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B.B. Andersen of 
Survivor Pulau Tiga Season 1 
Passes Away at
 Age 77

(1936 - 2013)

Donald Trump Wants to Help Jailed Richard Hatch
( 3.14.11) 
Celebrity Apprentice contestant Richard Hatch turned himself into U.S. marshals on Monday to begin a nine-month prison sentence.  But Hatch, who is serving time for failing to pay taxes on his $1 million prize from the first season of Survivor, has someone on the outside who may be willing to help him.   
"It sounds like a very tough predicament," Donald Trump tells PEOPLE. "I may ask him if there's anything I can do ... I may get involved and ask him what the hell is going on."

'Survivor' winner Hatch gets 9-month prison sentence
(MSNBC 3.11.11)
Reality TV star Richard Hatch was ordered back to prison Friday to serve a nine-month sentence for failing to pay taxes on the $1 million he won on the first season of the hit CBS show "Survivor."

Richard Hatch The Richard Hatch interview: A survivor in the truest sense
(Examiner 12.22.10)
Hatch discusses his love of the game, his thoughts on Survivor: Nicaragua, and his hopes to play the game again when possible.  He also touches on and confirms his involvement in Celebrity Apprentice set to air next Spring, and about a future biography he plans to write chronicling his truly unique journey from sole Survivor to surviving the realities that life has presented to him.

Angry ‘Survivor’ says the Feds are pushing him
(Boston Herald 1.12.10)
Apparently, the U.S. Attorney denied the convicted tax evader the opportunity to wreak tribal havoc on the 10th anniversary edition of “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.” And Hatch, who was the show’s first $1 million winner, isn’t happy.

"Survivor" winner Hatch freed from federal prison
(Charleston Daily Mail 5.13.09)
Hatch left a federal prison in West Virginia on Monday and is now being held in a halfway house in Pennsylvania.

Where Are They Now?: Survivor's Joel Klug
(Today's THV 2.20.08)
Where is Joel Klug now? Well he's settling in to his most important role yet. He says, "I have a four month old son named Jayden and Anita and I live in LA, she's a stunt woman out here and we're very happy with him, he's a happy, healthy, great little guy. It’s been quite a ride, done movies, TV, started a couple companies but now I work in the packaging industry and I also started a bicycle company."

Richard HatchAppeals Court Buries the Hatch
(E! News 2.2.08)
A federal appeals court in Boston upheld the Survivor winner's conviction on tax-evasion charges, further rejecting his claim that he was under the impression that the show's producers were going to pay the taxes on his $1 million prize. The 46-year-old Rhode Island resident was sentenced to 51 months in prison on May 16, 2006

Rudy Boesch: Still Living Life to the Fullest as a "Survivor" 
(Medtronic, Inc - 6.7.07)

Former Navy Seal Will Be Competing in Senior Olympics Less Than a Year After Receiving a Medtronic Abdominal Aortic Stent Graft

'Survivor' Hatch on Prison: 'Horrendous' 
(Associated Press 3.16.07)
Richard Hatch, who won $1 million on "Survivor," says being in prison for failing to pay taxes on his reality TV prize and other income is no day at the beach.

Surviving "Survivor"
REALITY CHECK: What happened to Virginians after season in the sun?
(Times-Dispatch  2.4.07)

EXCLUSIVE: Richard Hatch Speaks Out from Prison
(EDGE National News Editor - 11.15.06)
Richard Hatch, the openly gay winner of the first "Survivor" TV show, is speaking out in detail for the first time about his conviction on income tax charges and confinement in federal prison.

Survivor' Rudy Boesch Undergoes Heart Surgery
(The Virginian-Pilot - 8.30.06)
Rudy Boesch, the highly decorated former Navy SEAL who became instantly famous on the first "Survivor" reality show six years ago, says he is recuperating nicely after recent open-heart surgery.

As a 'Survivor' Goes to the Clink, Keith Famie Speaks Out
(Detroit Free Press 5.19.06)
Who knows why, but Richard Hatch always treated Keith Famie poorly. Maybe it was because Hatch treated everyone that way.  Hatch won the first season of "Survivor," and Famie, the chef from Novi, finished third when the show hit the Australian Outback the next year.

'Survivor' Winner Sentenced to 51 Months in Prison (AP 5.16.06)
"Survivor" winner Richard Hatch was sentenced Tuesday to more than four years in prison for failing to pay taxes on his $1 million prize and other income, receiving a harsher than expected sentence from a judge who called Hatch a liar.

Ex-'Survivor' Hatch Found Guilty of Tax Evasion 
(MSNBC 1.25.06)
Hatch was handcuffed and taken into custody after U.S. District Judge Ernest Torres said he was a potential flight risk.
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Survivor:  Borneo
The First Season
Airdate:  Summer/2000

The Cast of Survivor: Borneo

Survivor: Borneo Cast

More Cast Info >>

The Winner of Survivor: Borneo
Richard Hatch

Richard Hatch - Winner, Survivor: Borneo

Show Details

Location:  Borneo (Pulau Tiga), Malaysia
Tribes:  Tagi (Yellow Buffs), Pagong (Orange Buffs), Rattana - Merged (Light Green Buffs)
Players:  16
Notable Event:  Sue Hawk's "Rat and Snake" speech at final Tribal Council

Cast Interviews

The Location

Survivor: Borneo (aka Survivor: Pulau Tiga) was filmed on the Malaysian island  Pulau Tiga in the South China Sea.  The island was formed on September 21, 1897 when a large earthquake on the Philippine island of Mindanao triggered a volcanic eruption just north of Borneo. The eruption of mud and rock formed a new island 66 feet (20 meters) wide.

Pulau Tiga is 6 miles (10 km) offshore of the island of Borneo, to the northeast of the country of Brunei.

Climate & Weather - The taping of the show took place on Pulau Tiga during the February through April "dry" season when the sea around the island is relatively calm. The island is near the equator and is located in a rain forest climatic zone.  Almost year-round monsoons hit Pulau Tiga and Malaysia hard. 

Flora and Fauna - Pulau Tiga and its surrounding sea is home to a diverse number of interesting animal species. Poisonous sea snakes, proboscis and macaque monkeys, flying foxes, bats, sharks, monitor lizards, barracuda,  sea turtles, and a plethora of birds all call Pulau Tiga home. 

The two original tribes of Survivor: Borneo were Tagi and Pagong. Eventually the two were merged into the Rattana tribe.

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