseSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 3 of Survivor South Pacific
(SFP 9.30.11)
Listen to this audio interview to find out how she was cast, her assessment of her tribemates, what we missed at that first tribal council and lots more!

'Survivor' Castaway Interview: Semhar Tadesse
( 9.30.11)
Semhar gives her thoughts on her Savaii tribe mates, how rough things were all by herself, and the truth about her all-natural dental hygiene products

Survivor’s Semhar Tadesse: Redemption Island Was My Biggest Fear

(TV Guide 9.29.11)
The 24-year-old LA-native spoke with about her biggest fear, who she's rooting for, and which contestant gave her bad vibes from day one.

Survivor exit interview with Semhar, credits 'talented editors over at CBS'
( 9.29.11)
Semhar was the lovely spoken word artist who volunteered to shoot coconuts into the hoop during her first Immunity Challenge, but was too tired to do too much.  This lack of energy (not effort) played a big part in why she was voted off first, and became the first player this season on Redemption Island.

"I’m Confident About How I Played the Game" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: South Pacific’s Semhar
(RNO 9.29.11)
What does Semhar have to say about why she volunteered for the challenge, the way she played the game of Survivor, why she was saying she didn’t understand how people could be so cold-hearted, and more? Indeed, how does she say editing of the show altered viewers’ perceptions of all these topics?

'Survivor' Semhar Tadesse on Ozzy, life on Savaii, Redemption Island
( 9.29.11)
While she spent several days in isolation, Semhar's last chance was taken from her when she lost a duel against latest exit Christine Markowski, sealing her fate and exiting the game for good.  Here's what the 24-year-old Los Angeles native told reporters about her Survivor experience

Exclusive: Semhar Tadesse talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
(RTVW 9.29.11)
Semhar talks about whether she was surprised to be voted off, why she suggested she didn't succeed in the coconut-throwing challenge, whether she was glad or intimidated to have Ozzy on her tribe, and how she insisted the show's editing misrepresented what actually happened during filming.

Survivor: South Pacific:  The Semhar Tadesse Interview
( 9.29.11)
Semhar was an incredibly interesting slam poet with a big personality, but her inability to keep going in the first immunity challenge cost her a chance at staying around on Savaii. Then, losing to Christine at Redemption Island sealed her fate for good.

'Survivor: South Pacific's' Sehmar Tadesse: 'Ozzy and I were pretty cool. That put a target on my back'

(Zap2It 9.29.11)
Sehmar Tadesse was the first person eliminated from "Survivor: South Pacific." She tells Zap2it she was targeted because she had gotten to be buddies with Ozzy.


Survivor:  Season 23
"South Pacific"
Airdate: Fall 2011

Sophie Clarke - Survivor South Pacific 
Sole Survivor

Episode 14 - Finale News

Coach - Captures 2nd Place in 
Survivor: South Pacific 

Albert Destrade - 3rd Place in 
Survivor: South Pacific 

Ozzy Lusth Voted Out of Tribe 
Becomes  9th Member of the Jury

Ozzy Lusth

Rick Nelson Voted Out of Tribe 
Becomes  8th Member of the Jury

Rick Nelson - Voted Out of Tribe

Brandon Hantz Loses Duel and 
Becomes  7th Member of the Jury

Brandon Hantz - Burns Buff

Cochran Booted to Redemption Island

John Cochran - Voted Out of Tribe

Episode 11 News

Whitney Loses Duel and Becomes
 4th Member of the Jury

Whitney Duncan - Burns Buff - 4th Juror

Dawn Loses Duel and Becomes 
3rd Member of the Jury

Dawn Meehan - Burns Buff - 3rd Juror

 Dawn Meehan and Whitney Duncan 
Sent to Redemption Island

Whitney Duncan - Voted Off

Dawn Meehan - Voted Off

Episode 10 News

Keith Tollefson - Second Member of Jury

Keith Tollefson - 2nd Member of the Jury

Jim Rice - First Member of Jury

Jim Rice - 1st Member of the Jury

Keith Tollefson: First Casualty of Merge 
Sent to Redemption Island

Keith Tollefson

Episode 8 News

Christine Gracefully Exits the Game 
After Loss at Redemption Island 

Mikayla Wingle
Sent to Redemption Island

Mikayla Wingle Voted Out of Tribe

Episode 6 News

Elyse Loses Duel and Leaves the Game

Elyse Umemoto Burns Her Buff in Episode 5

Elyse Blindsided at Tribal Council
Sent to Redemption Island

Elyse Umemoto Voted Out of Tribe

Episode 5 News

Stacey Loses Duel and Leaves the Game

Stacey Powell Burns Her Buff in Episode 5

Stacey Powell Exits to Redemption Island

Stacey Powell Voted Out of Tribe

Episode 4 News

Papa Bear Loses Duel and Leaves the Game

Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso:  Cruises to
Redemption Island

Mark Anthony Caruso aka "Papa Bear"  Voted Out of Tribe in Episode 3 of Survivor: South Pacific

Episode 3 News

Semhar Loses First Duel and Leaves the Game

Christine Shields Markoski:  Second Survivor
Sent to Redemption Island

Semhar Tadesse

Episode 2 News

Location Info: Samoa
Survivor: Season 23
Filming Location Info 


Samoa is an Island nation in the South Pacific Ocean,
the country is located east of the international date line and south of the equator, about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand in the Polynesian region of the Pacific Ocean. 

The total land area is 2934 km² (slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Rhode Island), consisting of the two large islands of Upolu and Savai'i which account for 99% of the total land area, and eight small islets. Narrow coastal plain with volcanic, rocky, rugged mountains in interior, The combination of tropical climate and fertile soil make Samoa the perfect breeding ground for rainforests and other lush landscapes.   Samoa is blessed with an abundance of gorgeous waterfalls, each with their own distinctive charm.

Tropical; rainy season (November to April), dry season (May to October)

 More Info

Survivor Season 24: 
One World - News >>

Jeff Probst Is Married
( 12.8.12)

Lisa Ann Russell and Survivor host Jeff Probst said, "I do," PEOPLE confirms exclusively.
The pair married Monday in front of family and friends in an intimate ceremony at a private Los Angeles residence, says a spokesperson for the couple. 

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