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Brenda's Blogs: Reality Rally Temecula Valley Event !
( 2.10.11)
Brenda's Survivor Blog will be working with the energetic and amazing Gillian Larson to promote her upcoming event Reality Rally is to be held on the weekend of April 15-17th, 2011. The idea for this event occured while Gillian was still involved with Survivor Gabon.
Read the blog to find out more info

( 11.8.10)
Bob gives us his thoughts on Survivor: Nicaragua, what he would do if he were on this season, and a very special connection to one of this season’s castaways!

An Interview with Maine's Ultimate 'Survivor'
( 1.11.09)
Last month South Portland's Bob Crowley found himself $1,100,000 richer as winner and fan favorite on 'Survivor: Gabon' — but that doesn't mean he's going to stop teaching high school physics

Crowley Entertains South Portland Crowd with 'Survivor' Tales
(americanjournal 1.7.09)
“Survivor” winner and South Portland resident Bob Crowley
entertained a beyond capacity crowd at the South Portland Community Center’s bingo hall Tuesday night, telling tales of his adventures in Gabon, Africa, while answering questions from inquisitive fans.

"Most of What I Did Was for Entertainment Value" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon’s Sugar

(RNO 12.16.08)

"I Was Always Thinking Out There" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon’s Ken

(RNO 12.16.08)

"I'm Living a Dream and I Don't Want You to Wake Me Up!" – RNOs Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon’s Winner, Bob

(RNO 12.15.08)

"I Was Surprised It Was That Close" – RNO’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon’s Runner-Up, Susie

(RNO 12.15.08)

"I Was a Spark Away from a Million Dollars" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon’s Matty

(RNO 12.15.08)

Jeff ProbstJeff Probst Blogs 'Survivor: Gabon' Finale!
(EW 12.15.08)
Survivor host Jeff Probst's EW blog post for the final episode of Gabon

"I Threw My Physicality Out the Window" – RNO’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon’s Crystal

(RNO 12.12.08)

Corinne Kaplan"These People Are Not Any Smarter Than What You’re Watching" – RNO’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon’s Corinne

(RNO 12.5.08)

Charlie Herschel"What Good Could Giving Me a Fake Idol Do Him?" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon’s Randy

(RNO 11.21.08)

Charlie Herschel"I Didn’t Realize Ken Had This Personal Vendetta Against Me" – RNO’s Exclusive Interview with Charlie

(RNO 11.14.08)

Marcus Lehman"I Certainly Didn’t Feel Like I Had Control of the Game" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon’s Marcus  
(RNO 11.7.08)

Dan Kay"Damn, I'm Screwed" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon's Dan

(RNO 10.31.08)

Ace Gordon"Yes, the Accent's Real!" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon's Ace

(RNO 10.31.08)

Kelly Czarnecki"I'm Goofy and Funny" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon's Kelly

(RNO 10.24.08)

"You Can Call It Quitting" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon's GC

(RNO 10.17.08)
Why did he quit as leader? Why did he quit in challenges? And why did he quit the game? GC answers all of these and more, right here!

Jacque Berg"I Had the Whole Game Figured Out" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon’s Jacquie
(RNO 10.10.08)
Does she think the tribal switch-up was fair? What does she really think of Kelly? What surprised her the most about the original Fang members on her tribe, especially Ken? And did she realize she was going to be voted off?

Paloma Soto-Castillo"They Didn’t Want to Send Me Home" – RNO’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon’s Paloma

(RNO 10.3.08)

Michelle Chase"They Were All Completely Useless" – RNO's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon's Michelle
(RNO 9.26.08)

Earth's Last Eden
(Gabon Magazine 9.24.08)
Gabon Magazine - Doug McCallie
"Every season the cast do things and say things that are never expected.  This season has been one where we have been blown away by the twists and turns in the shifts of alliances and story.  Things have happened in Gabon that will be remembered in the history of Survivor," says co-executive producer Doug McCallie.

Jeff Probst Jeff Probst Survives a Brutal Locale
(Times Colonist 9.23.08)
Show host likens jungle experience to Conrad's Heart of Darkness

Jeff Probst took home the title of Outstanding Host for a Reality Show or Reality Competition for his work on "Survivor."
(60th annual Primetime Emmys - 9.21.08)

"This has been a great experience for all of us, and we really feel honored to be a part of this family," said Probst.  "Thank you for letting reality in."

