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"Survivor" Winner "Boston Rob" Gets His $1M Check

In his fourth try, Mariano grabbed big money - including fan favorite $100K; Winnings added to wife's $1M from "Survivor: All Stars"  

"I Had a Huge Target on My Back" – Reality News Online’s Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island Winner Rob
(RNO 5.16.11)

Interview with Boston Rob, Winner of Survivor: Redemption Island
( 5.16.11)

Survivor Winner Interview: 'Boston' Rob Mariano
( 5.16.11)


“We Had Our Opportunities” – Reality News Online’s Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Mike

(RNO 5.17.11)

Final Survivor interviews: Matt and Mike
( 5.17.11)

“I Would Have Had a Good Chance” – Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Ashley

(RNO 5.16.11)

Survivor: Andrea and Ashley Podcast
( 5.16.11)

"There Was a Game Being Played That I Wasn’t Aware of" – Reality News Online’s Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Grant

(RNO 5.16.11)

Final Survivor interviews: Natalie and Grant
( 5.16.11)

I Played with My Heart” – Reality News Online’s Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Matt
(RNO 5.16.11)

'Survivor: Redemption Island's' Matt Elrod: 'I'd love to go back'
(Zap2It 5.16.11)

Matt Admits He Wasn't There to Play
( 5.16.11)

'Survivor: Redemption Island:' Phillip says 'I played a brilliant ruse on everybody'; plans to be become an actor
( 5.17.11)

Final Interview: Phillip
( 5.17.11)

Federal Express: Survivors Phillip and Natalie Podcast
( 5.16.11)

“I Wasn’t There to Try to Win Votes” – Reality News Online’s Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Runner-Up, Phillip

(RNO 5.16.11)

'Survivor: Redemption Island's' Phillip Sheppard: 'I played the game'
(Zap2It 5.16.11)

“I Just Hoped for a Bitter Jury” – Reality News Online’s Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Natalie

(RNO 5.16.11)

SFP Interviews: Natalie Tenerelli and Phillip Sheppard from Survivor Redemption Island
(SFP 5.16.11)

“I Couldn’t Work with Matt” – Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Andrea

(RNO 5.17.11)

Finale Interview: Andrea
( 5.17.11)

SFP Interviews: Andrea Boehlke and Ashley Underwood from Survivor Redemption Island
(SFP 5.16.11)

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 13 of Survivor Redemption Island
(SFP 5.12.11)
Listen to this audio interview to hear what he did to get noticed by casting, the real story behind his last exchange with Russell, how he determined who got his vote and lots more!

Ex-'Survivor': 'Rob is not really playing the game'
(MSNBC 5.12.11)
Ralph Kiser had his torch snuffed buff burned on "Survivor: Redemption Island" last night, taking his glorious man-sweater with him. The hirsute farmer made plenty of off-the-wall comments (with a Southern drawl so thick CBS often resorted to closed captioning) during his 33 days on the show

Interview with Survivor Ralph: 'It shocked me that I went as far as I did'
( 5.12.11)
He'll be remembered as the first person to get the best of Russell Hantz on Survivor.  Accidentally finding an Immunity Idol while gathering rocks, Ralph never backed down from Russell.  Like all of the Zapatera members though, he was on the wrong side of the numbers once Matt chose to side with his former Ometepe tribe. 

Exclusive: Ralph Kiser talks about 'Survivor: Redemption Island'
(RTVW 5.12.11)
Ralph Kiser was eliminated from Survivor: Redemption Island after he lost the season's eleventh Redemption Island duel to Matt Elrod, Mike Chiesl and Andrea Boehlke during Wednesday night's broadcast of the thirteenth episode of the CBS reality series' 22nd edition

“I Was Going to Let Russell Laugh at Me and Feel Stronger” – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Ralph
(RNO 5.12.11)
Ralph might not have caused much drama after the merge, but he was a big personality beforehand. Did he really find the idol by accident? What was his plan to use it and how did revealing it at Redemption Island play into that? How did he play the game? And what did he think of Phillip? (You might be surprised!) Read on for all of this and more!

The Many Faces Of 'Survivor' Rob Mariano, All Of Which Are Smirking
(NPR 5.11.11)
If there is a face of the competitive reality boom, Boston Rob is it. Not only because relative to the age of the genre, he's achieved a kind of permanence usually associated with granite monuments, but because the fact that he is obnoxious and infuriating and endearing and funny and smart and arrogant and so eminently quotable that he would make a great addition to any team of highly paid speechwriters is the best explanation you're ever going to get of how Survivor actually works.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 12 of Survivor Redemption Island
(SFP 5.6.11)
Listen to this audio interview to hear his thoughts on the impact of throwing the challenge, why Russell had to go from day one, whether Phillip might just be acting and lots more!

