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Survivor: Fiji Winner Earl Cole Weds in Hawaii
( 5.31.10)
Cole, 39, has found his match in L.A.-area pharmacist Shelley Lee.

"An Under the Radar Leader" - An Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Winner, Earl
(RNO 5.14.07)

"I Think I Did Everything Perfect" - An Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Dreamz
(RNO 5.14.07)

"I Definitely Deserved My Right to Be There" - An Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Cassandra
(RNO 5.14.07)

"I Have Gotten Over It"  -  An Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Yau-Man
(RNO 5.14.07)

"I Was Pretty Much on My Own Out There" - An Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Boo
(RNO 5.14.07)

Surviving the Fiji Reunion: It All Comes Back to Dreamz
(RNO 5.14.07)
Final Episode Recap

"Their Best Chance Was to Stay With Me" - An Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Alex

(RNO 5.4.07)

"We May Have Gotten Outwitted, But We're Not Stupid" - An Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Mookie

(RNO 4.27.07)

Survivor: More Expats Coming to China 
(Shanghaiist 4.26.07)
Originally, the reports indicated that the location would be inland China, one of the few times the show would take place in a non-island setting. Survivor host Jeff Probst clarified things recently

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"Dreamz Has a Big Mouth"  An Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Edgardo

(RNO 4.20.07)
Edgardo and Alex seemed to be controlling the game for quite some time. What happened to cause them to lose control? What was Edgardo's strategy? Did he know all of what was going on that final chaotic day? And why did he say in his final words that he didn’t like Cassandra?

Doc Cops to Drug Use While on 'Survivor' 
(NY Post 4.17.07)
THE drug-abusing celebrity doctor from "Survivor" has been punished - but whether he'll lose his high-profile job is unclear.

"Nobody Says This Game Is Fair" -  An Interview with  Michelle

(RNO 4.13.07)

"I Wasn't Going to Drive Myself Crazy" - An Interview with  Lisi  (RNO 4.06.07)

"I Know I Came Across as Arrogant and Maybe a Little Hateable" - An
Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Rocky
(RNO 3.30.07)

"When He's a Jerk, He Just Switches It Full On" – An Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Anthony  
(RNO 3.23.07)

"If You're a Female, It's Over" - An Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Rita 
(RNO 3.12.07)
There was a lot more to Rita than we saw on TV. For example, what plotting did she do before her final Tribal Council? What injury did she sustain in the Sumo challenge – before having to compete a second time? And what does she have to say about what Mookie's been doing that could change your whole opinion of him?

"I Would Have Been One of the Final Five" - An Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Liliana  (RNO 3.2.07)

"It Was a Heck of a Ride!" - An Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Gary (RNO 3.2.07)

"I Am a Leader": An Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Sylvia
(RNO 2.26.07)

"It Came Down to the Puzzles": An Interview with Survivor: Fiji's Erica
(RNO 2.20.07)


Survivor: Fiji
Season 14

Film Location:  Fiji, South Pacific

Cast of Survivor: Fiji 

Survivor Fiji Cast Info >>

Winner of Survivor: Fiji 
Earl Cole

Show Details

Season:  14th
  Fiji, South Pacific
Tribes:  Moto (Orange Buffs), Ravu (Blue Buffs),  Bula Bula - Merged (Purple Buffs) 
Players:  19 (One chosen contestant dropped out from panic attacks before filming began)
Notable Events:  All contestants participated in a challenge before being split into two tribes and moving to two different camps. One camp (built by all contestants in the initial challenge), Moto, became known have the "Haves" and was furnished with several luxuries, including shelters built from pre-cut wood, a kitchen area with dishware, a shower, a toilet, furniture, and the means to maintain fire. The other camp, Ravu, became known as the "Have-nots" and was given merely a water well and a machete.

The Earl of Survivor: Fiji
Earl Cole Wins in a Landslide!


Survivor: Fiji Finale

Survivor Fiji in the South Pacific

Location Info:  Fiji is located in the Oceania, island group in the South Pacific Ocean, about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand

Fiji is a tropical paradise, with clear blue waters for snorkeling amongst one of the most extensive barrier reefs in the world, palm tree-fringed beaches and a tropical marine climate of only slight seasonal temperature variation. This island group in the South Pacific Ocean, about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand, became independent in 1970, after nearly a century as a British colony. The culture is a mixture of Melanesian, Polynesian, Micronesian, Indian, Chinese and European influences. "BULA" is a word you'll hear often, used as a greeting and a farewell by the natives of the islands.

The main cities are Suva and Nadi, while there are countless small, native villages on most of the islands. Blessed with beautiful reefs and lagoons, activities such as swimming, snorkeling and diving are popular. 

Fiji is an island group located in the South Pacific Ocean approximately 2,730 km (1,700 miles) northeast of Sydney, Australia and 1,770 km (1,110 miles) north of Auckland, New Zealand. The country consists of 844 islands and islets, of which 105 are inhabited with 90% of the population living on the two main islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Most of the islands are of volcanic origin and are generally mountainous and rugged. Flat land is found where rivers have formed deltas and there are fertile plains along the coasts. Dense tropical forests cover the southeastern windward sides of the islands while coral reefs surround most of the islands

CLIMATE: Fiji has a tropical climate with a wet and dry season. The wet season is between November and April, which is also when hurricanes and cyclones are most likely to occur while the dry season is between May and October. The prevailing trade winds blow from the east for most of the year and average annual precipitation varies from 1,780 mm (70 inches) to 2,030 mm (80 inches). Average temperature ranges in Suva are from 20 to 26 degrees Celsius (68 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit) in August to 23 to 30 degrees Celsius (73 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit) in February.

PEOPLE: The indigenous Fijians who are a mixture of Melanesian and Polynesian account for 49% of the population. The principal ethnic aliens are the Indians who constitute 46% of the population. Other ethnic minorities include the Europeans who account for 1% while another 1% are Chinese.

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