Jeff Probst Jeff Probst: The Survivalist
(National Geographic 9.17.08)
Filming Survivor in Gabon brought charging elephants, leopards in the catering tent, and the potential for new tourism to the West African nation.

Jeff ProbstInterview: Jeff Probst – 17 Seasons and Counting
(The Trades 8.28.08)
"The survivors truly [encountered] wildlife that could kill them," says host Jeff Probst, who recently returned from filming the upcoming season.  

CBS Casting for Survivor Season 18 - Lowers Minimum Age Requirement to 18 Years of Age
Open casting call locations scheduled


Survivor:  Gabon
Earth's Last Eden

Film Location: Gabon, Central Africa
Aired:  Fall 2008 on CBS

Survivor: Gabon Cast

The Cast of 'Survivor' Gabon
( 8.27.08)
The 18 contestants competing on Survivor: Gabon—Earth’s Last Eden for the series' 17th cycle included an Olympic gold medalist, a Gilmore Girls actress, and a professional video game champion

$1Mil Check Presented to 
Bob Crowley, Winner of Survivor: Gabon

(CBS Early Show 12.15.08)
Watch the Video >>

Head of The Survivor Class
Bob Crowley: Winner of Survivor: Gabon

Show Details

Season:  17th
  Gabon, Africa
Tribes:  Fang (Red Buffs), Kota (Yellow Buffs),  Nobag - Merged (Blue Buffs) 
Players:  18
Notable Events:  The players were divided into tribes by a schoolyard pick, with the oldest players, Bob (Kota) and Gillian (Fang) starting the process. Players sent to Exile Island had a choice of receiving a clue to the location of a Hidden Immunity Idol or a comfort item

On Reality TV, Even 'Survivor'
Looks Mortal

(NY Times 10.19.08)

'Survivor' Producer - Mark Burnett (Left) 
Host - Jeff Probst (Right)

"Survivor" introduced reality television to mainstream American audiences eight years ago on CBS, and for two viewing seasons a year it continues to draw a bigger audience than almost any other show. When it started, it was almost inconceivable that regular people could be prime-time TV stars. "'Survivor' turned TV on its head," says Leslie Moonves, the chief executive of CBS.
More Here >>

Starring Gabon
The Survivor production team was joined during its nationwide quest for the perfect film setting by wildlife expert Lee White, director of conservation strategy of the Ogooue and Congo Basins for the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Jeff Probst - Starring Gabo

Gabon is set to benefit from huge TV exposure after being selected as the next film location for the popular American Reality Show.  Camera teams are already in situ in a remote secret location. (Gabon Magazine)

Survivor Gabon Logo

This is Gabon, Earth's last Eden.
Located in equatorial Africa, Gabon is one of the world's last remaining sanctuaries for pure untouched wilderness.
The culture of Gabon reflects the beauty of this ancient land with rituals and dances as pure today as they were generations ago.
Gabon is the only place on the planet where surfing hippos ride the waves.
And elephants roam with gorillas as leopards keep watch.
Eighteen Americans will be caught in the midst of natures fierce battle for survival as they live among some of the world's most dangerous animals.
And for the first time the entire story will be shot in HD.
Join us this fall for Survivor Gabon, Earth's last Eden.  
Promo Vid Caps >>



Season 17 Filming Location Info 



This West African country with the Atlantic as its western border is also bounded by Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, and the Congo. Its area is slightly less than Colorado's. 

Tropical, rainforest. heavily forested. some savannah areas toward the coast.

Bantu tribes, including four major tribal groupings: Fang, Punu, Nzeiby, Mbede (Obamba/Bateke); other Africans and Europeans 10.8%

Gorillas, Chimpanzee
Army ants
Water Buffalo

Culture/Production Themes
Gabon is one of the last places on Earth with still primitive areas. It lies next to Congo.
- Heart of Darkness (Joseph Conrad)
- Pygmies (yes there are pygmy tribes there)
- Tarzan (site of fictional Tarzan novels)
- Albert Schweitzer
- Slavery
- blood diamonds?


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