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From A 'Survivor' Loincloth To A Suit
(Hartford Courant - 5.27.07)
Survivor Palau winner Tom Westman is pitching group life and disability insurance to brokers, who mostly don't know - or care - that he skewered a shark with a machete to feed his starving "Survivor" tribe on the Pacific island of Palau.

An "Insider" Look at the Survivor: Palau Finale: Holding On (RNO 5.18.05)

Never Underestimate Yourself!": An Interview with Survivor's Stephenie (RNO 5.05.05)

Probst had 'Survivor' stop cameras (MSNBC 4.22.05) 
Janu says she wasn't coerced into quitting show

"Nobody Could Control Me": An Interview with Survivor's Coby (RNO 4.20.05)

Reality TV Hall of Shame -- Losing Like Nobody Has Lost Before: The Ulong Tribe from 'Survivor: Palau'  
(RNO 4.14.05)

"I Just Wasn't Going to Quit": An Interview with Survivor's Bobby Jon  
(RNO 4.12.05)

"We Just Didn't Work Well Together": An Interview with Survivor's Angie (RNO 3.22.05)

"I Was Frustrated": An Interview with Survivor's Willard (RNO 3.23.05)

An Interview with Survivor: Palau's Jeff  
(RNO 3.21.05)


Survivor: Palau

The Tenth Season
Film Location:  Palau, South Pacific

Jennifer Lyon - Survivor Palau
(2.27.72 - 1.19.10)

On January 19, 2010, Jenn Lyon passed away at age 37 
after a long battle with cancer.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jenn's family and friends



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The Cast of Survivor: Palau

Survivor Palau Cast

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The Winner of Survivor: Palau 
Tom Westman


Show Details

Season:  10th
  Vanuatu, South Pacific
Tribes:  Koror (Brown Buffs), Ulong (Blue Buffs), Koror - Merged (Green Buffs) 
Players:  20
Notable Events:  For the second time in Survivor history, the contestants, not the producers, selected the tribes. On the second day of the first episode, that self-selection into two tribes of nine left two not chosen — and gone from the game on the spot

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