Survivor: Redemption Island's Steve Wright: Phillip is 'Loony'

( 5.6.11)
Former NFL player Steve Wright's athletic past would seem to make him a perfect candidate to weather the grueling conditions on Survivor, but on Day 31, the 51-year-old's body had had enough.

Steve Wright: I don't think Phillip Sheppard is acting, he's just crazy
(RTVW 5.6.11)
The 51-year-old former NFL player from Huntington, CA talked to the media about his Survivor: Redemption Island experience -- including what he thinks about fellow castaway Phillip Sheppard and his allegations that Steve made a racist comment about him, whether he believes Phillip's private claims that he's just misbehaving to ensure his competitors will take him to the game's final jury vote, and what he thought about "Boston" Rob Mariano and his gameplay.

'Survivor' Steve: 'I like Boston Rob'

(digitalspy 5.6.11)
Steve Wright has confessed that he is fond of his fellow Survivor: Redemption Island player Rob 'Boston Rob' Mariano.  Speaking to reporters following his elimination from the program this week, the former NFL player revealed that he would like to have been teamed up with Mariano, whose approach to the game he really respects.

Interview with Steve: Phillip is 'crazy, and I'm not shy to say it'

( 5.5.11)
Steve was a part of the Zapatera 6 responsible for voting off Russell, but may be most remembered for his war of words with Phillip, whom he called a "lunatic."  Phillip took offense to the label of "crazy," and accused Steve of racism shortly before Steve's exit from the game

He’s Got the Devil in His Soul" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Steve
(RNO 5.5.11)
Who is he talking about in the title quote? And what does he really think about Russell and Phillip? Steve certainly doesn’t hold back in voicing those opinions, so read on!

'Survivor: Redemption Island's' Steve Wright: Phillip is 'just freaking crazy'
(Zap2It 5.5.11)
Former NFL-er Steve Wright is the latest person voted out of "Survivor: Redemption Island." He tells Zap2it about his time on the show, including that Phillip really is just as nuts as he seems on TV.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 11 of Survivor Redemption Island
(SFP 4.29.11)
Listen to this audio interview to hear why she thought she was uniquely prepared to play the game, her thoughts on Rob and Russell, the role Redemption Island might play in the finale and lots more!

'Survivor' postgame: Julie says 'You can't put a price tag on faith'
( 4.29.11)

Interview with Julie: 'Not for one second was I ever going to join with Russell'
( 4.28.11)
Julie lost the 3-way Duel and was sent packing as the 2nd member of the jury.

Exclusive: Julie Wolfe talks about 'Survivor: Redemption Island'
(RTVW 4.28.11)

Survivor Stunner: Castaways Feared for Safety Following Racial Rant
(E! 4.28.11)
"When he threw that racial card we were like, he is a lunatic," said firefighter Julie Wolfe. "We were really scared for our safety...Every day got worse with him."  In fact, the Castaways confronted the Survivor producers about the loose cannon.

'Survivor: Redemption Island's' Julie Wolfe: Phillip, Russell were poisons in the camps
(Zap2It 4.28.11)
"Survivor" lost one of its strongest women when Julie Wolfe was sent home from "Redemption Island." Even though she got emotional talking about her financial struggles, she tells Zap2it that she came home, found a church and is so happy and thankful she went on the show.

"I Didn’t Want to Be a Victim" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Julie

(RNO 4.28.11)
Julie had a chance to make numerous pivotal decisions in Survivor. Why did she go along with the plan to throw the challenge? Why didn’t she align with Russell, given that she’s actually a big Russell fan? Why did she admit to having taken Phillip’s shorts? Was Phillip as crazy as we’ve seen – or even worse? 

Matt ElrodIt's a Hard Place to Be
( 4.26.11)
It ain't easy being a Christian on 'Survivor'. Just ask Matt Elrod, who's still in the game.  Matt discusses how his faith got him through the isolation of Redemption Island and much more.  Matt says he has no regrets but would not want to do the show again.

David MurphyDavid dishes on his tribe, his thoughts on Phillip and what will determine his final vote
( 4.27.11)
Who is going to get David's vote for the million dollars: It’s really a matter of who is playing the best game. As it stands right now, somebody has got to make a big move to take Rob out of the driver’s seat. If someone steps up and does that, that person is going to have a pretty good chance to win or if someone is able to make it back from Redemption Island and can make it to the end, that person would stand a good chance to get a fair number of jury votes just for the adversity they had to overcome.

