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Judson Birza - "Fabio"SFP Interview: Jud "Fabio" Birza from Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 12.23.10)
Listen to this audio interview to find out how he was cast, how he utilized his theatrical training at the final tribal council, extra details on his answers and much more

Fabio & Sash talk Survivor: The'Just be cool' strategy & Sash's take on quitters
(Examiner 12.20.10)

"I Didn’t Try to Be Anything I Wasn't" – Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Winner, Fabio
(RNO 12.20.10)
He had fun, was himself, and took home a million dollars. What are his plans for the money? Why does he think the vote was so close? Was he really as goofy as we saw or was it game play? Does his win spell the end of the strategic Survivor player? Fabio discusses all of this in more

Survivor: Nicaragua Winner Reveals the Secrets to His Success
(EW 12.20.10)
He had to win three straight challenges just to get to the finals, but once he did, Judson “Fabio” Birza poured on the charm to become the million dollar winner of Survivor: Nicaragua

Survivor Winner Fabio: Acting Dumb "Was the Only Game I Could Play"
(TV Guide 12.20.10)
The smartest thing Jud "Fabio" Birza ever did was play dumb. It made for great TV and a hilarious nickname. And more importantly, it allowed him to remain underestimated by everyone on Survivor: Nicaragua

'Survivor: Nicaragua' winner Jud 'Fabio' Birza: 'I've had a good idea that I won the whole time'
(Zap2It 12.20.10)
The 21 year-old model with the surfer dude demeanor Jud "Fabio" Birza took home the million dollar prize Sunday night (Dec. 19) on "Survivor: Nicaragua." He tells Zap2it about his experience on the show and what he plans to do with the money.

Chase RiceSFP Interview: Chase Rice from Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 12.23.10)
Listen to this audio interview to find out how he was cast, extra details on the final tribal council, who voted for him and  more!

I'm Not Very Good with Lying!" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Runner-Up, Chase

(RNO 12.20.10)
We all know Chase wasn’t a very good liar, but then why did he go to Survivor, where it’s so often necessary? Does he think he could have done anything differently to get the one more vote to win?

'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Chase Rice: 'Redemption Island' is 'going to be fun to watch'
(Zap2It 12.20.10)
The 24-year-old North Carolina native Chase Rice was one vote away from winning the million dollar prize Sunday night (Dec. 19) on the "Survivor: Nicaragua" finale. He tells Zap2it how he felt about Dan's harsh words, which contestants he wants to stay in touch with and what he thinks of the "Redemption Island" twist.

Sash Lenahan SFP Interview: Matthew "Sash" Lenahan from Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 12.23.10)
Listen to this audio interview to find out the drastic measures he went through to prepare for the show, how Fabio surprised him and much more!

"Survivor Has Definitely Evolved" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Sash

(RNO 12.20.10)
Sash ended up without a single vote – going into Probst's vote-reading, did he expect that outcome or was he hoping some of the jurors would reward his strategic game play? Indeed, does Sash think a strategic game-player like himself can win Survivor these days or is it a whole new ballgame?

'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Sash Lenahan: Dan 'was jealous that I made it to the end'
(Zap2It 12.20.10)
Smiling, sneaky Sash Lenahan had burned too many bridges to garner any votes Sunday night (Dec. 19) on the "Survivor: Nicaragua" finale. He tells Zap2it that he thought he played the best strategic game and how he feels about Dan's harsh words for him and Chase.

Holly HoffmanHoffman Calls 'Survivor' Time Of Her Life
( 12.21.10)
Eureka's Holly Hoffman was back home Tuesday after the "Survivor" finale show in LA. She didn't take home the top spot in this season's show but the rancher's wife and swim coach says she took home plenty of other experiences.

SFP Interview: Holly Hoffman from Survivor Nicaragua

(SFP 12.23.10)
Listen to this audio interview to find out what it was like for her to watch with friends and family, what she gained from the experience, how she plans to share that with others and lots more!

