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Survivor's Stephenie LaGrossa & Philadelphia Phillies' Kyle Kendrick Marry
(People 11.14.10)
Three-time Survivor contestant Stephenie LaGrossa never took the winning title despite being one of the most popular players ever to appear on the CBS reality show.
But  LaGrossa took home another title when she wed Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick: Beautiful Bride.

Sandra Diaz-TwineTom Westman talks about life after surviving 'Survivor' and avoiding the dangers of reality TV fame
(NY Daily News 7.29.10)
Former FDNY firefighter and two-time "Survivor" contestant Tom Westman isn't going to spend the rest of his life being "Survivor Tom."  He says he is not going to be a caricature of himself to chase fame, either.

Sandra Diaz-Twine Sandra-Diaz Twine: I Am the Queen of Survivor
( 5.21.10)
Diaz-Twine spoke to PEOPLE about what she wishes people got to see of her strategy and what she thinks Russell did wrong. 

Survivor Winner Sandra: Russell Doesn't Know How to Play the Game
(TV Guide 5.17.10)
Though she was listed as a Villain, Sandra scored points for a kind demeanor, as well as her flexibility. The day after becoming the first person to win Survivor twice, Diaz-Twine, 35, spoke with about why the Villains were able to outlast the Heroes, how Parvati's strongest alliance cost her the title, and why Russell will never win Survivor.

Exclusive: Sandra Diaz-Twine talks 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' win
(RTVW 5.17.10)
Sandra talked to Reality TV World about why Russell underestimated her strategic and social game play so much; how she thought the final Tribal Council vote would shake out; what thwarted Rupert Boneham's chances of aligning with her; and if she'd ever play the game again.

'Survivor' winner Sandra Diaz-Twine: 'Russell was nothing but a scumbag'
(Zap2It 5.17.10)
Sandra Diaz-Twine became the first two-time "Survivor" winner when she took home the money from "Heroes vs. Villains" by a vote of 6 to 3 over Parvati Shallow, with Russell Hantz receiving no votes. 
She tells Zap2it in her exit Q&A about her experience and what she really thinks of Russell.

Survivor Winner Sandra: "Being Weak Helped Me"
(US Weekly 5.17.10)
For the record, Sandra Diaz-Twine didn't believe she'd win Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains either. "A part of me thought it would be Parvati," she admits. "A lot of people gave her props for being such a good physical player." But in the end, it was the brazen Connecticut bank teller, 34, who managed to best Parvati -- and Russell -- to win the title on May 16

The Loser Here is Still Russell" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Winner, Sandra
(RNO 5.17.10)
Sandra won another million dollars Sunday night. What does she say to those who don’t respect her game? Why did she seem defensive on the reunion? What did we see regarding herself and Rupert that may have helped her secure the Heroes’ votes at the end?

Parvati Shallow'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains:' Exclusive Interview with Parvati Shallow
(BuddyTV 5.17.10)
Parvati talks about the after party, Amanda's vote for Sandra, Candice's comparison of Parvati to an abused wife, and where she draws her confidence from.  

'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Runner-up Parvati on flirting, cuddling with Russell
(LA Times 5.17.10)
Parvati's downfall? Aligning with Russell Hantz, the show's most infamous villain. On Monday, we talked to Parvati -- who was admittedly bummed -- about why she thought she deserved to win, how she read frenemy Amanda so well and how -- oh, how? -- she could cuddle with Russell.

'Survivor' runner-up Parvati Shallow: 'Russell does have some redeeming qualities'

(Zap2It 5.17.10)
Parvati Shallow took second place despite playing a good all-around game in "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains."  She tells Zap2it in her exit Q&A why she thinks she lost to Sandra Diaz-Twine and that Russell Hantz isn't all bad.

'Survivor' villain Russell Hantz: 'Sandra's not even in the Top 20 of all time'
(Zap2It 5.17.10)
Russell Hantz once again made it to the Final 3 on "Survivor" and once again lost, despite playing arguably the most aggressive game of any contestant.  He tells Zap2it about who he thought would vote for him, still being in touch with Natalie White from "Survivor: Samoa" and how he really feels about winner Sandra Diaz-Twine.