Interview with Survivor David: 'Nobody stood up to Rob'
( 4.23.11)
David lost the 3-way Duel this week to become the 1st member of the jury, an accomplishment in and of itself.  He still plays a key role in deciding who gets the million dollar prize.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 10 of Survivor Redemption Island
(SFP 4.21.11)
Listen to this audio interview to hear how he was injured, the illness he endured while in the game, his thoughts on Phillip's state of mind and lots more!

Survivor's David: "I Had No Strong Ties Left" to My Alliance
(TV Guide 4.21.11)
David  talks about why he thinks he would have been a better fit to play with Russell, what his biggest mistake was at the duel and his biggest boiling point in the game.

Survivor: Redemption Island Castoff Talks Racism, Tribal Council Crazytown and Coach vs. Phillip
(E! 4.21.11)
As Survivor: Redemption Island's first jury member, last night's eliminee had a front-row seat to one of the most uncomfortable Tribal Councils ever.  

"I Was Thinking of Clawing My Eyes Out" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island's David

(RNO 4.21.11)
Jeff Probst said David was a great player and we also heard he was the puzzle king. So what happened to sidetrack him in both regards? How did he get stuck in a bad situation? What moves did he try to make? Also, was Phillip ever normal? Was Sarita really the leader of Zapatera? And why was David ready to claw out his own eyes?

'Survivor: Redemption Island's' David Murphy: Racial comments were 'just absurd'
(Zap2It 4.21.11)
David Murphy was the latest castaway eliminated on "Survivor: Redemption Island." He tells Zap2it that he maybe should have aligned with Russell and that Phillip's newest crazy thing - the race card - was "absolutely ridiculous."

Rob Mariano Boston Rob to Co-host Travel Show for History
( 4.25.11)
After he finishes holding court with the ladies on Survivor, Robert “Boston Rob” Mariano will turn his focus to the History Channel to co-host in his own reality show. Together with Dennis Anderson (creator of the monster truck Gravedigger) the duo will host the upcoming series Around the World in 80 Ways, a 10-part series that’ll bow later this year. Their goal: Circumnavigate the globe using 80 different modes of travel without repeating any vehicle.

Mark Burnett Mark Burnett Started His Career Jumping Out Of Airplanes And Transporting Prisoners On Ships
( 4.20.11)
Mark Burnett is, financially speaking, perhaps the most successful television producer today. While I had launched America's Most Wanted and COPS a decade earlier, Mark exploded onto network television with Survivor, the glossy and fantastical innovation to reality television

Sarita WhiteSarita White Sticks It to Her Tribe on Survivor
( 4.8.11)
Sarita White was the latest Survivor to be beaten by Matt Elrod and eliminated from Survivor Redemption Island. Sarita called in to speak with Rob Cesternino and Nicole about her experience.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 8 of Survivor Redemption Island
(SFP 4.8.11)
Here's the teaser line: Listen to this audio interview to hear her assessment of her tribemates, why she really targeted Russell, how David cracks under pressure and lots more!

Exclusive: Sarita White talks about 'Survivor: Redemption Island'
(RTVW 4.7.11)

The 36-year-old visual effects producer from Santa Monica, CA talked to Reality TV World about her Survivor: Redemption Island experience -- including why she was so surprised her tribe voted her off, if she believes Matt Elrod's footage bandage gave him an advantage in the Redemption Island duel

Survivor: Redemption Island - Exclusive Interview with Sarita White
(realitywanted 4.7.11)

Some Survivor players value loyalty; others value strength. This season, Zapatera valued both and changed their minds about which reigned supreme from tribal council to tribal council.

Interview with Survivor Sarita: Was Matt's cut foot an added advantage?
( 4.7.11)
Sarita talks about her Zapatera tribe, her feelings towards Russell and what she would have done had she made it further in the game.  And also find out why Matt's cut foot may have been an advantage, and not a hinderance at all.

I Wish We Hadn't Thrown That Challenge" – Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island's Sarita

(RNO 4.7.11)
Sarita seemed to be the leader of her tribe – until they blindsided her and sent her packing because she was the weakest challenge link.  Was she actually making the decisions?  Does she now believe throwing a Survivor challenge is a mistake? How did she feel about being blindsided? 

Survivor's Coach on Phillip: 
'I Hope He Makes It Far'

( 4.6.11) blogger Stephen 
spoke with Survivor's
 original samurai, "Coach" Benjamin Wade, to get his perspective on Redemption Island's new breakout maniac, Phillip Sheppard.

Stephanie ValenciaSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 7 of Survivor Redemption Island
(SFP 3.31.11)
Listen to this audio interview to hear when she knew her "staredown" with Russell had worked, what details she and David shared with each other, why she thought Steve was weak and lots more!