"He Deserved My Vote" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Holly

(RNO 12.20.10)
Holly talks to us about why she thinks she couldn’t quite get to the final three, what happened to her earlier in the game, how she overcame adversity, and why she cast her vote for the winner (which she changed as a result of the final Tribal Council). Find out all this and more, plus a contribution from Dan

'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Holly Hoffman: 'I was going to vote for Sash'

(Zap2It 12.20.10)
The last woman standing on "Survivor: Nicaragua" Holly Hoffman tells Zap2it about her surprise the guys didn't take her to the finals and that her vote for the money changed during the final Tribal Council.

Dan LemboSFP Interview: Dan Lembo from Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 12.23.10)
Listen to this audio interview to find out how he created his casting video, his Survivor hygiene secret, plans for the money had he won and lots more!

"I Could Have Won with Two Bad Knees" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Dan

(RNO 12.20.10)
Throughout Dan’s time on Survivor: Nicaragua, viewers have had a number of questions. Why did he go out there wearing $1600 shoes? Why did he play if his knees were truly that bad? What was his game plan if he’d convinced the others to take him to the end? Dan answers all of these and more

'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Dan Lembo: 'Sash would never be a friend of mine'
(Zap2It 12.20.10)
Dan Lembo had some pretty harsh words for his fellow contestants Sunday night (Dec. 19) on the "Survivor: Nicaragua" finale. He tells Zap2it how he feels about Chase and Sash and that he is wearing Holly's cowboy boots with nothing else on

Jane BrightCongratulations to Jane Bright: Survivor Nicaragua Sprint Player of the Season

Jane won the fans vote in a landslide and takes home a $100,000 prize in addition to her Survivor winnings for placing 6th in the game


SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 14 of Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 12.16.10)
Listen to this audio interview to find out how this long time fan was chosen for the show, who she shared her secret food with, how she will decide who gets her vote to win and lots more!

“They Were Sure I’d Win” – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Jane

(RNO 12.16.10)
When Jane got upset about the way her final four alliance turned on her, some people wondered if she’d ever seen the show before. But Jane is definitely a long-time fan! So what was her strategy? What was her plan if she’d made the final four?

Exit interview with Jane: 'you want to go out with a bang'
(Examiner 12.16.10)
Jane was one of the stronger female competitors this season and maybe of all time, with a country-twang and a personality that couldn't be hidden.  She was well liked and hated all at the same time, forming a lasting alliance with members of the younger La Flor while butting heads quite severely with Espada-mate Marty.

Survivor: Nicaragua's Jane Bright: Chase Stabbed Me in the Back
(ET 12.16.10)
ETonline talks to Jane so she can explain why she felt so betrayed by her ousting at Tribal Council.

Survivor Casualty Jane: Loves NaOnka, Hates Marty, Calls Last Night's Vote "Weird"
(E! 12.16.10)
The underdogs seemed to have an excellent opportunity at last night's Tribal Council to advance themselves further in what little time they have left on Survivor: Nicaragua.

So what went wrong? It's simple, says the latest castoff, Jane Bright: "Men are weird."

'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Jane Bright: 'Chase was making promises to everybody'
(Zap2It 12.16.10)
Jane Bright was blindsided on "Survivor: Nicaragua" Wednesday night (Dec. 15) when her own alliance that she thought was good until the final four turned on her. She tells Zap2it that she tried to get Dan and Fabio to side with her once she saw which way the wind was blowing, but they wouldn't.

Ben Henry Interview with Benry: 'I was outplayed, outwitted, and outlasted'
Ben "Benry" Henry was one of the better physical competitors this season, but he often found himself on the outside of the game's power alliances.  It finally caught up with him in this past episode, when he was voted off by Sash, when Sash decided to side with the alliance of Chase, Holly, and Jane. 

'Survivor: Nicaragua''s Benry: It is a Dirty Game

(ET 12.9.10)
ET talks to the 24-year-old club promoter from Los Angeles, CA about strategy and his vote for the Sole Survivor.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 13 of Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 12.9.10)
Listen to this audio interview to learn how he was chosen, who knows that Chase has an HII, his assessment of Dan and Fabio and lots more!