There's a Flaw in the System!" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor Villain Russell

(RNO 5.17.10)
We saw last night that Russell was not happy with the outcome of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains! What more does he have to say in order to explain the points he was making at the reunion? Where does he think the problem lies in the game? What does he think of this jury? For that matter, what does he think of Sandra and Parvati? Russell never holds back, so you’ll definitely want to read this!

Jerri Manthey'Survivor' villain Jerri Manthey: Russell Hantz 'screwed himself out of a million bucks'
(Zap2It 5.17.10)
Jerri tells Zap2it about how she has changed since her first season of "Survivor," that Russell Hantz talked his way out of her vote and that he is even worse in person than he seems on TV.

"I Put Myself in Such a Great Position" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor Villain Jerri

(RNO 5.17.10)
The Jerri Manthey we saw on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains seemed to bear little resemblance to the one we knew from her previous times on the show. What does she have to say about the changes we saw in her personality? What was her plan in the game and how did it change when she saw her situation? Why did she change from planning to vote for Russell to win?

Colby Donaldson'Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains': Exclusive Interview with Colby Donaldson
(BuddyTV 5.19.10)

'Survivor' hero Colby Donaldson: Dumbest Move award 'a classless move on CBS' part'
(Zap2It 5.17.10)
Colby talks to Zap2it about his lack of enthusiasm this time around, how the game has changed and how classless he thought the Dumbest Move in "Survivor" History award was.

"It Served Me No Purpose to Be Dominant" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor Hero Colby

(RNO 5.17.10)
Colby was a challenge god in his first season. In his third, he did so poorly that people were wondering if he was throwing them. Was he? He said he didn’t quit but had other players convinced that’s exactly what he was doing. Was he? Why does he say this time just wasn’t any fun for him?

Survivor's Rupert: Nobody Sees Colby As a Threat
( 5.15.10)
The tie-dyed teddy bear Rupert Boneham, a jury member on Survivor‘s Pearl Islands and the All-Stars editions knew he was living on borrowed time. So, this 46-year-old “Hero” wasn’t the least bit surprised when his ticket was punched on day 36. He spoke with PEOPLE about broken toes, strategic missteps and why he didn’t side with Sandra

Exclusive: Rupert Boneham talks about 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains'
(RTVW 5.14.10)
Rupert talks about what his self-described "last-ditch efforts" entailed; if he ever really trusted Russell Hantz; why he had a hard time believing Sandra Diaz-Twine; and how his attempts to empower the Heroes weren't very well received.

'Survivor' hero Rupert Boneham: 'Darn right I wanna do it again'
(Zap2It 5.14.10)
Rupert talks about why he came back, if he would ever do "Survivor" again and if he harbors any ill-will towards Russell Hantz.

I Have Never Made the Final Three But I Know I’m Still the Winner" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor Hero Rupert

(RNO 5.14.10)

Rupert came into this season of Survivor as a Hero’s Hero. However, what was saw on TV and heard from other contestants didn’t necessarily match up with that – how does he respond to what they said? Does he still retain his exuberance and excitement for the game? And what was up with the death stare he gave after his torch was snuffed?

Survivor: Danielle and Candice Reflect on Mistakes
( 5.10.10)
The ladies spoke with PEOPLE about their mistakes, the upcoming final vote and Russell Hantz

Exclusive: Danielle DiLorenzo talks about 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains'

(RTVW 5.7.10)

Survivor Exit Q & A: A Hero and a Villain Walk Into the Jury House

(EW 5.7.10)

'Survivor' hero Candice Woodcock, villain Danielle DiLorenzo: Russell 'is just disgusting'
(Zap2It 5.7.10)

"He Got Under My Skin and I Couldn't Hold Back" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor Villain Danielle
(RNO 5.7.10)
Danielle had held back her thoughts about Russell as long as she could and finally blew up at him at Tribal Council. But what didn’t we get to see that made her statements even more important? What was her plan if she had managed to bite her tongue? Did she think she could win it all?