Interview With Survivor Stephanie:  "David Is the Smartest Dumb Person I Know"
( 3.31.11)
Stephanie was a tough little cookie, with a zest to compete.  Aligning with Russell right out of the gate though, didn't help her any.  Alienated from her tribe, it was only a matter of time before they got rid of her alliance one by one, finally sending her to Redemption Island to face the "Golden Boy" Matt.

'Survivor' postgame: Stephanie talks a bit more trash
( 3.31.11)
Stephanie seemed more perplexed than surprised over Sarita being voted out but said she was "very, very happy." After all of Zapatera's talk about loyalty and trust over strength, she doesn't know why they didn't change course earlier. As far as her own course in the game, she said she knew she wanted to team up with Russell but elaborated on her first thoughts about some other people.

'Survivor' Castaway Interview: Stephanie Valencia
( 3.31.11)
Get her take on Russell’s flattering comparison, her disagreements with the Brady Bunch alliance, and if there really is a Zapateran plot to get rid of Boston Rob.

"It Was Real Torture Trying to Be Nice to Them!" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Stephanie

(RNO 3.31.11)
Stephanie aligned herself with Russell early in the game, but when the others in Zapatera turned on him, that left her in a dangerous position. Why didn’t she play nice with them sooner? Did she try to get anybody else on their side? What happened to the storm that Stephanie promised was coming? And what is the main point Stephanie definitely wants to get across here about her tribe’s decisions?

Krista KlumppSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 6 of Survivor Redemption Island
(SFP 3.24.11)
Listen to this audio interview to hear how she chose her alliance, how she felt about her edit, what she and Matt discussed at Redemption Island and lots more!

Interview with Survivor Krista: Aligning with Russell 'was my only choice'
( 3.24.11)

Krista seemed to have what it takes to go deep in the game, but faced an uphill battle at Zapatera.   After forming a spiritual bond with Matt prior to the duel, she was indeed sent home...but not before giving up her luxury item - a Bible - to Matt, much to the chagrin of Andrea who had also formed a bond with Matt earlier in the season.

Survivor's Krista: "I Don't Regret Going with Russell"
(TV Guide 3.24.11)
The 25-year-old pharmaceutical rep also talked with about her close bond to Matt Elrod (and the impending drama that came with it), the real reason she thinks she was voted out before Stephanie [Valencia] and the tribe member she thinks already blew their best shot at the grand prize.

Survivor: Redemption Island - Exclusive Interview with Krista Klumpp
(Realitywanted 3.24.11)

"They’re Too Weak-Minded" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Krista

(RNO 3.24.11)
What did she and Stephanie do to try to stick around after Russell was voted off? What did she mean when she said the others on her tribe weren’t playing strategically? And how did a nice Christian girl like Krista end up in an alliance with Survivor’s evil villain?!

'Survivor: Redemption Island's' Krista Klumpp: Zapatera chose comfort over strategy
(Zap2It 3.24.11)
After a hot start, Zapatera's numbers are dwindling on "Survivor: Redemption Island." Krista Klumpp tells Zap2it she thinks it has a lot to do with throwing the challenge and getting rid of Russell.

Can local environments survive the 'Survivor' franchise?
(L.A. Times 3.22.11)
In Panama, international versions of the show are accused of damaging sites during filming. But the U.S. edition's cleanliness is praised.

Kell Tells All About Phillip and Boston Rob
(RobHasaWebsite 3.18.11)
Kristina Kell became the third Survivor to be sent home from Survivor Redemption Island, but she called in to spend a few minutes with Rob Cesternino and Nicole on Rob Has a Podcast.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 5 of Survivor Redemption Island
(SFP 3.18.11)
Listen to this audio interview to hear how this long time fan got on the show, an assessment of her tribemates, how she took revenge on Phillip and lots more!

Exclusive: Kristina Kell talks about 'Survivor: Redemption Island'
(RTVW 3.18.11)
Kristina talked to Reality TV World about her Survivor: Redemption Island experience -- including what happened during her Redemption Island duel, whether she really wanted "Boston" Rob Mariano out of the game as badly as it appeared, and her true opinion of ally and "former special agent" Phillip Sheppard.

'Survivor' Castaway Interview: Kristina Kell
( 3.17.11)
After Federal Agent Phillip’s meltdown revealed Kristina Kell’s plan to get rid of “Survivor” Hall of Famer Boston Rob, the 46-year-old law student was never able to recover. She was able to hang around for a few more Tribal Councils, but couldn’t make inroads into Boston Rob’s solid alliance.