"My Biggest Downfall Was Putting Faith and Trust in Sash" – RNO’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Benry

(RNO 12.9.10)
Benry answers  questions and gives us plenty of details on behind-the-scenes strategy and, most importantly, telling us what a “dirt squirrel” is and why he used the term to refer to Alina

'Survivor: Nicaragua' interview: Ben 'Benry' Henry talks regrets, key decisions
( 12.9.10)
When it comes to the overall story arc of "Survivor: Nicaragua," Ben "Benry" Henry did not have as much of a role as s Marty or a Brenda. He was largely under-the-radar for most of the game

NaonkaSFP Interview: for Episode 12 of 
Survivor Nicaragua

(SFP 12.3.10)
Listen to this audio interview to learn how they were chosen for the show, what they want the fans to understand about their choice, how they feel about their edit and lots more! 

NaOnka Mixon talks about quitting 'Survivor: Nicaragua'
(RTVW 12.3.10)
NaOnka and Kelly talked to Reality TV World about their Survivor: Nicaragua experiences and decisions to become quitters. 

"I Guess You Could Say I Was Delusional" – Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s NaOnka 

(RNO 12.2.10) 
In this interview, we hear what Naonka was thinking when she quit, when she refused to give up the reward, and when she played the game overall

'Survivor: Nicaragua' interview: NaOnka Mixon, Kelly Shinn speak out

(Examiner 12.2.10)
Interview with the two quitters
  Kelly Shinn
"I Was Very Much Involved in Everything Going On" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s "Purple" Kelly

NaOnka and Kelly: 'You have no idea what it's like'

(Zap2It 12.2.10)
Naonka and Kelly tell Zap2it in their joint exit interview why they quit and that they don't feel bad about it.

Brenda LoweSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 10 of Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 11.18.10)
Listen to this audio interview to learn why Jane turned on her, who stoked the fire with extra wood before going to the challenge, what Brenda saw in NaOnka and lots more!

Survivor: Nicaragua Castoff Reveals Her Secret Revenge at Tribal Council
(E! 11.18.10)
Brenda Lowe, the former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and one of this season's smartest players, was voted out after her strongest—and most unlikely—ally, NaOnka, flipped. But Brenda believes she got her revenge...with a drawing.

'Survivor: Nicaragua' interview: Brenda Lowe defends her strategy
( 11.18.10)
Contrary to what you might have saw on "Survivor: Nicaragua" Wednesday night, Brenda Lowe was in fact playing this game. As a matter of fact, she had a solid strategy up until the very end -- she was just taken as way too much of a threat to stick around.

'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Brenda Lowe: 'Don't listen to Jeff ... I was fighting hard'
(Zap2It 11.18.10)
Brenda tells Zap2it that she loved her time on the show and that she really did have a strategy going into her final Tribal Council.

Survivor's Brenda on Her Sweet Friendship with NaOnka and Why She Refused to Scramble
(TV Guide 11.18.10)
The 27-year-old business owner talked with about NaOnka's sweet side (apparently she has one!), the truth about her relationship with Chase Rice, and why Jeff Probst got to her at tribal council.

"I Didn’t Scramble for a Reason!" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Brenda
(RNO 11.18.10)
Brenda went from being the self-declared “king” of Survivor: Nicaragua to facing executioner Probst as the peasants revolted! Looking back, what does she have to say about both her own moves and the strategy of others?

Marty PiomboSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 9 of Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 11.12.10)
Listen to this audio interview to learn what Jane said early on that caused him to avoid an alliance with her, his response to her very personal attacks on his character, when he found out about Sash's betrayal, and lots more!

Survivor: Nicaragua - Exclusive Interview with Marty Piombo
(RealityWanted 11.12.10)
Marty speaks about his experiences in the game and his opinions on his fellow contestants

Exclusive: Marty Piombo talks about 'Survivor: Nicaragua'
(RTVS 11.12.12)
Marty talked to Reality TV World about his Survivor: Nicaragua experience -- including why he believes Brenda and Matthew decided not to keep him around, how he doesn't believe Jane was responsible for his downfall, whether he was jealous of Jimmy Johnson, and what he thinks about NaOnka Mixon

Survivor: Nicaragua's Cocky Castoff Marty on Controversial Strategy: "It Was Extremely Emasculating"
(E! 11.11.10)
Love him (guilty!), hate him (boo!), or hate to love him, no one can deny that the latest Survivor: Nicaragua castoff will always be one of the game's most memorable players. And that's exactly the way he wants it.

