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Latest News

Jaime Dugan and Erik Huffman Wedding Photos
(CelebrityBrideGuide 4.20.2009)
"Survivor: China" castmates Jaime Dugan and Erik Huffman were married on April 4, 2009 in Charleston, South Carolina. The couple were the winners of an $80,000 wedding courtesy of the Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. Their wedding day incorporated elements of Charleston along with their time spent together in China

Todd HerzogSFP Interview with Todd Herzog
Listen to this interview to find out Todd's strategy for the application videos, the challenges of "managing" Courtney, the truth behind those boiled meat sandwiches and lots more!

Courtney Yates"It Would Have Been Disastrous If I Won" – An Interview with Survivor: China's  Courtney

(RNO 12.18.07

"I Was Physically and Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted" – An Interview with Survivor: China's Amanda

(RNO 12.17.07)

Todd Herzog"I'm Really Really Really Surprised These People Kept Me Around" – An Interview with Survivor: China's Winner, Todd

(RNO 12.17.07)

"I Really Look Like a Crazy Bitch on Television" – An Interview with Survivor: China’s Peih-Gee

(RNO 12.14.07)

Erik HuffmanSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode11 Survivor China
(SFP 12.10.07)

"I Am Proud of all the Decisions I Made" - An Interview with Survivor: China 's Erik

(RNO 12.7.07)

Frosti ZernowSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 9 Survivor China
(SFP 11.17.07)
Listen to this interview to find out how Frosti got on Survivor before he met the aqe requirement, how his Parkour and Aikido skills helped him

Frosti Zernow"It's a Game and People Are Playing to Win" - An Interview with Survivor: China's Frosti

(RNO 11.16.07)

Jean-Robert Bellande"I'm Always Playing for First Place" - An Interview with Survivor: China's

(RNO 11.9.07)

Jaime DuganSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 7 Survivor China
(SFP 11.3.07)
Check out this interview to find out why she admitted to throwing the
immunity challenge, why they thought they could trust James, if there really was a "showmance" with Eric

"I Knew It Was Fake" - An Interview with Survivor: China's Jaime

(RNO 11.2.07)

"I Didn't Want Them to Catch Me Talking to Her" - An Interview with
Survivor: Chinas Sherea

(RNO 10.26.07)

SFP Interview: Aaron Reisberger from Survivor China
(Survivor Fans Podcast 10.22.07 )
The scoop from Aaron on all his Fei Long tribemates including his first impressions of Jean Robert, whether there was a possible romance between him and Amanda

"Swapping Two People Was Not Fair Whatsoever" - An Interview with Survivor: China's Aaron

(RNO 10.19.07)

SFP Interview: Dave Cruser from Survivor China
(Survivor Fans Podcast )
Find out if Dave was able to get those shells back to his mom, learn how he got on Survivor and lots more!

Dave Cruser"What I Contributed No One Else Could Do" -  Interview with Survivor: China's Dave 
(RNO 10.12.07)

Ashley Massaro"They Were Scared Sheep Out There" - An Interview with Survivor: China's Ashley
(RNO 9.28.07)

"I'd Already Won Everything I Wanted to Win" - An Interview with Survivor: China's Chicken (RNO 9.21.07)

Film Location:  China
Premiered:  Thursday, September 20, 2007

Survivor: China Cast

Survivor: China Cast

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Todd Triumphs !!!

Winner - Survivor: China - Todd Herzog


Show Details

Season:  15th
Tribes:  Zhan Hu (Gold Buffs), Fei Long (Red Buffs),  Hae Da Fung - Merged (Black Buffs) 
Players:  16
Notable Events:  The tribes had the ability to kidnap a player from the opposing tribe as part of winning a Reward Challenge. The kidnapped player remained with that tribe through the next Immunity Challenge and received a clue to the location of an Immunity Idol at that camp. However, this clue must be given, unread, to a member of the other tribe prior to the next Immunity Challenge

CBS Survivor: China Couple Wins $80,000 Charleston, S.C. Wedding
The Charleston Area CVB, along with its partners, is pleased to announce the winning couple of the inaugural Charleston Wedding Giveaway. Jaime Dugan and Erik Huffman will receive a Charleston wedding valued at more than $80,000. The wedding will take place on April 4, 2009 at Wild Dunes Resort.

Todd Herzog: 22, Gay—and a Millionaire
Survivor's Gay Champ
(Windy City Times 1.8.08)

He's planning to buy a small, black, fast sportscar with a great sound system. And he's also going to go on some vacations, likely to Europe and Egypt.
Herzog said he's uncertain of his immediate future, be it returning to school or the airline, or just taking some time off. He has no desire to work in the Hollywood industry.

"Survivor" Fans 
Visit the Survivor: China Filming Location

VernA young Chinese "Survivor" fan and his friends traveled to visit the Survivor: China filming location.  This small group of teenagers would travel great distances because they love "Survivor" and they're VERY excited that China is the latest location!  Photos, Captions and Story by Vern    Full Story >>

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