Interview with Survivor Kristina: Russell's end 'kind of a cool thing to watch'
( 3.17.11)
It usually is an empty gesture, but to get voted out early on Survivor often means you were a major oddball, or that you were considered to be a strong competitor and player.  Kristina Kell, voted off this week from Survivor: Redemption Island, was clearly the latter...A strong competitor who just happened to be on the wrong side of Boston Rob's alliance.

"That Guy Is a Loony Tune Bag of Insanity" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Kristina

(RNO 3.17.11)
Kristina definitely tells it like it was and doesn’t hold back her opinions of tribemates Phillip, Rob, or the rest of the “harem.” What would her preferred strategy have been? Did the others ever really even give her a chance? Why was she a target? Read on for all of this and much more!

'Survivor: Redemption Island's' Kristina Kell: 'I underestimated [Phillip's] lunacy'
(Zap2It 3.17.11)
Kristina Kell, battling exhaustion and dehydration, could not best Matt Elrod at "Redemption Island" and was sent home. She tells Zap2it about her experience and how disappointed she was in her tribe.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 4 of Survivor Redemption Island
(SFP 3.10.11)
Listen to this audio interview to hear his assessment of his tribemates, how he chose his alliance, who he approached first, why he got so emotional and lots more!

'Survivor' Castaway Interview: Russell Hantz
( 3.10.11)
Russell never got a chance to get started in “Survivor: Redemption Island.” All of the sock burning, trash talking, and back stabbing he’d gotten away with in previous seasons finally came back to haunt him.

Russell threatens to Sue Tribemates and Calls Boston  Rob a 'Survivor Whore'

( 3.10.11)
In this exit Q&A, Russell talks about the tears he shed, his threat to sue his tribemates, why Boston Rob is a “Survivor whore”, and reports that he leaked information on previous seasons. Duck for cover. Here comes Russell!

The Russell Hantz interview: 'This may have been my best season'
( 3.10.11)
He's currently the most notorious Survivor player, maybe of all time.  But yesterday, it was the end of an era for Russell Hantz.  Last week he was voted off of his tribe for the first time in 3 seasons, and this week he met his match at Redemption Island, sending Russell packing.

Survivor's Russell Denies Leak Accusations: I Have Too Much Respect for the Show
( 3.10.11)
Russell talked with about his teary send-off, why he's still no fan "Boston Rob" Mariano and why he felt like John Gotti on the island. Plus: He discusses those "completely false" reports that he leaked show spoilers.

Survivors' Russell Hantz: No relationship with Boston Rob, still mad at Zapatera
(Zap2It 3.10.11)
It finally happened. Russell Hantz was voted out of a game of "Survivor" for the first time in three seasons. He tells Zap2it about his experience, Boston Rob and what is in store for him now.

Survivor: Redemption Island - Exclusive Interview with Russell Hantz
(realitywanted 3.10.11)
Perhaps no Survivor player, in the history of the show, has polarized viewers the way Russell Hantz has. Everyone has an opinion on the way this three time Survivor contestant has played the game. This season, on Survivor: Redemption Island, he entered the game with a target on his back that he couldn't shake. He was voted out of his tribe, where he lost to Matt in a duel to stay in the game

Exclusive Interview with Russell Hantz from Survivor: Redemption Island
(jeffprobsttv 3.9.11)
Jeff Probst talks with Russell Hantz live via skype moments after Russell finished watching his final episode of Survivor: Redemption Island. Shot on an iphone and unedited, this is a candid conversation about Russell's experience on Survivor.

"I Can't Get to the End Every Time"– Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Russell

(RNO 3.10.11)
What was Russell thinking as he became emotional after losing the Redemption Island duel? How did his game differ this time, why he was targeted, and what does he think of several of the other players (like Ralph, of course)? Russell talks about all of this and much more, even responding to the allegations that he was the information leak during his previous two seasons.

CBS Orders Two More Seasons of Survivor
(CBS Press Release 3.9.11)
Jeff Probst Signs New Agreement to Return as Host/Executive Producer for the 23rd and 24th seasons.

Survivor Redemption Island Contestants Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Moments
( 3.9.11)

The contestants fess up to their most embarrassing moments ever

Francesca Hogi Talks Survivor: Redemption Island
( 3.6.11)
Rob and Nicole Cesternino are back with an interview with R.I.'s first eliminated player. Francesca reveals her thoughts on playing with Boston Rob, Redemption Island and her new nickname for Phillip and the other players.

Survivor: Redemption Island Castoff on Epic Tribal Council: "I Definitely Went Out With a Bang"
(E! 3.4.11)
While the focus of last night's Survivor episode was a tribe's desperate attempt to send an enemy back to his troll hole—or the purgatory of Redemption Island—another contestant was sent home for good. She didn't even get to keep her buff as a souvenir.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 3 of Survivor Redemption Island
(SFP 3.4.11)
Listen to this interview to find out how she was cast, what skill she practiced before the show, how she viewed her "troublemaker" comment and lots more!