'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Marty Piombo surprised by Jane's hostility towards him
(Zap2It 11.11.10)
Marty tells Zap2it about why he didn't like Jane or NaOnka and what he wishes he had done differently.

Marty from Survivor tells (almost) all
(SF Gate 11.11.10)
Would Marty do anything differently in the game?  Did he let his ego get in the way?  What type of player would he like to see win.  Check out the answers to these questions and more.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 8 of Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 11.5.10)
Listen to this audio interview to learn who drank too much Rum at the merge feast, why Benry called her a dirt squirrel, who she would like to see win and lots more!

'Survivor: Nicaragua's Alina: I Am Rooting Against Sash and Brenda

(ET 11.4.10)
ET talks to the 23-year-old art student from Downey, CA to find out what she should have done to stay in the game.

"It Was Definitely a Bad Strategic Move to Get Rid of Me" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Alina

(RNO 11.4.10)
Did Alina know she was a target before the tribal swap? Did she have any idea she was being played by NaOnka and the rest of her Espada tribe?  Is Fabio really as dumb as he seems? And does she have any idea why Benry called her a “ground squirrel”?!


'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Alina Wilson: 'NaOnka's personality ... was very shocking'
(Zap2It 11.4.10)
Alina Wilson was the next in a string of strong female competitors to be voted out of "Survivor: Nicaragua." She tells Zap2it about her experience and how hard it is for strong women to succeed in the game.

Exclusive: Jill Behm talks about her 'Survivor: Nicaragua' ouster
(RTVW 10.30.10)
Jill talks about whether she knew ally Marty Piombo had given his hidden Immunity Idol to rival Matthew "Sash" Lenahan  and what she thinks about Jane Bright's claims that Jill and Marty mistreated her during the competition

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 7 of Survivor Nicaragua

(SFP 10.28.10)
Listen to this audio interview to learn how her family helped her prepare for the show, her perspective on hoarding food, additional insights on the "La Flor kids" and lots more!

Survivor's Jill: We Were a Little Cocky
(ET 10.28.10)
ET talks to the ER doc from Erie, PA about how the deck was stacked against her. 

Ousted 'Survivor' Contestant: 'I Made Two Major Mistakes'
(TV Squad 10.28.10)
What does the fiercely spirited physician, who describes herself as competitive, trustworthy and smart, have to say about her 18 days spent on the island? We talked to her today from her home in Pennsylvania and here's her take on what went down and what she could have done to extend her stay

"One of Us Was Going Home and There Was Nothing We Could Do About It" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Jill
Jill tells us here that she seemed to be on a great path towards the winner’s circle as she quietly built relationships and alliances in original Espada. Unfortunately, the tribal swap left her in an extremely difficult position.

'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Jill Behm: 'I just got stuck on a sucky team'
(Zap2It 10.28.10)

She tells Zap2it about her experience and how the age split didn't bother her, it was more the suckiness of the tribes.

Yve RojasSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 6 of Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 10.22.10)
Listen to this audio interview to learn about the solid alliance Yve established from day one, details on the post shuffle mistake that cost her the game, status updates on two of the most volatile castaways

Survivor's Yve: Jeff Probst Threw Me Under the Bus
( 10.21.10)
Yve talked with about why she failed to connect with her teammates, why she wanted Dan to go, and what her tribe needs to do to get on top.

'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Yve Rojas: 'Really hoping to see Marty and Jill go deep'
(Zap2it 10.21.10)

"I Made Too Many Assumptions" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Yve


Yve had a pretty good position in her tribe – until the swap occurred. What does she think she could have done differently to perhaps end up with different results? What assumptions did she make that she now realizes she shouldn’t have? 

'Survivor: Nicaragua' interview: Yve Rojas explains alliances, strategy

( 10.21.10)

Kelly Bruno'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Kelly Bruno hopes she changed 'the perspective on disabled athletes'
(Zap2it 10.21.10)

"I Proved Myself to a Fault" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Kelly B.

