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'Survivor' Contestant Terry Deitz to RACE IN THE PARK
By: Terry Deitz
(New Britain Herald - 05.02.07)
Last year, I endured the physical and psychological rigors of trying to survive on one of television's most popular reality shows, "Survivor: Panama, Exile Islands." While on the island, I faced physical challenges, made friends and enemies, lost 27 pounds, and fought for my "survival." I finished third place - a victory for me on many levels.

"I'm Good With the Whole Thing": An Interview with Survivor: Exile Island's Terry 
(RNO 5.19.06)

"Un-fricking Believable!": An Interview with Survivor: Exile Island's Cirie 
(RNO 5.16.06)

"I Knew It Was Going to Be Tough": An Interview with Survivor: Exile
Island's Danielle
(RNO 5.16.06)

Survivor Panama: Exile Island Winner Announced 
It was a high-stakes battle that didn't have a clear-cut favorite -- but, as always, in the end there was one "Survivor." 
(Spoiler alert: Those still waiting to watch Sunday's season-ending "Survivor: Panama, Exile Island," you've been warned.)

"You Can Trust No One": An Interview with Survivor: Exile Island's Courtney 
(RNO 5.1.06)

"It Definitely Took a Toll on My Body": An Interview with Survivor: Exile Island's Bruce  (RNO 4.23.06)
Bruce became only the second Survivor contestants in 12 seasons to leave the game due to medical reasons. How is he doing now? What was the cause of his illness? 


Survivor: Panama 
Exile Island

Film Location:  Panama, Central America

The Cast of Survivor: Panama
Exile Island

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The Winner of Survivor: Panama
Aras Baskauskas

Show Details

Season:  12th
  Pearl Islands, Panama 
Tribes:  Viveros (Green Buffs), Bayoneta (Blue Buffs), La Mina (Orange  Buffs), Casaya (Purple  Buffs), Gitanos - Merged (Black Buffs) 
Players:  16
Notable Events:  Players were divided into 4 tribes:  younger men, older men, younger women, older women.
The season also included a twist that originally came from Survivor: Palau called Exile Island. Each week at least one castaway is banished for the time period between the reward challenge and the immunity challenge on Exile Island. The island contained a hidden immunity idol that could be used at tribal council after the votes have been cast.

Aras Baskauskas -  Ultimate 'Survivor' Winner 24-Year-Old Yoga Instructor Outwitted, Outplayed And Outlasted In Panama - Exile Island

(CBS Early Show 5.14.06)

Four players entered the season finale of "Survivor: Panama-Exile Island," but only Aras Baskauskas, a 24-year-old yoga instructor from California, emerged as the ultimate winner, and a million dollar check.

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