"I Don’t Have the Best Filter Sometimes" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Redemption Island’s Francesca
(RNO 3.3.11)
What does she think about whether or not Phillip actually is a former federal agent? Just how bad was Redemption Island? Francesca talks to us about all of this and much more!

'Survivor' postgame: Francesca excited about being a spectator
(L.A. Times 3.3.11)
Francesca gives a rundown of her thoughts and emotions during tribal council, and she said that, going in, she didn't think that she'd be going home

Exit interview with Francesca: 'It definitely couldn't have gone worse!'
( 3.3.11)
Francesca found herself on the wrong end of the numbers, and butting heads with Phillip, the supposed former federal agent and current Survivor whack-job.  After being sent out at the 1st Tribal, she became the 1st player ever to go to Redemption Island...and unfortunately the 1st person to lose a Redemption Island duel.

'Survivor: Redemption Island's' Francesca Hogi: Phillip is not 'the most stable person'
(Zap2It 3.3.11)
Francesca Hogi has the distinction of being the first person ever sent to Redemption Island on "Survivor," which she sees as a small consolation to being voted off first. 

Survivor: Redemption Island - Exclusive Interview with Francesca Hogi
(RealityWanted 3.3.11)
When Boston Rob and Russell returned to play the game of Survivor, not everyone was happy to see them. The Zapatera tribe immediately targeted Russell, while Ometepe's Francesca called them "troublemakers". She had hoped to work with Rob but it wasn't in the cards.

Matthew ElrodSurvivor contestant has ties to Lafayette
(Suwannee Democrat 3.2.11)
Matt Elrod, one of the new players on the nationally-televised reality show this year, is the grandson of Wyatt and Vermell Thomas of Day

Steve WrightFormer NFLer Steve Wright Dishes About Survivor
( 3.2.11)
Wright, who lives in Huntington Beach, Calif., shared his thoughts on the competition, infamous fellow tribesman Russell Hantz and whether he agreed with Jimmy Johnson's assessment that competing on "Survivor" was tougher than anything he encountered in football.

Jeff ProbstSurvivor Seeks Immunity Through Social Media
(B2C Marketing 3.2.11)
After 22 seasons on the air you need to keep things fresh and Survivor is no different. CBS had Survivor host Jeff Probst participate in twitter discussion with his 52,000 followers and others watching during the premiere. 

Rob MarianoSurvivor: Stephen & Courtney on Boston Rob 4.0
( 2.26.11)
Rob Cesternino and Nicole talk with Survivors Stephen Fishbach (Survivor Tocantins) and Courtney Yates (Survivor: China, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains).  What did Stephen and Courtney think about Boston Rob’s decision to vote Matt out instead of Phillip?  How was Courtney’s experience playing with Boston Rob compared with the game he’s playing this season?  How much trouble is Russell in on his tribe and will his feud with Ralph be his downfall?

Sarita WhiteSanta Monica Resident Was 'Terrified' About 'Survivor: Redemption Island'
(Santa Monica Patch 2.24.11)
Exercise fiend Sarita White says she practiced some unorthodox routines in preparation for the reality-TV show.

Ashley UnderwoodOptimism for Maine Survivor's chances
(Kennebec Journal 2.23.11)
One reason Ashley's head was never close to the chopping block was her budding potential alliance with Boston Rob. The pair's interactions rang surprisingly normal and fluid for a first-time Mainer interacting with a veritable "Survivor" celebrity.

Ralph Kiser Russell County's Ralph Kiser a "Survivor"
(Bristol Herald Courier 2.21.11)
Kiser, who lives with his girlfriend in Lebanon, farms and works at a factory in Abingdon, came through the Feb. 16 premiere episode in good shape, leading his tribe in shelter construction and helping them to victory in the season’s first immunity challenge.

Sandra On Rob, Russell and Redemption Island
( 2.18.11)
Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino are back for another season of Survivor podcasts and this time they’re talking with two-time winner and Survivor Hall of Famer, Sandra Diaz-Twine to hear her thoughts on Survivor: Redemption Island and the return of Boston Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz.

Survivor: Here's What Really Happened During That Epic Tribal Council
( 2.17.11)
The premiere of “Redemption Island” and was amazed at how those first few days’ worth of real-life Survivor drama got squeezed into a one-hour episode. It’s a masterful edit, but like all good television, a few things got cut. So do you wanna know what you missed?