(RNO 10.21.10)
Kelly B. initially hid her prosthetic leg so her tribemates wouldn’t jump to any conclusions and think of her as a weakness. She proved that definitely wasn’t the case, but did she over-prove it? Does she believe she instead turned into a threat that had to be eliminated? Also, what did she think of all the comments about her, especially the statements and actions of NaOnka?

Tyrone Davis Survivor Nicaragua: Tyrone’s Racist Escapade

(RobotCafe 10.15.10)
This week on Survivor: Nicaragua, Tyrone Davis was voted out, but he isn’t going quietly in the night and is making sure that people know he is unhappy 

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 5 of Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 10.15.10)
His personality comes through in this audio interview as he talks about his old and new tribemates, the real details behind the chicken dinner, how he was chosen for the show and lots more!

Tyrone Davis talks about 'Survivor: Nicaragua'
(RTVW 10.14.10)
The 42-year-old fire captain from Inglewood, CA talked to Reality TV World about his Survivor: Nicaragua experience -- including whether he was surprised to be voted off, what he thought about the tribal shuffle, if he really ate most of his tribe's chicken meal

Survivor: Nicaragua Castoff Calls Out "Racist" Tribemates
(E! 10.15.10)

'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Tyrone Davis: 'I don't like none of them'
(Zap2It 10.14.10)
On Wednesday night's (Oct. 13) "Survivor: Nicaragua," the two tribes previously divided by age were jumbled into two new tribe and Tyrone Davis paid the price, as the youngsters that joined his tribe ousted him. He tells Zap2it about his experience on the show and that he isn't really rooting for anyone who is left.

I Didn’t Eat Any More Than Anybody Else" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Tyrone

(RNO 10.15.10)
It may have seemed like Tyrone was targeted for eating too much chicken, but to what does he attribute the votes against him? Was he blindsided like Probst claimed or did he know it was coming?

Kelly BrunoGet to Know Survivor's Kelly Bruno
( 10.13.10)
Kelly has already proven herself during demanding challenges, leaving her other tribe members to focus on her strategy

Jimmy TarantinoSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 4 of Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 10.8.10)
Listen to this audio interview to learn what he did to prepare, details on the injury that threatened to take him out of the game, the positive contributions he made for the tribe that we didn't get to see and lots more!

Survivor’s Jimmy T.: Marty Doesn’t Care About the Tribe

(TV Guide 10.8.10)
Tarantino, 48, spoke with about Marty's game strategy, Jimmy J.'s "lack of depth" and who he thinks betrayed him the most.

James "Jimmy T" Tarantino talks 'Survivor: Nicaragua'
(RTVW 10.7.10)
Jimmy T talked to Reality TV World about his Survivor: Nicaragua experience

"I Got Portrayed As Just This Loony" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Jimmy T.

(RNO 10.7.10)
Jimmy T. was portrayed as something of a crazy man on Survivor, with the singing and the repeated statements about how he just needed to be put in and how he should lead. Was that the same Jimmy who talked to Reality News Online in this interview, or has he calmed down a bit?


'Survivor' Interview: Jimmy T. was Playing for America
(BuddyTV 10.7.10)
Although his tribemates didn't care for him, America sure did. He won a contest beating out thousands of people as America's choice. Sadly for Jimmy T. he could never get over not being top dog around camp. He was always asking to lead but never leading by example.

Jimmy JohnsonJimmy Johnson: Survivor Is Harder Than Coaching a Super Bowl Team
( 10.2.10)
"One of the first lessons you learn as a player and a coach is you win some and you lose some. It's how you play," he told PEOPLE. "And I never thought I would win. I went for the adventure and I got it."

I Would Have a Difficult Time Lying" – RNO's Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Jimmy Johnson

(RNO 10.1.10)
Did he have a plan to account for this? Did he think he would be targeted quickly or kept around because he wasn’t really a threat to win? Or was that all a strategic plan to throw the others off their game? 

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 3 of Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 9.30.10)
Listen to this audio interview from a conference call with the press as Jimmy answers questions and offers some additional insight into how he played the game and his overall experience on Survivor.