Candace Woodcock Exclusive: Candice Woodcock discusses 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains'

(RTVW 5.7.10)

If You Lose Focus for Even a Second in This Game, You’re Done" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor Hero Candice

(RNO 5.7.10)
Candice was the Hero who became a villain – for one episode, anyway. What made her decide to switch sides when she did? Why did she distrust Amanda after we saw them becoming better allies? Candice gives us a lot of behind-the-scenes information that went into her thinking and strategy

Amanda Kimmel Exclusive: Amanda Kimmel talks about 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains'

(RTVW 4.30.10)

'Survivor': Ousted contestant says what she would have done with the clue had Colby actually helped
(EW 4.30.10)

"Every Little Thing You Say Is Going to Change the Game" – RNO’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor Hero Amanda

(RNO 4.30.10)
Amanda was on Survivor for the third time, but admitted she made a lot of mistakes. What were some of those mistakes? What does she think she could have done differently. And what was her plan with Parvati?

Survivor‘s JT: ‘I Was A Victim of Russell’s Game!’
( 4.26.10)
The cattle rancher spoke to PEOPLE about writing notes to Russell, impending doom and having no regrets

Exclusive: James "J.T." Thomas talks 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains'
(RTVW 4.24.10)

"I Knew I’d Met My Match" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor Hero J.T
(RNO 4.23.10)
As the reality of J.T.’s situation dawned on him at Tribal Council, he still went out with a smile. What thought were going through his head at that moment? How did he feel watching Thursday night’s episode and seeing himself go on and on about how there was no way Russell was fooling him? 

Courtney YatesSurvivor's Courtney Is Over 'Sabotage and Intimidation'

( 4.20.10)
Courtney Yates, the 28-year-old Survivor: China runner-up, became the final pre-merge ouster on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. The New York City waitress defended JT’s idol giveaway, speculated on the impact Russell will have on the game and explained why she’d rather hold Jeff’s hat than play another season

Courtney Yates ('Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains')
(Digital Spy 4.17.10)

Exclusive: Courtney Yates talks about 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains'
(RTVW 4.17.10)

Ousted Villain Discusses JT, Russell and Immunity Idol Madness
(EW 4.16.10)

'Survivor' villain Courtney Yates: 'Me and Coach got our own show' at Ponderosa
(zap2it 4.16.10)

"I've Made My Mark by Being a Lazy, Sarcastic Bitch" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor Villain Courtney

(RNO 4.16.10)
Courtney discusses her strategy, whether she knew she was going home, how she compares herself to some other players, and why everybody needs to watch the Ponderosa videos to see her and Coach.

Benjamin "Coach"  WadeSurvivor’s Coach: ‘It Was a Total Blindside’
(People 4.11.10)
The Dragonslayer of Susanville, Calif., and first jury member, spoke with PEOPLE about his game the second time around, blindsides and if Jerri is still in the running for the position of Mrs. Coach

Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains -  Interview with Coach Benjamin Wade
(realitywanted 4.9.10)

'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains:' Exclusive Exit Interview with 'Coach' Ben Wade
(BuddyTV 4.9.10)

Coach's 'Survivor' Exit Interview
(insidetv 4.9.10)

'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' interview: Benjamin 'Coach' Wade
( 4.9.10)

"Survivor Is Just Perfect for the Eccentricities of My Personality" – RNO’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor Villain Coach

(RNO 4.9.10))
Coach talked about loyalty, but he turned on Rob. He accused the others of being cowards, but he threw away his vote rather than take a stand last week. How does he explain these actions?