Is Celebrity Survivor Already In The Works?
(EW 2.16.11)
A celebrity version of Survivor has been discussed off and on almost since the reality hit first aired back in the summer of 2000, but we may be closer to seeing it than ever before

Francesca Hogi NYer Francesca Hogi faces worst fears, physical fatigue, 'Boston Rob' and Russell on 'Survivor'
(NY Daily News 2.16.11)
Going in, she was nervous about the physical aspects of the game. "That turned out to be - not easy. That's not a word I'd use to to describe anything on 'Survivor,' but I adapted to that a lot easier than I thought I would."

Naval Academy Grad a Survivor
(Capital Gazette 2.15.11)
Mike Chiesl chose the Naval Academy for the same reason he wanted to be on "Survivor" - he saw it as an extreme challenge.

Ralph Kiser Survivor Q&A With Ralph Kiser
(Bristol Herald Courier 2.15.11)
Questions and answers with “Survivor: Redemption Island" contestant Ralph Kiser

Jeff Probst - Vdieo BlogJeff Probst Blog - Episode 1
(YouTube 2.14.11) 
5 days until premiere of Survivor: Redemption Island, Survivor Host Jeff Probst video blogs about the show.  Jeff will blog for each episode. They'll be personal and very candid

David Murphy Countdown to 'Redemption Island': Meet David Murphy
(L.A. Times 2.14.11)
In addition to a “fairly strict” diet and a private trainer, Murphy read “The Art of War” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People” for preparation before departing for the shores of Nicaragua.

Steve Wright Former UNI football star will compete on 'Survivor'
(WCF Courier 2.13.11)
Always looking for a new challenge, Steve Wright was intrigued by the possibility of joining "Survivor."

Stephanie Valencia LB native competes for Survivor’s million-dollar prize in Nicaragua
(Signal Tribune 2.11.11)

Krista KlumppKrista Klumpp 
tells TWER experience as AU head cheerleader 
helped her survive "Survivor"

( 2.11.11)

Natalie Tenerelli Acton native is a ‘Survivor'
(Santa Clarita Valley Signal 2.11.11)
Natalie Tenerelli, 19, of Acton, is the youngest female contestant ever to play ‘Survivor’ ;

Mark BurnettMedia Conference Call With Survivor: Redemption Island Conference Call With Executive Producer Mark Burnett
(Transcript by 2.10.11)
Mark Burnett takes questions from the media about the Redemption Island twist, longevity of Survivor, game quitters and much more


Survivor Redemption Island Boston Rob and Russell Joint Interview Part 1
( 2.10.11)

The two former contestants both traveled separately to Nicaragua for filming last August and were isolated and not told whom they were playing against. EW staged what seemed like a one-on-one interview with Rob and then had Russell show up and walk around the corner. SURPRISE! But perhaps even more surprising is the two enemies sitting side by side in our exclusive joint interview and making noise about a possible … alliance?   Part 1 >>   Part 2 >>

Krista Klumpp Former Auburn University cheerleader lands on "Survivor"
( 2.10.11)
Klumpp, a 25-year-old former Auburn University head cheerleader, is one of 18 castaways on “Survivor: Redemption Island,” 

David MurphyPirate 'survives' Redemption Island
(The Setonian 2.9.11)
Before applying, David Murphy had never watched the show before.  He was selected to compete on his first try. "

Andrea BoehlkeLocal Survivor Makes Her TV Survivor Debut
(Ozaukee 2.9.11)
Although she knows who wins the $1 million prize on “Survivor: Redemption Island,” cast member Andrea Boehlke, 21, of Random Lake said she’s still looking forward to seeing the CBS show, which is in its 22nd season. 

Ashley UnderwoodFormer Cony hoops star now 'Survivor' contestant
(Kennebec Journal 2.4.11)
"I want to be the tough girl," Underwood said Thursday, in her first interview since it was announced last month she would be on the show.  

TV Producer Mark Burnett Equates "Survivor" With Death
( 2.1.11)
On the "core values" of Survivor: "Here is a game where a bunch of strangers form a little world on an island, and week by week they get rid of one of their own, and then in the end, the last two — or three, sometimes — have to ask the very people they got rid of for the gift of $1 million. It's the greatest management training exercise you could ever imagine.

Ralph "Rooster" KiserSurvivor not first reality TV experience for Ralph Kiser
(Bristol Herald
Courier 1.13.11)
Kiser and teammate Ronnie Smith placed second in an adventure race show called Back to the Woods, which was filmed in the recreational area straddling Washington, Smyth and Grayson counties in the summer of 2009.

Another Southwest Virginia man chosen as a Survivor

(Bristol Herald Courier 1.13.11)
“I want to be a hometown hero for the folks back home,” he wrote in the questionnaire. He compared himself to another Survivor contestant from the region, Smyth County resident “Big Tom” Buchanan.