Survivor Nicaragua: Jimmy Johnson Calls Tribemate Jimmy T. "Volatile"
(EW 9.30.10
The two-time Super Bowl winning coach was voted out of Survivor: Nicaragua, undone by other men jealous of his success and celebrity status. 

Survivor: Nicaragua - Conference Call with Jimmy Johnson
(realitywanted 9.30.10)
Several members of the tribe felt too threatened by Jimmy Johnson and voted him out, instead of the injured Daniel, who was barely able to get around camp

'Survivor: Nicaragua' interview: Jimmy Johnson talks about the 'adventure'
( 9.30.10)
The former head coach took some time out to answer a few questions about his time in Nicaragua.

Shannon ElkinsShannon's Response
(YouTube )
Shannon and Survivor Fiji's Boo Bernis respond to gay bashing allegations!

"He's So Far in the Closet, He's in Frickin' Narnia" – Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Shannon

(RNO 9.24.10)
Shannon was no wallflower when it came to the game of Survivor, and especially when it came to Tribal Council. Shannon does not hold back in this interview!

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 2 of Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 9.23.10)
Listen to this audio interview to find out which previous Survivors got him interested in the show, how what we saw him say at Tribal Council was taken out of context, how his family reacted to the things he said and lots more!

Survivor’s Shannon Says Show Edited Gay Comments
(TVGuide 9.23.10)
Shannon, a 30-year-old business owner, talked with about the miscalculations that made him Nicaragua's second castaway.

Survivor: Nicaragua's Shannon: I Didn't Care What His Sexuality Was
(ET 9.23.10)

'Survivor' Interview: Shannon on Gays, Chick-fil-A, and Tribal Council
(BuddyTV 9.23.10)

Shannon Elkins ('Survivor: Nicaragua')
(Digital Spy 9.23.10)

'Survivor: Nicaragua's Shannon Elkins: 'I did not bash the gay community'
(Zap2It 9.23.10)
Shannon Elkins was the second person voted off "Survivor: Nicaragua" and the first of the young 'uns tribe to get the boot. Find out what he has to say following his rather eyebrow-raising Tribal Council.

'Survivor: Nicaragua': Shannon Elkins reacts to departure
( 9.23.10)
Shannon really just didn't mesh will with some members of his tribe -- not only that, but his off-the-rails performance at tribal council managed to turn more people against him.

Survivor’s Wendy: Not Knowing Jimmy Johnson Hurt Me
(TV Guide 9.17.10)
Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff, a 48-year-old goat rancher, says her lack of awareness may have cost her — and contributed to her being sent home.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 1 of Survivor Nicaragua
(SFP 9.17.10)
Listen to this interview to find out how she came to be a fan of Survivor, her assessment of all her tribemates, details on the food they had access to and lots more!

HitFix Interview: Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff talks 'Survivor: Nicaragua'

( 9.17.10)
Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff left a lot unsaid when she became the first contestant snuffed out on "Survivor: Nicaragua."

Exclusive: Wendy DeSmidt-Kohloff talks about 'Survivor: Nicaragua'
(RTVW 9.16.10)
The 48-year-old goat rancher from Fromberg, MT talked to Reality TV World about her Survivor: Nicaragua experience -- including why she believes being too quiet was her downfall, what she thought about her fellow Espada tribemates, who made all the tribe's decisions at the game's first Immunity Challenge, who had already quickly allied with whom, and why she feels her husband was "technically" wrong.

I Should Have Tooted My Horn" – Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Nicaragua’s Wendy

(RNO 9.16.10)
Wendy was the first contestant voted out of the 21st season of Survivor. Ironically, she felt it was due to not talking enough, but then she talked an awful lot at Tribal Council. Does she think that caused her loss or were minds already made up? What does she think she did wrong? What did she do strategically that we didn’t get to see?

Survivor: Nicaragua's First Castoff: "Jimmy Johnson Didn't Like Me"
(E! 9.16.10)
Wendy talks about age fixations, being ostracized and getting lost in the Tribal Council cemetery.