Rob Mariano"I Was Born to Play "Survivor’" – RNO's Interview with Survivor Villain Boston Rob

(RNO 4.5.10)
After losing the head-to-head battle with Russell, Boston Rob Mariano talked about his third time on Survivor. He gave his thoughts on the Russell battle, his overall strategy, what wife and fellow former Survivor contestant Amber thought about him going back into the game, why he passed out earlier in the season

Ousted Villain Admits 'Russell Got the Better of Me'
( 4.4.10)

Exclusive: Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano talks 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains'
(RTVW 4.2.10)

Exclusive 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' 'Boston' Rob Mariano Exit Interview
(BuddyTV 4.2.10)

'Survivor:' Boston Rob discusses his depressing defeat
(LA Times 4.2.10)

James ClementJames Reveals How Long It Took Him to Get Drunk After Being Voted Off
(EW 3.27.10)

"I've Never Heard a Bully Talk About Teamwork" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor Hero James

(RNO 2.26.10)
James was forced out of Survivor twice due to injury. How does somebody who put so much emphasis on physical ability react to that situation? And what did he think of the way he appeared to be a bully this time as opposed to the nice guy we’d seen before?

Tyson ApostolExclusive: Tyson Apostol talks about 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains'
(RTVW 3.25.10)

Why Ousted Survivor Villain Changed His Vote: "This Is Going to Look Genius on TV"

(E! 3.25.10)

"I Guess I Didn't Play That Smart" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor Villain Tyson

(RNO 3.25.10)
What the heck was Tyson thinking?! Tyson explains his thinking, including a lot of information we didn’t see. Does that really explain the move he made? And what else does Tyson have to say? G

Tom WestmanSurvivor: Heroes vs Villains:  Latest Evictee Blasts James, Rupert and Those Damn Puzzles!
( 3.12.10)

"You Really Were Dealing with Huge Egos"  RNO’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor Hero Tom

(RNO 3.12.10)
Tom was certainly one of the biggest – if not the biggest – heroes in the Hero tribe.  How did he so quickly end up on the outs within that tribe? Did he expect to make it farther in the game or did he know he was a potential target? Tom discusses all this and more right here!

Cirie FieldsSurvivor: Heroes vs. Villains: Latest Evictee Responds to Tribal Council Blindside
( 3.5.10)
In a bold move, J.T. flipped sides at Tribal Council and voted out the master manipulator, Cirie Fields. How does the self-proclaimed “gangsta in an Oprah suit” feel about her unlikely ouster? Did Jeff Probst go too far at Tribal in influencing the vote?

Exclusive: Cirie Fields talks about 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains'
(RTVW 3.5.10)

"I Didn’t Have a Choice" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor Hero Cirie
(RNO 3.5.10)

Randy BaileySurvivor Eliminee: "Boston Rob Is a P--sy"
(E! 2.26.10)

Some of the Guys in Our Tribe Fall for Their Crap" – RNO’s  Interview with  Randy
(RNO 2.26.10)
While we didn’t get to see much of it this time around, Randy still has his very dry sense of humor and his ability to make a great wisecrack, both of which come out in this interview. Why didn’t he fit in with the rest of his tribe?

Stephenie LaGrossaSurvivor's Stephenie: 'I Knew I Was Going'
( 2.22.10)

Latest Survivor Evictee Calls James a Lunatic Bully
( 2.19.10)

We Never Came Close on That Puzzle" – RNO’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor Hero Stephenie

(RNO 2.19.10)
Stephenie was voted out, ostensibly for violating the “One voice!” policy at the challenge. But was that really the reason? And what actually happened in that challenge? 

Sugar KiperExclusive: Jessica "Sugar" Kiper talks 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains'
(RTVW 2.13.10)

"Drowning in a Sea of All-Stars" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor Hero Sugar
(RNO 2.12.10)
Does Sugar think she lost because of her weakness in the challenge or was there some other reason? And what does she have to say about the whole thing with Colby?