Survivor: Redemption Island Location Press Images >>

 Mark Burnett Talks Survivor Quitters, Redemption Island
(TV Guide 1.7.10)
And as the show wouldn't have half as fun without its characters, Burnett says the cast will not disappoint this time either. "When the cast is announced, you will see, it is epic."


Survivor:  Season 22
Redemption Island 
Episode 14:  
"Seems Like a No-brainer"
Air Date:  May 15, 2011

Boston Rob: 
Fourth Time Is the Charm
Sole Survivor of Survivor Redemption Island

Survivor Redemption Island:
Final 3
Winner: Rob Mariano
Natalie Tenerelli, Phillip Sheppard

Finale News

Ashley Underwood
9th Member of Jury on Survivor: Redemption Island

Andrea Boehlke 
2nd Player Redeemed
8th Member of Jury on Survivor: Redemption Island

Mike Chiesl
Seventh Member of Jury on Survivor: Redemption Island

Matthew Elrod
Sixth Member of Jury on Survivor: Redemption Island

Grant Mattos
Fifth Member of Jury on Survivor: Redemption Island

Grant Mattos: Voted Out of Tribe -  Banished to 
Redemption Island

Grant Mattos

Ralph Kiser:  
Fourth Member of Jury on Survivor: Redemption Island

Ralph Kiser Burns Buff On Redemption Island

Episode 13 News


Andrea Boehlke:  Voted Out of Tribe  Banished to 
Redemption Island

Andrea Boehlke

Steve Wright:  Third Member of Jury on Survivor: 
Redemption Island

Ralph Kiser

Episode 12 News


Steve Wright: Voted Out of Tribe  Banished to 
Redemption Island

Steve Wright

Ralph Kiser: Voted Out of Tribe  Banished to 
Redemption Island

Ralph Kiser

Julie Wolfe:  
Second Member of Jury on Survivor: Redemption Island

Julie Wolfe Burns Buff On Redemption Island

Episode 11 News


Julie Wolfe: Voted Out of Tribe  Banished to 
Redemption Island

Julie Wolfe Voted Out of Tribe

David Murphy:  
First Member of Jury on Survivor: Redemption Island

David Murphy Burns Buff

Episode 10 News


David Murphy: Voted Out of Tribe Banished to 
Redemption Island

David Murphy Voted Out of Tribe

Mike Chiesl:  Voted Out of Tribe Banished to 
Redemption Island

Mike Chiesl  Voted Out

Episode 9 News


Sarita White Loses Duel on Redemption Island
Sixth Player To Leave Game

Sarita White - Burns Buff

Matt Elrod: Banished to Redemption Island Again!

Matt Elrod

Episode 8 News


Krista Klumpp Loses Duel on Redemption Island
Fourth Player To Leave Game

Krista Klumpp - Burns Buff

Stephanie Valencia: Banished to Redemption Island

Kristina Kell Burns Her Buff

Episode 6 News


Russell Hantz: Goes Out of Game in Blaze of Revenge

Russell Hantz Burns His Buff

Kristina Kell: Banished to Redemption Island

Kristina - Voted Out of Ometepe Tribe

Episode 4 News


Russell Hantz: Third Castaway Banished to Redemption Island

Russell Hantz - Voted Out of Zapatera Tribe

Francesca Hogi:  First Player
 Voted Out of Show

Francesa Hogi Burns Her Buff

Episode 3 News


Survivor: Redemption Island Premiere News

Survivor Smackdown!
Boston Rob and Russell Face Off In The Most Cutthroat Season Ever
TV Guide Hardcopy 2.14.11 Issue

TV Guide Hardcopy - Boston Rob and Russell

More Here >>

Episode 1 Press Images


View Images >>

Filming site is reported to be 45 minutes South of San Juan Del Sur near Costa Paraiso, Ostional  (cliff-surrounded, forested setting makes for a rather private stretch of beautiful oval-shaped coastline) and Pochote, very close to the Costa Rica border.  San Juan del Sur is the most popular travel and vacation destination on Nicaragua's Pacific coast

The most famous beach south of San Juan del Sur is the La Flor beach. This beach is a protected wildlife reserve because of the vast arrival of Olive Ridely turtles during massive arribadas that take place every year between July and January.
Costa Paraíso is located about 45 minutes south (drive or boat ride) of San Juan del Sur, between the two small fishing villages of Ostional and Pochote. Costa Paraiso is just several miles from the Costa Rica border and features:
  • dry tropical rainforest, white sand beaches, volcanic tidepools
  • an agricultural region of Nicaragua where papayas, bananas, sugar cane, rice, water melon and mangoes are cultivated

 More Info


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