Jimmy JohnsonJimmy Johnson on life on 'Survivor: Nicaragua:' no hair, no sleep, and no clothes
(LA Times 9.9.10)
In a one-hour conference call with reporters Thursday, Johnson was cracking jokes about his time in the Central American jungle and said he now loves the show more than he did before.

Jimmy JohnsonESPN's "Pardon the Interruption" Interview with Jimmy Johnson
(ESPN 9.1.10)
Jimmy Johnson talks about his experience on Survivor: Nicaragua with hosts Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser about the experience.

Jimmy Johnson Recalls Spooning For Survival
(nbcdfw 8.10.10)
“You're living with those people in such close quarters,” Johnson recalled. “It was so cold at night we had to spoon!”  


Survivor:  Nicaragua
Filmed:  Summer 2010

The Jury Has Spoken
Fabio Prevails !

Judson Birza Becomes the Youngest Player to Win Survivor

Judson Birza - Winner - Survivor: Nicaragua

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Checkmate, Grandmaster Marty!

Marty Piombo - Voted Out Episode 9

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Alina Voted Out

Alina Wilson - Voted Out Episode 8

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The Good Doctor Given the Boot: Jill Voted Out

Jill Behm - Voted Out - Episode 7

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Kelly B. and Yve 
Double The Elimination

Kelly Bruno - Voted Out - Episode 6Yve Rojas - Voted Out - Episode 6

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Espada Spits Tyrone 

Voted Out - Tyrone Davis

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Jimmy T. Pulls the Trigger

Voted Out - Jimmy Johnson

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Coach Jimmy Punted From The Game

Voted Out - Jimmy Johnson

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Shannon Smackdown!

Voted Out - Shannon Elkins

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Wendy Gets Whacked

Voted Out - Wendy Jo Desmidt-Kohlhoff

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Survivor: Nicaragua Cast

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Official Survivor: Nicaragua Cast Reveal News

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( 7.22.10)

Filming Location Info

Filming site is reported to be 45 minutes South of San Juan Del Sur near Costa Paraiso, Ostional  (cliff-surrounded, forested setting makes for a rather private stretch of beautiful oval-shaped coastline) and Pochote, very close to the Costa Rica border.  San Juan del Sur is the most popular travel and vacation destination on Nicaragua's Pacific coast

The most famous beach south of San Juan del Sur is the La Flor beach. This beach is a protected wildlife reserve because of the vast arrival of Olive Ridely turtles during massive arribadas that take place every year between July and January.
Costa Paraíso is located about 45 minutes south (drive or boat ride) of San Juan del Sur, between the two small fishing villages of Ostional and Pochote. Costa Paraiso is just several miles from the Costa Rica border and features:
  • dry tropical rainforest, white sand beaches, volcanic tidepools
  • an agricultural region of Nicaragua where papayas, bananas, sugar cane, rice, water melon and mangoes are cultivated

Survivor Nicaragua 
Filming Locations

(By Blind Freddy 6.11.10)

Survivor: Nicaragua Film Location - Escameca BeachWhile the spotlight first shined on the coastal surfing/fishing village of San Juan Del Sur as the jumping off spot for the coming season of Survivor Nicaragua, further bits and pieces of information have placed the primary filming sites to be at several of the relatively unspoiled beaches just South of San Juan Del Sur.  
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CBS's 'Survivor' Forms Unique, Long-Term Alliance with Stand Up To Cancer
The Hit Reality Program Becomes the First Television Series To Create its Own SU2C Team to Raise Cancer Research Funds. “Survivor: Africa” Winner—and Cancer Survivor—Ethan Zohn Will Serve as Spokesperson for the Team’s Fundraising Efforts.  Network PSAs Will Feature Fan-Favorite Survivors and  Will Direct Viewers to the Donation Page throughout the Year
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Survivor 21 Nicaragua: San Juan Del Sur
'The Survivor for Slackers'
(By Blind Freddy - 5.12.10)

With the budget cutbacks from CBS playing the wet blanket role, the Survivor location scouts have nicely countered the play with this move. And the cast might have a win-win choice facing them each week. Do I stay or do I go?
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