Survivor Host Jeff Probst Discusses Who Didn't Make the Cut for Heroes vs. Villains -- and Why
(EW 2.8.10)

Jeff ProbstJeff Probst: A Survivor's Perspective on Life's Adventure
(Success Magazine 2.1.10)
Survivor's Jeff Probst brings his thirst for adventure home to inspire young adults to pursue their dreams

Survivor's Richard Hatch Says Russell Hantz ‘Went Too Far’
( 1.11.10)
At the 10th anniversary party celebrating Survivor’s 20 seasons Saturday night, the first-ever winner Richard Hatch was still the most popular guy in the room.  
Richard Hatch, Russell Hantz
When asked about Russell Hantz's strategy in Survivor: Samoa, Hatch commented: "Russell went too far and was too ‘in your face’ to the contestants"


Survivor:  Season 20
Heroes Vs Villains

Aired:  Spring 2010



S20 Logo
Featured a special 20th Season 
All-Star Version.  

Bringing together memorable players from past seasons into two moralistically opposed tribes. 

Heroes vs  Villains 
Sole Survivor:
Sandra Diaz-Twine
2nd Place 3rd Place
4th Place 5th Place
Finale News

Show Details

Season:  20th
  American Samoa
Tribes:  Heroes (Blue Buffs), Villains (Red Buffs),  Yin Yang - Merged (Black Buffs) 
Players:  20
Notable Events: Featured ten former Survivors known for their acts of integrity and honor, the Heroes, and ten former Survivors known for their deeds of deception and duplicity, the Villains.

The Tribe Has Spoken:
Rupert Roused Out

Voted Off - Rupert Boneham

The Tribe Has Spoken:
Danielle Dismissed, Candace Canned

Voted Out - Danielle DiLorenzo

Voted Out - Candace Woodcock

Episode 12 News

The Tribe Has Spoken:
Amanda Whacked, Candice Flips

Voted Out - Amanda Kimmell

Episode 11 News

The Tribe Has Spoken:
JT Gets Yin Yanged

Voted Out - JT Thomas

Episode 10 News

The Tribe Has Spoken:
Villains Crush Courtney

Voted Out - Courtney Yates

Episode 9 News

The Tribe Has Spoken:
Villains Fire Their Coach

Voted Out - Benjamin "Coach" Wade

Episode 8 News

The Tribe Has Spoken:
Boston Robfather Rubbed Out

Voted Out - Rob Mariano

Episode 7 News

The Tribe Has Spoken:
... Firefighter Tom's Torch Extinguished

Tom Westman- Voted Out Episode 4

Episode 5 News

The Tribe Has Spoken:
...and Cirie Gets Sucker Punched

Cirie Fields- Voted Out Episode 4

Episode 4 News

The Tribe Has Spoken:
and Randy Burns His Buff

Randy Baliey- Voted Out Episode 3

Episode 3 News

The Tribe Has Spoken:
Testy Tribal Council Results in 
Stephenie's Torch Snuffed

Stephenie LaGrossa - Voted Out Episode 2

Episode 2 News

The Tribe Has Spoken:
Sugar Kiper Dissolves 

Sugar Kiper - Voted Out Episode 1

Episode 1 News

Clash of the Titans
The Ultimate Survivor Showdown
(TV Guide 2.10.10)

View Story >>

Jennifer Lyon - Survivor Palau
(2.27.72 - 1.19.10)

On January 19, 2010, Jenn Lyon passed away at age 37 
after a long battle with cancer.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to
 Jenn's family and friends

Jenn Lyon

View a Video Tribute to Jenn >>

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"Survivor" Sandra Diaz-Twine Receives $1Million Check

( 5.17.10)
Sandra Diaz-Twine is the only person to win Survivor twice after winning Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Julie Chen spoke with Diaz-Twine and the other finalists.
Competitors Russell Hantz and Parvati Shallow Weigh In on Win, Share Strategy for Making It to the End

Survivor' contestant booked in Lafayette
Russell Hantz, 37, of Dayton, Texas, allegedly pushed a female companion on Jefferson Street near NiteTown about 1:45 a.m.

Survivor: 10th Anniversary
Survivors, Producers, CBS Celebrate Survivors 10th Anniversary With a Party Commemorating Survivor’s 20 seasons
Los Angeles - January 9, 2010
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